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Does anybody still believe in global warming? Except for Al Gore, did anybody ever believe in global warming? We had planned to spend a couple of months this winter in Florida, before our schedule got all messed up, but looking at the weather reports for the Sunshine State, I’m glad we didn’t. While it’s been unbelievably cold in Florida, it’s warm here in Arizona.

It was 74 degrees yesterday, which I was sure to rub in when I talked to my cousin Berni Frees, back in Muskegon, Michigan yesterday. Hey, why be warm and toasty, if you can’t flaunt it to your friends and relatives who are freezing their hinnies off someplace cold?

Yesterday we were as stiff and sore as we had expected to be, after spending Monday washing the outside of our motorhome. Terry’s sister Lisa stopped over to visit the other day, and Terry said that if we had known how much all the things we did as kids was going to come back to haunt us when we got older and were paying for it with aches and pains, maybe we’d have done things differently. I said that looking back on my misspent youth, where I did dumb things like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, riding motorcycles, even driving (and crashing) a race car one time, and a lot of other foolishness, I’d do every darned one of them again! It was sure fun at the time!

But alas, we’re older now, even if no wiser, and we do pay the price, so yesterday we took it easy. I spent a lot of time playing around on the Ancestry.com website, discovering that I come from a long line of misfits and ne’er-do-wells.

I’ve been fascinated with genealogy for a long time, and earlier this year Judy Bayless put on an excellent seminar called The RVing Genealogist at our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally. I was too busy with rally duties to attend the seminar, but a few days after the rally, Judy gave me a crash course on the topic and introduced me to the Ancestry.com website.

It amazes me how much information you can find online. I was able to pull up my grandfather’s draft card from World War I, along with census records from 1900 through 1930. It kind of gives you a tingle to see the original form, in the census taker’s handwriting, that they filled out while standing on my grandfathers’ front porch or sitting at my newlywed parents’ kitchen table.

While I was goofing off on the computer, Miss Terry was working on paperwork for the upcoming rally, and filling some orders that came in online. We took a break while she cut my hair and trimmed my beard, because the park here has a leash law, and I’m not sure my rabies vaccination is up to date. Then we went to the post office to mail out the orders, and afterward we stopped at Terry’s parents’ house to visit for a while.

Then it was back to the motorhome, where we were forced to leave the screen door open because it was so nice and warm. Ahhh, life in the desert is good this year!

Whiles I was goofing off, Bad Nick was busy yesterday, writing a new Bad Nick Blog post titled Way To Go, Sheriff Joe! Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

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  10 Responses to “It’s Warm In Arizona!”

  1. Count me in with the 99.9999% of scientists that believe in Global Warming. What’s with all the wingnutty posts lately?

  2. Yeah, Nick…I’ve been wanting to tell you to quit bashing Al Gore . Global warming is more accurately called climate change, which has caused the mostly man-made recent temperature extremes and unpredictable weather . Remember when you were sweltering in South Dakota for a long stretch of 100+ degrees days ? In any case, beating up on this Nobel Prize winner isn’t cute anymore. But we still love ya.

  3. Keep bashing Al Gore … it may belong on the Bad Nick page, but regardless of whether or not you believe in Global Warming he is the poster boy for what is wrong with the discussion. He has the largest possible carbon foot print, but then plants a few trees. His actions display the same opinion that Leona Helmsley had about taxes: ” only the little people pay taxes” … only the little people make sacrifices to combat global warming … he will keep his private jets, oversized homes, limo’s, etc. And give me a break about the Nobel prize, it is political.

  4. Nick…keep up the good work.

    Maybe 99.9999% of liberal scientists have an opinion on “climate change” which was “global warming” until it came to light that climatologists couldn’t prove any decade with warmer average temperatures since the 1930’s.

    “Climate change” and “for the good of the children” are the rallying cries of the socialist progressive movement in the United States to justify whatever kind of “wingnut” political scheme they may be up to at the moment…and as for Al Gore, please.

  5. Golly, I’m not old enough to remember personally, but I’ve read that the earth’s climate changed regularly in the few billion years it’s been here, with and without man. Ice ages, giant oceans covered the land we live on or call scenic, dinosaurs died because they couldn’t adapt, etc. Does that exonerate us folks living now? Nope. We’re adding to the current change, one way or another. Be an RVer, live in a 300 square foot rig, take energy from the sun, use minimal water, pick up your trash and recycle everything you can. Travel 200 miles in a day, then sit in one place for a few weeks, ride your bicycle to get around. Some of us know how to leave a small footprint.

    Wish I could say we do all that, but we are not ideal.

  6. Nick, you are confusing “weather” with “climate”. Weather is short term, climate is long term. Global warming is a fact whether one likes Al Gore or not (I voted for him and would do so again!). 2009 was one of the 10 warmest years worldwide in recorded history. It probably won’t be a real issue in our lifetimes, but it is coming and it could be catastrophic without massive changes to our lifestyles worldwide.

  7. Sorry Nick I still believe in Global warming. I think it is all about averages and every cold and every hot day weights against each and every one. I may be completely off base but I would rather error on the side of caution than not do anything for my grandchildren and hopefully my great grandchildren.

    It definitely is not about us but those that are coming after us.

  8. Nick, we are receiving 2 copies of the Gypsy Journal – one to Ron & Susan Wilson, and one to just Susan Wilson (I think). Can you combine them, or delete one? We are passing on the extra copy, but feel bad about the waste. Thanks!
    Susan & Ron Wilson

  9. We really don’t have to worry about Global warming since the Mayan Calendar has the world ending December 12th 2012. It must be true because they made a movie about it even if it didn’t win an Oscar like Al did.

  10. I remember back in the seventies the big scare was “another ice age is approaching”. Look up Newsweek archives; you’ll find stories. It’s all a cycle folks. It has to do with the axis of the earth wobbling slightly. We’re not causing it and we can’t control or change it. To think that human beings can do anything to change mother nature is the epitome of arrogance.


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