Dec 292009

Yesterday we made a day trip of 90 miles to Victoria, Texas to pick up the January-February issue of the Gypsy Journal from our printer. Victoria is a bustling city of 86,000, and is popular with RV snowbirds who don’t want to go as far as the Rio Grande Valley. The city is big enough to have everything you could want, from big box retail stores to excellent medical services, and rates at the RV parks are affordable.

When we left Alabama for Texas, we were not sure where we would be staying, but we knew we’d be in Victoria to pick up the new issue, so I had our mail forwarding service send our mail there, care of General Delivery. But I made a newbie mistake and didn’t check first to see if they had more than one post office location. Sure enough, they have two.

Fortunately, all it took was one phone call to learn that all General Delivery mail in Victoria goes to the downtown post office on Main Street. In large cities with many post office locations, only one location accepts General Delivery, and one can spend a lot of time running back and forth trying to track down their mail.

With that chore out of the way, we picked up the new issue of the paper, and then stopped to do some banking.

Gypsy Journal subscribers Richard and Patsy King live in Victoria, and had invited us to stop by when we were in town. Richard and Patsy have been to our three Arizona Gypsy Gathering rallies, and are a fun couple we have enjoyed getting to know. We had a nice time visiting with them, talking about our respective adventures on the road, and comparing travel tips.

Speaking of RV rallies, at our Ohio rally in September, well known RV authors and speakers Joe and Vicki Kieva honored us by coming and presenting their last seminars before officially retiring from the speaking circuit. After a distinguished career as the premier RV seminar presenters in the nation, Joe and Vicki had decided it was time to really retire and just enjoy their RV travels, without having a speaking schedule to keep. We have known Joe and Vicki ever since we got on the road, and were honored to work with them at Life on Wheels.

Well, to quote those television infomercials, “But wait, there’s more!” Yesterday I got an e-mail from Joe, saying that they wanted to come to our Arizona rally and give a couple of their seminars! How cool is that? They will be presenting their excellent RVing Alaska seminar, as well as their Personal Security Tips For RVers. After our burglary earlier this month, that’s one seminar I don’t want to miss!  

The next couple of days will be a whirlwind of envelope stuffing to get the new issue in the mail. As soon as that’s done, we’ll head for Arizona, maybe stopping to pick up a couple of stories for future issues of the paper along the way.

Thought For The Day – Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is something very special.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  4 Responses to “Day Trip To Victoria”

  1. So glad to hear Joe & Vicki are coming. Read their books prior to starting and met them at the Cleveland RV show the day before we “hit the road”. Spoke with them then and mentioned that I had wanted to hear their other seminar and they told us to come to the Tampa RV show to hear that one. So we did… We will be at their “Security” lecture too.

  2. Re thought for the day: staying in love is an adventure, staying in love requires commitment, devotion, patience, and a lot of give and take. We have proven to ourselves that staying in love is a 90 / 10 proposition, with both partners giving 90%. You and Terry have that too!

  3. Well said Jerry! Phil and I will celebrate 25 years in Feb. It wasn’t always easy but we made it and continue to be very happy about it.

  4. Saying this with a crinkle to the eye and a mischievous grin. Nick, maybe you ought to attend Joe and Vickie’s “Personal Security Tips For RVers” seminar instead of running around, worrying about everything else. (Sorry, just had to throw that out, the devil made me do it).

    We really enjoyed their seminar on Alaska. They did an excellent job at the Eastern Rally.

    Please keep us informed on the Poliseek / National Insurance debacle. Although we are in an HDT, and have more limited options, we may / will be changing based on the outcome. As I previously posted, they did right by us on the wind / rain collapsed awning.

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