Lone Star State

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Dec 262009

Christmas morning we were up early again, and it was chilly enough that we really had to force ourselves out from under those warm covers. We really need to break this new habit of getting up so early! Mark and Sue Didelot were getting ready to go to a family Christmas celebration, and we wanted to see them off, and then get on the road to take advantage of the light holiday traffic through Houston.

White Oak Park river 2 webIn spite of the cold, I walked down to the boat launch at White Oak Park to take a couple of photos of the Calcasieu River. I’d love to come back someday and kayak here, but only when it’s a lot warmer! I quickly took my photos and headed back to the motorhome.

We were on the road by 9:15 and enjoyed an easy drive west on Interstate 10, crossing into Texas and sharing the road with only a few cars along the way. I always dread driving through Houston, but this time around it was a piece of cake. There were a handful of cars and a couple of other motorhomes, but not enough to even mention. I don’t think we encountered one eighteen wheeler all day long.

On the west side of Houston we pulled into the Flying J truck stop for fuel, and wondered again who designs their RV islands. Whoever it is, he or she obviously has never driven anything bigger than an SUV! I wanted to get propane, but the only way to do so would have been to pull so far past the fuel island that we would have had to back up to get to it, which is not recommended when towing a dinghy. I decided (again) that we’d wait until we get someplace more convenient to get propane.

Back on the road, it was only another forty miles or so to Columbus and our turnoff. We took State Route 71 northWinnie at TTN Colorado River web about four miles, turned left on a local road, and arrived at the Colorado River Thousand Trails Preserve about 1:30 p.m. We chose a full hookup RV site with 30 amp electric and got settled in. They have a few 50 amp sites, but none are full hookups, and we wanted to be able to take long showers, and Terry needed to catch up on laundry.

This is our third visit to this particular Thousand Trails campground in three years, and as much as we don’t like falling into ruts, it’s beginning to feel that way. But if you’re going to be in a rut, this is a pretty nice one! The campground is located on the bank of the Colorado River, and pecan trees at many of the campsites give visitors the opportunity to collect enough nuts to make some delicious treats.

Deer 5 webA large herd of deer live at the campground, and they have little fear ofDoe and fawn web humans. They graze around the RV sites and pretty much ignore people, unless they get within a few feet of them. I couldn’t resist grabbing my Canon Digital Rebel and getting a few photos of our four legged neighbors.

We really, really need some downtime, and we don’t plan to do much the next couple of days except sleep late, watch TV, cruise the internet, and relax. Lucky me, Miss Terry considers baking peanut butter cookies, pecan pie, and her world famous cinnamon rolls very relaxing!

Thought For The Day – A man has reached middle age when he is cautioned to slow down by his doctor instead of by the police.

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  17 Responses to “Lone Star State”

  1. With Miss Terry’s relaxing, the only question that comes to mind is ” GOT MILK ? ” . Have a wonderful day!

  2. Cinnamon rolls – yum! If you’re referring to the recipe Miss Terry had in a recent Gypsy Journal, they are out of this world and have become a family favorite. I can’t believe I’m even talking about food after the feast we had yesterday.

    Glad you cruised through Houston with no problems and are settled in for some much-needed downtime. What a beautiful place to catch up on your rest.

    Lu & Larry

  3. Merry Christmas!
    Wishing you and Terry a wonderfull Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
    Thank you for entertaining us every day with your words of wisdom and with Bad Nick.
    Get some needed rest!

  4. Happy Holidays Nick and Terry! Enjoy your much deserved rest. Thank you for your words of wisdom and your guidance during 2009. Hoping that your coming year bring you both much happiness. Safe travels.

  5. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to both of you. It looks like you are recovering from the tragic events of a few weeks ago and carrying on in life. It is a good things that we are resillient in life and able to get over things even though they will not be exactly the same.
    I have had some upturns in life this year also but am learning to adjust to the difference that life is with diabeties to deal with (hypoglycemia). I am learning appreciate what I do have and to try to enjoy every day as they come. I am also glad that I was given the desire to start my blog and I do thank you for the inspiration and guidance you have given me in so doing it.
    Again, the best of the season to both of you.
    Wilf Blakey
    Kirkland Lake,Ontario,Canada

  6. Thanks to you Nick, another group of folks enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner prepared on my Orion. After reading your reviews on the Orion I just had to have one, and Sharon bought it for me last Christmas. This was my second turkey and both were the the most moist, tender ones I have ever eaten! Thanks again for your review and we will see you in Yuma if not sooner!

  7. Haven’t tried the Thousand Trails Colorado River yet, hope to some day. We’ve been in three TTNs in Texas. Haven’t tried Miss Terry’s cinnamon rolls yet, hope to some day. However – we DID make Miss Terry’s Easy Pecan Bread for Christmas breakfast. Delicious! We have decided to make that our every Christmas breakfast bread, along with our tradtitional pork pie — that’s been Christmas breakfast all of my life (Jerry), and Suzy has made it every year we’ve been married — except this year. I made it this time!

    Take care of yourselves, good friends, in your relaxing time. You are very important to us!

  8. Miss Terry sure is an enabler! You are way overweight and all she seems to do is bake fattening foods for you. If she wants you around for a while, she needs to start cooking healthier foods.

  9. Still waiting on that cook book, Terry!! Happy New Year to you both.. Have stayed at Colorado River many many times.

  10. We traved east to west thru Houston on Saturday morning October 17, 2009 and it was nasty. I-10 was closed for construction and we were detoured to I-610. Traffic was horrible. With all the interchanges I had no idea what lane to be in. The locals knew what lanes they should be in but they won’t cut a newcomer any slack. If Texans didn’t have horns, they wouldn’t be able to drive. I wonder if the detour is still up.

  11. Jim,
    I get really tired of you self-rightous jerks who have to put Nick or anyone else down down for his weight. Do you even have any idea how rude that is? Or do you just don’t care? Your wife must be quite the enabler too, because if you were married to me, I’d sew your lips shut in your sleep! How about you mind your own business? Make it your New Year resolution!

  12. Yeah Jim look at it this way. Nick can always lose weight. You’re always going to be an A-hole!

  13. Rememer to put that sign on your door (i.e., “Thanks for stopping by, but we’re not available for visits today.” People should understand! 🙂
    – Judy

  14. We have never stayed at Colorado River, but have at other Thousand Trails campgrounds in Texas. We were at Lake Conroe for Thanksgiving. Love the pix of the deer!

  15. We got so flustered at the Ehrenberg Flying J about where the propane was that we wrote a letter. Within a few months they moved the propane tank. Hard to believe, but actually happened. Of course, they had extra room in that location, but you with a bully pulpit should definitely send an email to them.

  16. Thanks so much for yet another great blog. We enjoy reading your stories and almost feel like we know you for years although we never met.

    Patti, just like Miss Terry, is very passionate about cooking, and love baking too. We will search your blog for the Cinnamon Rolls recipe, and we will try it soon.
    It seem like we are traveling about the same direction as you do, from Gulf Shores, AL to Yuma, AZ and god knows where after that. We love hiking, biking and nature, and Photography is my hobby since I can remember myself (Although I am a Nikon guy).
    Seem like so much in common 🙂

    Hope to meet you guys one of those days
    Please continue your wonderful stories
    and have a wonderful relaxed and happy new year

  17. Just pulled into White Oak Park; what a great little spot. Thanks for sharing it.

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