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Today is a very special day for myself and Miss Terry. It’s our twelfth anniversary, and we still feel (and often act) like newlyweds. This was not the first marriage for either of us, and believe me, it was not something that either one of us was looking for, or expected to happen. But isn’t that the way it sometimes goes? We often find the best things in life when we least expect them.

I’m a very fortunate man to be able to live this dream life that I have, to make a living doing something most people can only dream of, and to be able to share it with my best friend in the world. And tonight I’m taking my best girl out for a nice, romantic dinner. I love you, Terry.

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk writing when suddenly a volley of gunshots went off right outside our motorhome! That will make your blood pressure shoot way up! I wasn’t sure what was happening, but in today’s world who knows? As it turns out, we didn’t have a crazed mass murderer running wild through the park. It was an America Legion Honor Guard firing a gun salute as part of a memorial service for one of the park’s residents who recently passed away. Geez, they should warn a guy before they do things like that!

Little things like gunplay never bother Miss Terry. She spent part of the day yesterday installing one of the new day/night shades in our bedroom, and discovered that it was more of a job then she had expected. Of course, it didn’t help that the company that supplied the blinds did not send any mounting hardware or installation instructions. But she eventually figured it out.

Bagels webTo prove that there isn’t much she can’t do, Terry also decided to make a batch of Asiago cheese bagels. This was only the second time in her life that she had made bagels, and she said her first attempt years ago produced something more akin to hockey pucks than food. But not this time! They turned out yummy! 

I received two different e-mails from readers yesterday about the problems they are having securing financing for RVs. One person is a retired Marine officer with excellent credit, and he has been using the same bank for years. They financed his current motorhome, which he has a lot of equity in, and he said his bank was ready to approve the loan on the new unit until they realized that he is a fulltimer, with no “fixed” residence. Then they turned him down.

The other e-mail was from a gentleman who said his credit union would not finance the fifth wheel he and his wife live in fulltime, but they would refinance his truck. As he said, “Go figure – I can drive the truck away easier than pulling away my fifth wheel!”

I have no idea how the bean counters at financial institutions think, or why they make the decisions that they do, but I did recommend that both of these men call Eileen Gilmore at Alliant Credit Union at (773) 462-9642 and tell her I told them to call. After the financial setback we had from Terry’s cancer, and being self-employed fulltimers, even our own bank, that we’ve used for over 25 years, would not talk to us when we were RV shopping.

But, Eileen got us financed in no time at all, because she took the time to listen to us, look at our credit history, and do the extra work to get us taken care of. I don’t get a penny from referring anybody to Eileen, and she is not an advertiser. I just like to help spread the word about good business people who go the extra mile for their customers.

Of course, Bad Nick just likes to spread controversy, so he posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled Can He Walk On Water Too? Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Procrastination is the thief of time.

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Nick Russell

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  19 Responses to “A Very Special Day”

  1. Happy, happy anniversary and a wonderful day, and on, celebrating! Sometimes we luck out and find our life partners right away and sometimes we do after a circuitous route.

    Wow! Those bagels look fabulous. Will that recipe be showing up in the future? My try at making bagels years ago turned out more like teething rings. Store-bought then just had to be better than my attempts.


  2. Happy Anniversary. It is always fun watching the two of you together – the love is there for all to see.

    I, too, would like to see the bagel recipe shared. They look really yummy.

  3. Happy Anniversary U 2— May U have many many more!

  4. Happy anniversary you little lovebugs!! Nick you are a very smart guy to acknowledge what a wonderful partner you married.

    Bagels are a lot of work, and they look fabulous. Yes, yes recipe please, unless it takes 4 hours to make.

    See you in Yuma!

  5. Nick,

    Happy Anniversary to you and Terry. We hope you have a wonderful day, and another great year(s). I am presently at the Florida RV show with Mark. We saw the picture of the bagels, and unlike the others, we don’t want the stinking recipe (too much work). Send us a dozen to Tampa via Fedex overnight!!!

