Happy New Year!

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Jan 012010

Happy New Year! I hope it’s the best year ever for you, filled with love, happiness, and lots of fun. Do you make New Years resolutions? If so, what are they? I never do, because I have enough failure in my life to deal with without adding self-imposed goals I cannot reach. To quote a line from an old Clint Eastwood movie, “a man has to know his limitations.” And do I ever have limitations!

Though the weather report had been for clear skies and temperatures in the upper 60s, the last day of the year started out foggy here in Columbus, Texas, and it stayed gray and chilly for most of the day.

Terry and I ran into town to drop some things off at the post office, and then made a stop at WalMart and the HEB grocery store next door. Then we walked across the parking lot to Jack in the Box for lunch.

Jack in the Box is usually one of my favorite fast food restaurants, but if this had been my first visit to one, it would have also been my last. The restaurant needed a good cleaning, we had to wait a long time for our order, and the soda machine only spit out a weak stream of fizz from the Coke spout. I told the girl at the desk it needed attention, but she just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. We waited a long time for our meal, and only got it when I finally went back up to the counter to ask why people who had come in after us were already finishing their meals, while we were still waiting. Apparently they lost our order, and once we got it, I think we’d have been better off if it stayed lost. It was disappointing, to say the least.

Back at the Thousand Trails campground, we had a quiet afternoon,  puttering around inside the Winnebago. A few days ago, I wrote Man feeding deer 2 web about all of the deer here at the campground, and this was the view out our window yesterday. As you can see, they don’t seem to have much fear of people. Like many of the RVers here, our neighbor throws out corn for the deer, and while they won’t eat out of your hand, they sure do come in close to feed!

One of our favorite hobbies is geocaching, and when one of my blog readers sent me an e-mail to tell me that there was a cache right at the entrance to the Thousand Trails, I went looking for it. We have not been caching in quite a while, and my skills must really be rusty, because try as I might, I couldn’t find the cache. I know it’s there, because somebody logged a find just the other day, but it eluded me. Of course, I didn’t have my secret weapon with me, because Miss Terry was busy and didn’t come along. I’m sure if she had, we’d have found it, because she seldom misses a cache.

If you’re a geocacher, or want to get into the hobby, there’s an entirely new aspect of the hobby that you may not know about, called earthcaching. While in geocaching, your goal is to find something somebody else hid; with earthcaching the goal is to find some neat natural place or thing. The earthcaching website is brought to you by the same folks who have the geocaching website. It’s still new, but I think it will only enhance our favorite hobby.   

Somewhere around 7 p.m. the wind started blowing pretty hard, and I sure was glad we’re off the road and tucked away safely in an RV park to welcome in the new year. 

While I was busy with all of that, Bad Nick decided he needed to welcome the new year in with a new Bad Nick Blog post titled The Perpetual Pissing Match. Check it out and leave a comment.

We have company coming to visit today, and then either Saturday or Sunday we’ll probably hit the road again, headed west, with a stop or two along the way.

Thought For The Day – The wound of a blade will heal, the wound of a word will not.

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Nick Russell

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  9 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year, Nick and Terry! My new year’s resolution is to say thanks to people whose writing I enjoy (I’ve been lurking on your site just a short time). My husband and I are going to buy a camper in 2010, and one of the places we’re heading for is the Texas hill country/San Antonio/Austin area, so thanks for the info and pix. All the best in 2010 — Susie & Steve

  2. Happy Trails to you.
    Have a safe and enjoyable new year,

  3. maybe we’ll see you along the road,we’re leaving lake charles pretty today soon headin west,so watch for a black 450 ford and new heartland augusta with alaska plates,anyway cya in yuma in a couple of months. joan&frank gagnon

  4. Good Nick grumbled, “…but if this had been my first visit to one, it would have also been my last.”

    I’ve been to *many* Jack-in-the-Box’s, and I’ve never had an unpleasant experience — sounds like a note to the San Diego headquarters is in order.

  5. Have you tried Jack in the Box for their breakfast “Ultimate Sandwich?” IF we have to make an early morning trip to Tucson, that’s our choice. It comes with coffee or orange juice, and since we have already filled our veins with coffee at home, it’s orange juice. Sorry you had a lousy experience yesterday.

    Happy 2010, see you as you pass through this area, maybe.

  6. I once made a New Year’s resolution to stop making New Year’s resolutions. That one I kept. 🙂

  7. The only two New Years Resolutions I have been unable to break are:
    1. Do something nice for somebody everyday. Fetch coffee for somebody; let someone with fewer items go ahead of you in the WalMart line; smile and speak to a stranger. You get the idea. PS It is allowed to buy myself flowers.
    2. Let no day go by without CHOCOLATE.

  8. 40 years ago i made the same one as Linda!

  9. Thanks for your tip!
    Based on one of your previous blogs Patti and I have started the geocaching game, and just today we found 5 of them (East TX – Bolivar Peninsula area). I will look into the earthcaching as well. BTW – so far Patti has found ALL the caches. I navigate to the place – but she finds them like nothing. That’s how G~d matches souls – one complements the other.

    Not sure what your plans are (not even sure what mine are) but we are heading west, and hopefully will be in Yuma on March, and come to the Gypsy Gathering Rally. It would be great to see you in real life!

    Happy new year !

    Patti & Motty

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