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I wrapped up the new issue of the Gypsy Journal late in the afternoon yesterday, Miss Terry got it proofed, and today we’ll send it over to our printer for final tweaking and printing. If all goes according to plan and if the angels are smiling on us, we’ll get it back and mailed by the end of the year. Still late, but it’s the best we can do under the circumstances.

With the paper finished, we needed a break, so we went out to Foley to a Chinese buffet for dinner, and by the time we got back to the campground it was cold! I am so tired of being cold, I just want to be someplace where we can sleep with the windows open, and not have to shiver every time we step out the door.

Back at the motorhome, I wrote a blog entry about my thoughts on some of the electronic gadgets I’ve experimented with over the last few months and my impressions looking back, then decided I didn’t really want to post it, and saved it for a day when I’m running late and have nothing to write about. Writers call that “banking” stories – saving a few in reserve for when they have a deadline and their brain turns to pudding and they need to fill a column or blog quickly. I don’t believe in such a thing as writer’s block, because I can always find something to write about. As I wrote in an article on my Publishing4Profit website, writer’s block is a crock. Anyone who has made their living in the daily or weekly newspaper business will tell you that. But sometimes it’s nice to have that extra cushion, just in case I get lazy, if nothing else.

I’ve been looking at our trip west, and though the easiest route would be to get on Interstate 10 and take it all the way into Arizona, I really don’t like that route. I-10 across Texas is long, boring, and we’ve done it too many times. I mean, how many dead armadillo, coyote, and deer can you stand to look at?

If the weather cooperates we may go up to Livingston, Texas for a couple of days, and then take U.S. Highways through Waco, Gatesville, Goldwaithe, Brownwood, Ballinger, and San Angelo before we eventually hook up with I-10 somewhere in west Texas. There are a couple of stories up in that area I’d like to stop and research for future issues of the paper. But as always, we never know exactly where we’ll be and which route we’ll take until after we’ve been there.

We may find something that catches our interest, and hang out somewhere or take a side trip along the way, and we may just as easily fall into “go fast” mode and just decide to get there and get settled in. We don’t have to be anyplace until early February, when we’ll be in Apache Junction, Arizona to help Terry’s parents celebrate their birthdays. That’s the great thing about the fulltime RV lifestyle, we have plenty of options and the freedom to exercise them at our whim. 

Thought For The Day – The future will be either what you make it to be or what you allow it to be.

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Nick Russell

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  12 Responses to “Writer’s Block And Trip Planning”

  1. Hi Nick and Terry

    We (Patti and I) are planning basically the same route, to CA during the winter, and want to stay in the safety band until spring.

    We found some nice parks along the way, in particular between San Antonio and Austin that might be a nice break in the middle for you guys. Pedernales Falls State Park, Lake Travis and Pace bend park just to name a few.

    Again – wish you happy holidays and safe trip
    We will be Following you on your blog
    Patti and Motty

  2. Dag blast it Nick! I think we’ll miss you at Livingston. We pull out Dec 24. Seems like we are always one step ahead or behind people I would like to meet and say “hi.” We’re going up to Tyler to spend Christmas with our daughters. Sorry, guess family comes first! ha ha ha

  3. If you should hit Waco, here’s a few thing to do and see.

    We though the best was The Texas Ranger Museum, stop at the tourist information center that is right at the same parking lot and get a Two fer One coupon.

  4. And Waco is where Dr. Pepper was (disputedly) invented:

  5. Nick, if you do go through Ballinger, TX, you might want to take advantage of one of the best “freebies” (well, almost it’s only 9.00 for W/E). The city park is just north of 83/67. Turn on Crosson St at the blue camper sign. Go to the end of the street and go under the arch that says City Park. At the bottom of the hill, turn left into the camping area. Select a spot and parallel park along the road. 30 amp and water are next to the ramadas.
    City cops watch over the area pretty close. If you are lucky, the turkeys will come through just after daylight and feed on the plentiful pecans that fell last night. If you get out pretty early, you might even get some of the pecans.

    Ballinger is on a route we take frequently, and we always break our trip to stay there. If it is close to lunch or dinner, go to Alejandra’s. Great mexican food. On 67/83 across from the Shoppin Basket.

  6. We found the teeny little town of Muleshoe, Texas, a couple of years ago. I had first heard of Muleshoe when I was in college, or was it high school, but thought it was an imaginary place. However, we were driving from Texico, NM (where we had boondocked behind the NM welcome center) to Canyon, TX (to visit Palo Duro Canyon SP), and the map showed Muleshoe just a little off our route. Had to go there, just to get a picture of the Post Office with the town name on it!

  7. Hi Nick & Terry
    I know just how you feel about finding warmer weather… US too! Have a super day…
    Travel Safe

  8. Nick,

    Come and visit us at The Original Ranch in Lakewood, NM on your way west. I don’t think you have ever been here and we would enjoy your visit. We are north of your Interstate path but there is a wonderful drive from here to Alamogordo over Cloudcroft if the weather holds and of course White Sands is always worth a stop.

  9. So you won’t be coming to Florida at all this year?

    Well, shoot!

    Enjoy the Southwest! It’s pretty, too:)

  10. Nick,

    Last year you visited Texas Rio Grande Valley and were not impressed. Perhaps you missed out on the fun that the valley is all about. Try it again this year, but come to Fun N Sun in San Benito. This is a great resort. Oh yeah! It is warm here.

    Pete Gray

  11. Nick,
    We always like to stop at Iraan city park. We laid over there for 3 days once waiting for the ice storm to clear El Paso. Full hookups for $10 a night.

  12. I find it rather ironic that the latest entry – about writer’s block – has been sitting at the top of the list for over 24 hours. ;>)

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