Dec 042009

We hit the ground running yesterday! The techs at Duncan RV Repair were supposed to start working on our motorhome at 9 a.m., so Miss Terry had the alarm clock set for 7:30 so we’d have time to get our morning routine done and have the Winnebago unplugged from shore power, the slides in, and the jacks up when they came for it.

Terry was up before me, and when I rolled out of bed, I glanced at my cell phone and it said the time was 8:41 a.m. I asked Terry why she had let me sleep so late, and then we realized that while we had adjusted the clocks on our microwave, computers, and in the van back to Eastern Time, we had forgotten the alarm clock!

What followed was a mad rush to brush teeth, get dressed, store things away inside the motorhome, run outside to unplug the electrical cord, and get the slides in and the jacks up, but we were done at exactly 9 a.m. Whew! What a way to start the day! But we were right on schedule.

Of course, then we waited. And waited. Finally about 9:30 I went inside and was told that the employees were in a meeting and should be done soon. A tech broke free and came out to get our keys, and when we left a little before 10, they still had not moved the RV inside. Hurry up and wait, just like in the Army. Oh well, at least I got an extra hour or so of sleep!

We drove over to Phoenix Commercial Paint and spent the day piddling around the bus, charging the batteries to compensate for the time the bus has been sitting unused, and then starting it up to warm up the engine.

We took a break about 1 p.m. for lunch with our friend Michele Henry, owner of Phoenix Commercial Paint, and when we came out of the restaurant it was snowing! Being anywhere it is snowing goes completely against the very carefully laid out plan I have for my life. I was supposed to be on a houseboat in Key West right now!

Back at Duncan RV Repair, late in the day, they did not have everything finished on the motorhome, which I had expected, since we needed several things done.  That was one reason we got to town early, so they could have two days to work on it, if needed. They had repaired the water heater, so that it now works on both gas and electric, and had completed the engine oil change, lube job, and fuel filter replacement.

They were closing for the day, so our service tech moved the motorhome back out to their campground, and today it will go back into the shop to have the Wilson Trucker antenna installed and the Onan generator serviced.

Today is going to be another busy day for us. We have to pick up a new order of our Just A Gypsy T-shirts from our screen printer here in Elkhart, and then touch base with Al Hesselbart from the RV Hall of Fame Museum. We had arranged for our mail forwarding service to send our mail to us, care of the museum. Then we have to unload our bicycles and kayaks from the van to have room for passengers, and at 4:46 p.m. we have to be at the airport in South Bend, Indiana to met Rich Perry, who is flying in from California with a friend to pick up the bus.

We’re going to be sorry to see that old gal go, she sure has been good to us!    

Thought For The Day – Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don’t want to have to restart my collection all over again.

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  4 Responses to “Hit The Ground Running”

  1. “Hit the ground running?” Come. come, now. We met in Celina a few weeks ago, so I don’t know about that statement. Anyway, to say the least, you and Terry are people of activity and action. Lynda and I enjoy your daily blogs. We too, took in the RV Hall of Fame some time ago and were highly impressed. Hope to catch it again on down the road. We are in central Florida for the season. I’ve pretty much lived up North my whole life but no more winters there if I can help it.

    We enjoyed your Eastern Gathering and expect to make the one in Elkhart next year. Hope ya’ll get back to Florida soon. Have a wonderful Christmas season and the continued best of health to you both. Blessings!

  2. It will be a bittersweet moment when the good ole bus pulls away with a new owner. Been there with some of my vehicles:) It must be a little like selling your stix and bricks to start full-timing. At least you were able to get it sold quickly and hopefully to a great new owner who will treat her with the love and respect she is accustomed to. Good luck! Keep warm!

  3. Blu Ray! I’m stopping with DVDS. I went from Albums, to 8 track, to cassette, to CD, to IPOD. Not gonna do it with the movies. Only went from VHS to DVD.

  4. Oh wow! Bitter sweet…we have always become attached to our motorhomes. I sat in the Wal-Mart parking lot one morning starring at our motorhome and crying and this was BEFORE going into my classrooom to teach. A fellow teacher asked me what was wrong and I replied..”just said good-by to a good friend.”

    She made you happy and she will be a joy for someone else. Meantime you guys be safe.

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