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It was a busy weekend, what with getting the bus sold, cleaning up the mess inside our motorhome from the burglary, and dealing with all of those issues. Then, yesterday morning we woke up to an inch or so of snow on the ground and very slick roads.

It was only ten miles from where we spent the weekend, inside the building at Phoenix Commercial Paint to be out of the weather, back to the RV repair shop where the burglary occurred, but we saw three accidents on the way there. You would think that folks who live in a place where it snows every winter wouldn’t need to learn to drive on slippery roads all over again each year, but apparently they do.

A crew went right to work on our motorhome and got a lot accomplished in a very short period of time, but there was no glass available anywhere locally to fit our door window, it needed to be shipped directly from Winnebago, in Forest City, Iowa. Since the entire country seems to be under a winter storm alert, the folks at Winnebago said they would do their very best to get it shipped overnight, but couldn’t promise anything.

It was apparent that no matter how hard they tried, there was no way our RV was gong to be ready to roll out of here in time for me to make it to my appointment at the VA hospital in Lexington, Kentucky Wednesday morning. We were faced with either rescheduling the appointment, no easy task with the VA’s heavy workload, or leaving the RV here, driving to Lexington in the van, and then back. At 350 miles each way, that wasn’t an appealing option. I called the hospital, explained my situation, and lucked out. They had an open slot on Friday morning, and I grabbed it. Now we have a little more time to work with, and hopefully the weather will cooperate just a little bit and the glass will arrive on schedule, in time to get it installed.

Rather than drive back to Phoenix Commercial Paint for the night, they moved our rig into the paint booth here, where we are nice and toasty and feel secure, away from the creeps who prowl the night looking for an easy score. It looks like this will be our home for a couple more days.

Terry and I want to thank every body who has shown their love and support in so many ways. We have so many e-mails and blog comments that we just don’t have time to reply to each one individually, but we read all of them, and you have made a very rough time in our lives a lot easier. A special thanks to our friends Rick Schafer and Marcia Gantz, who live about an hour away in Michigan. They are leaving on a trip for a week or so, and called to offer us the use of their home if we needed a place to stay. What wonderful, caring friends we have!

Thought For The Day – Experience is the mother of wisdom.

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Nick Russell

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  10 Responses to “And Then It Snowed”

  1. Things have finally turned in your favor! The glass replacement delay is stoping you from rushing out on snowy, slick roads. The impossible re-schedule of your appointment happened. You are locked in a safe, warm place. Take deep breaths. You may get more repair work done than you thought you would AND the roads will be nice and dry when you leave. All this is a good thing! So snuggle up you two and know you are loved and prayed for by all your friends!

  2. We had a window broken out on the side of our MH and ended getting a piece of heavy duty Plexiglas installed in the opening. It worked well until we could get the glass. We drove all the way from Illinois down to Florida without problems.


  3. Since it’s snowed on you, don’t forget that they salt all the roads up there, as soon as you get far enough south out of the snow area be sure to find a truck wash that washes the undercarriage or else get under there with a hose and give it a good rinsing to get all that salt off of everything. It can mess up a lot of stuff on a motor home.
    Say Hi to Michele for us.

  4. Nick,

    Sounds like things are coming together for you two. The love and support your seeing comes from the fact that you two are caring and giving people. Those of us who call you friends and have had some time to spend with you two know your honest and sincere. I told you once your good people and that my friend is getting harder and harder to find today. As that snow piles up think warm sand, fresh sea food and time to relax. No matter what direction you head those things and your friends will be there
    waitng on you. The most valuabe gift a person has to give is not gold..its love and respect. You have both my friends from all of us who know you two.

  5. We all know that RVers and wannabes are special folks, and with the outpouring of love and support you’ve received over this episode, that further validates what we know. When we went thru our stolen truck episode last year, we discovered a ‘network of angels’ out there offering support in one way or the other – that made all the difference in helping us cope – all friends or friends of friends who share this wonderful RV lifestyle. Glad to hear things are coming together for you both.
    Lu and Larry

  6. Hi Nick & Terry,
    We were horrified to hear of your terrible experience but are gladdened to hear your luck is turning around. We full-timed for two years and thankfully never had an ‘incident’. As Canadians, we don’t carry firearms, but we do have a baseball bat and pepper spray!
    IMHO You handled the situation very well and will soon be able to put it behind you. Good luck with the rest of the repairs!
    Karen & Fran Rust in frozen solid Saskatchewan
    (we’re heading for the RGV as soon as Christmas is over)

  7. Nick and Terry,

    We didn’t read the blog for a couple of days because of the holiday madness and were stunned to read of your encounter. We’re glad you’re both safe. It could have been disasterous. You can always fix broken buses and RVs, but not always people. We’re coming to Yuma, as soon as I register. See you there and be safe.

    Judy and John

  8. Nick:

    We had a friend who had their entry door window broken out. They also had the issue with availability of a glass replacement so they had a glass shop replace the window with a Plexiglas panel as a temporary measure. Three years later it is still there and holding up well. You don’t even notice that it isn’t glass. You might want to consider this if you need to get out of town ahead of the heavy snow that is forecast for the midwest.

  9. Have been following along with your blog, as always, and want to join all of your many friends and fans in letting you know how thankful I am that you are both okay. Nick, you handled the situation gallantly, and Terry was able to keep her composure to call 911. You both should be very, very proud of yourselves. I’ll continue to keep you in my prayers for a safe departure from Elkhart on your journey southward! I love you guys!
    Patti Ivey

  10. Have agreed with all the postings here and other forums that you used common sense and life training to confront your burglar. Glad everything with your repairs and doctor appt. are coming together as well.

    What I really wanted to comment on, however, is how much all of these postings have reminded us to THINK about our personal safety before we become victims. Last night we had to park at a Freightliner dealership and you can be sure we were parked under bright lights, the doors locked the minute we were inside, curtains closed and the television screen (varying light pattern) on with us inside. We never attended Dave B’s security class at LOW, but you can be sure if you offer a similar session at your rally it will require the biggest hall for all those who will want to attend. (Would Sandy Baleria be interested in coming back to teach again?)

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