Dec 172009

The rain stopped long enough yesterday for us to enjoy mostly blue sky, but the temperature dropped quite a bit, and the next week or so is supposed to be much cooler. I won’t complain about that, it’s still better than we had in Indiana. Now I wish it would just dry out!

I have been furiously pounding away at the keyboard, working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, except for an hour or two we spent yesterday meeting with an insurance adjuster, and then going into town to make more copies of forms for the insurance company, getting them notarized, and mailed off to National Interstate.

I love small town folks. Somebody here at the Escapees campground said that there was a notary public at City Hall in Foley, but when I stopped in she was out of the office, so they sent me next door to the library. The lady who usually does notary work there was also out, so they sent me upstairs to Library Director Steve Horn’s office. Steve is a very nice man, and after he notarized my papers, we must have talked for a half hour or so about small town life, and our fulltime RV lifestyle. Try getting that kind of one-on-one friendliness in the big city!

Back at the campground, I worked some more on the new issue, and then we stopped long enough to go to the 4 p.m. Social Hour, which actually took about 35 minutes. I always like attending Social Hour at Escapees RV parks. It gives us an opportunity to visit with folks, meet the people who recently arrived, and just relax.

Soon after we returned to the motorhome, Greg and Judy Bahnmiller came by to pick up a bundle of Gypsy Journals to pass out at an RV rally they will be attending, and at other RV parks they will be visiting in their travels. Many of our readers help us spread the word about the paper this way, introducing it to people in parts of the country where we don’t have an opportunity to get to, and it really helps us a lot. We always print a couple thousand extra copies of each issue just for this purpose. So if we cross paths and you have room in your rig for a bundle or two of newspapers to distribute wherever you’re headed, we’d be happy and grateful to make you an honorary “paper boy” (or girl).

Longtime subscribers and Gypsy Gathering rally attendees Jim and Mary Gallivan are here at the campground, and they have been inviting us to dinner for years, but we never seemed to have the time when we met up with them. So yesterday evening we all went to an excellent local restaurant called Big Daddy’s Grill.

Tucked away at the end of a small road on the bank of the Fish River, the restaurant may not be fancy by New York City standards, but who wants to go to New York City anyway? But if you want excellent food, especially seafood, it should be on your list of places to go. Jim and Mary introduced Miss Terry to fried pickle slices, which she said were delicious. I was glad they all liked them so much, because it left more of the fried crab claws for me. And those were just the appetizers! I had the shrimp and oyster combo basket, Terry had a shrimp quesadilla, Mary had a grilled shrimp salad, and Jim ordered a huge cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. We all loved our selections, and Big Daddy’s is now on our list of places we can’t wait to get back to.

As good as the food was, having time to sit and visit with Jim and Mary was even better. We share an interest in genealogy, though I have barely gotten my toes wet, while they have been poking the limbs on their respective family trees for decades.

By coincidence, Mary mentioned that she used to write a column for the Lapeer County Press newspaper in Michigan, which has been considered one of the best small town newspapers in the country for as long as I can remember. Back when I was still a wet behind the ears kid starting my own first newspaper, I met the publisher of the Lapeer newspaper at a newspaper convention, and he gave me tons of valuable advice to help me get my publication off the ground. A lot of the things he taught me, I continued to use throughout my newspaper career and it came in far more useful than anything I ever learned in a college journalism classroom.

The weather reports say that yesterday’s break was going to be fleeting, and we have another inch of rain predicted today and tonight. I think my “love handles” are going to turn into giant gills if this keeps up!

Thought For The Day – People seldom see the halting and painful steps by which “overnight success” is achieved.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  4 Responses to “Small Town Folks And Great Food”

  1. For those of us who really enjoy warm up toward hot weather and truly dislike cold weather ( below 60′ ) I have this project I’m working on. Here in southern Kansas our winters are a bit cold at times. So when we have a cold temperatures coming in and someone says to me “it’s only supposed to get up to 10′ tomorrow and 6″ of snow”. I say NO it is supposed to be 75 and sunny, the forecast is for 10 degrees andsnow but it is never supposed to be that kind of weather. Pass it on.
    We will be full time the end of Jan. 2010 and retire to the road Aug. 2010, Please do not use up all the good times.

  2. Ah yes, Big Daddy’s!!! For my birthday in 2008, Ethel and I were taken there by Judy and Darrell Patterson and Linda and Norm Payne.

    Great food, better than great people and chalking up another year looking for wisdom -m what a birthday!
    Jimmy Buffet once said, “I have never found a wise man less than 75 years old.” I shall keep chalking them off, and just maybe . . . well, maybe not. I do know it is a wise thing to go to Big Daddy’s for crab claws and oysters!!! Especially with the Pattersons and Paynes!!!!!

  3. Lapeer, MI brings back great memories for me also – in the 1960s I spent several summers there building and then operating a year around Boy Scout camp called Ho-La-Ka short for Horton Lake Kamp. The town is surely one of those neat little towns that you like so well, filled with friendly people – at least it was 45 years ago.

  4. Big Daddy’s is where I first had sweet potato fries last Spring. I had no clue how good they would be! I’m sorry to have missed visiting Mary while we were in Summerdale. She stopped by once but I was sick pretty much the whole time we were there so never went out visiting anyone. I also missed seeing you & Miss Terry and meeting Jack & Danielle. I hope that if we ever get somewhere warm and dry I’ll feel up to getting out again.

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