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Being able to adapt to the challenges life throws at us are an essential part of the fulltime RVer’s psychological toolbox. They say that the only thing that stays the same is change, and that’s certainly true whether you live in a sticks and bricks house, or a home on wheels.

No matter how carefully you plan, there will be times when all of your plans go right out the window and you just have to adapt to the new situation and deal with it. If you can’t, you’re probably never going to make it as a fulltimer, because this lifestyle, as great as it is, holds a lot of surprises.

You may plan to be at a certain campground at a certain time, and bad weather, traffic delays, or a mechanical breakdown keeps you from getting there, and instead you find yourself spending the night next to a hog hauler in a truck stop parking lot. You may have registered for your favorite RV rally, expecting lots of fellowship and good times, only to arrive to find the grounds have turned into a sea of mud. You may want to see Alaska, or drive old Route 66 next summer, but an unplanned medical emergency finds you stuck in Paducah.

You can’t foresee everything that will happen to you, but you can be very sure that from time to time, something will happen to get in the way of your plans! Being able to just accept it and roll with the flow will help keep you sane, and make your RVing life much more enjoyable.

When we originally came up here to Elkhart, it was going to be a quick trip in and out – get the bus sold, get a couple of minor issues handled on the RV, make a quick stop at the VA hospital in Lexington, and head back to the warm, sunny South. As you know, those plans disappeared Friday night.

I was able to get my medical appointment rescheduled for Friday, and the folks here at Duncan RV Repair have been scrambling to get us ready to go, and have just about everything finished. But now we have this terrible winter storm tearing the country apart and making traveling unsafe.

We’ve been through more than enough the last few days to need any more challenges, so if the wind keeps blowing, and the roads stay slippery and treacherous, I’ll just call the VA hospital and either reschedule or cancel the appointment, and we’ll sit tight until it’s safe to be out on the road.

Yes, we’d love to put cold, snowy Elkhart in our rearview mirror, and we’re really looking forward to doing so as soon as we can. But being stuck here is a minor inconvenience. Wrecking our RV and injuring ourselves on a patch of icy road would be a tragedy. So we’re sitting tight, watching the weather reports, keeping our fingers crossed, and rolling with the flow. Like I said, sometimes you just have to adapt.

Thought For The Day – Better to do it than to wish it done.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  11 Responses to “Sometimes You Just Have To Adapt”

  1. You are no dummy Nick, have made some very intelligent comments, and this by far is the SMARTEST thing you have written that I have read.

    Safety first!

    Make a cup of hot chocolate, lace it with a bit of butterscotch schnaps, stay warm and safe.

  2. Hang in there Nick and Terry! This too shall pass.
    Stay off the roads when you don’t really, really have to be out on them.

    Be safe.

  3. Nick,

    PHD’s are ok, but nothing beats good old common sense my friend! What a great chance to sample more of your ladys great cooking. Warm, full and safe…it doesn’t get any better then that. My motto is “Sit tight till the weathers right”. Tom & Karen

  4. Staying safe is the best idea. But don’t skip that VA appointment. If they wanted to see you again, there must be a reason and you don’t want something that is now probably minor to become major. As some one said, sip your hot chocolate, stay warm and enjoy this down time as much as you can. Love ya, Connie B. PS. am sending you a check (the old fashioned way snail mail) for the western rally as I never could get PayPal to get my money to you. So please keep a place for us at the rally. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  5. Stay the winter, why doncha? The weather shouldn’t get much worse than what this week is bringing. Just get down here to Arizona in time for your rally! Just kidding of course, except about getting here in time for the rally. Get here a little earlier and we’ll met at the Gaslight Theater.

  6. After more than eight years of RVing, we’ve had our share of breakdowns, etc. Just the other day Larry was saying to someone that every time he has to fix something and it’s such a hassle, he’ll ask himself, “Is all this hassle worth it just to keep RVing?” Every time the answer has been, “Yes.”
    Joyce Space

  7. Hi There You made some very Intelligent Comments on the full time R.V. life time Challenges from day to day . Please stay off the Roads till it’s Safe for you two , and nothing beats good old common sense as you two have . I have the same Motto “Sit
    Tight Warm & Safe Till Weather Better & No Snow on the Roads . Hope all the work is
    done on your Motor Home and your on the way south again soon . Sal & Bonnie

  8. Go with peppermint schnapps, the hot chocolate will taste better.

    Good advice in today’s blog. We all want you to be safe. Last comment: if you can’t make the apointment because of weather, there will be others in the same predicament, and one of those openings might fit into your schedule.

  9. Nick, if you can please inform your readers to be aware of a RV dealership in La Feria, Texas by the name of “Texas Trader” as they do sloppy work. They installed a second air conditioner for me and did a great job. I went back to them to get some minor work done and to get a camera and monitor installed in my truck and camper so I could pull a utility trailer behind my fifth wheel. I left my rig with them as I flew back to KY for the month of Nov. and when I returned the work was not completed. I also found out that the shop foreman had driven my truck to his house without my knowledge or permission. Not only are they slow but their work is very unprofessional. I am now in Von Ormy outside of San Antonio, Texas and have obtained a local RV repairman who is fixing what Texas Trader messed up.


  10. I’m pretty sure your on the move now…Did I see you heading “SOUTH” at 1:45PM at SR31& SR32 in Westfield, In…today. Cause it sure looked like the 2 of you. You both looked very comfortable buzzzing through this part of Indiana. I was in School Bus #36 headed for the end of the day…pick up & drop off. 6 more days of school, then we head for Florida for a not long enough break. Motorhome looks good.
    Aloha, Deb

  11. Amen….and so glad you two are safe.

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