    We plan to call you later with a lesson in dumping that we both wanted to tell you about when we saw you last month, but forgot.


  6. Congratulations, Terry and Nick!

    Only couples who have been divorced can fully appreciate being married to your soul mate. Others totally enjoy it, but have not had the experience that makes it the ultimate.

    It also takes considerable faith to get hitched again.

    You both “done good”!

  7. We will second all the good congratulations! We’re approaching our 50th anniversary this year, and we didn’t need an earlier divorce the really appreciate the rightness of our long ago discovery! And yes, we definitley see the love between you guys!

    Miss Terry made great bagels, and using her new convection oven! Yay for progress.

  8. Congratulations on 12 years of marriage and the bagels looked great. Can Miss Terry make cream cheese too….lol

  9. Happy Anniversary to 2 truly beautiful people.

    We’ve had the honor of meeting you at Life on Wheels in Des Moines several years ago and then stopped briefly to reconnect at your booth at the Sedalia EscapadeI We’ve followed you through the journal and online for many years.

    We went to Life of Wheels trying to decide if full/extended time RV lifestyle might be right for us. We thought we were going to understand more of the ‘technical’ consideration but instead came to realize that the greatest attraction of this lifestyle was the amazing community of happy and free folks who welcome and support others like nothing we’d experienced before. It was truly the couples like you that we met there that lit our passion for becoming part of this unique and wonderful culture.

    Just like this lifestyle, love is a choice, and like Ken and I, you and Terry obviously have been blessed with having made the right choice a dozen years ago and continue to express that every day to all you touch.

    Best wishes to two very deserving people for many more decades enjoying love and life together.

    Hugs, C

  10. Congrats to you and Miss Terry for 12 years. Hope you have a great day. I know you like Chinese and don’t know if you’ve been there but across from Wally World on Signal Butte, there is a fairly new Chinese place they say has a great buffet with all the shrimp you can eat. I can’t verify that because I don’t eat shrimp but everyone in our park loves it.

  11. Happy Anniversary!!! You two deserve the happiness you have found together. Many you celebrate many many more anniversaries together.
    Bagels do look yummy – watching for the recipe altho’ the previous suggestion of FedEx deliveries is a better idea!!!!
    Regarding financing: We are having a similiar problem since we plan to full-time (BofA has the loan on our Class C so I thought no problem) and our CU has a max term of 6 years so I will e-mail Eileen Gilmore to see if she can help us out. Thanks for bringing Alliant CU and Eileen Gilmore to our attention.
    Have a great day and a delicious dinner!!!!

  12. John and I had previous marriages of 36 and 27 years respectively, met online and have been happily married for 6 1/2 years. It’s great when you can find your soulmate the first time around but takes a “leap of faith” to try again…but the results can be Wonderful! Every day is a Gift! Our Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both for continuing happiness together!

  13. We will just add our congratulations to all the others. Best wishes go out to you both. Enjoy the celebration!

  14. Happy Anniversary Nick and Terry

    It feels so great that you know after so long together that this is it.
    Very few people are happy and have successful relationship.
    This is a bigger dream than any other one, that I am so happy to be among those who could fulfill.
    For many more happy years to come!
    Patti & Motty

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary! You make a great pair!

  16. Happy Anniversary, Terry and Nick! We hope you have many more wonderful years of love and companionship together.
    All the best,
    Steve & Susie

  17. Happy Anniversary!! Sorry it’s a day late but better late than never! Hope you had a wonderful day! Hugs………..Pat

  18. Dear Nick & Miss Terry, Congratulations on celebrating your 12th anniversary. Terri, those bagels look heavenly. Please, please, please post the recipe. I’ve made bagels in the past and love them. I’m always looking for new recipe’s. Thanks.


  19. Happy Anniversary to you both! We especially like to celebrate anniversaries. Terry, I have a quite good butterscotch bagel recipe that I make when I want to impress someone. Let me know if you want the recipe. Marlene

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