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Nov 302009

Ever since we started RVing, people have told us about Lambert’s Cafe, a small restaurant chain that built a name for itself by serving huge portions of good food, and throwing dinner rolls at their customers.

Yes, you read that right. At Lambert’s, they don’t serve you rolls, they throw them at you! Company legend says the restaurant’s tradition of “throwed rolls” began in 1976, when founder Norman Lambert couldn’t get across the busy restaurant fast enough to deliver warm rolls to a table, and a customer asked him just to throw one. Norman threw the roll, the customer caught it, and history was made.

There are three Lambert’s locations – the original restaurant in Sikeston, Missouri; another in Ozark, Missouri; and the third is in Foley, Alabama. Yesterday afternoon our friends Tom and Karen Weigman came by to visit, and Tom suggested we have a late lunch/early dinner together. I mentioned that we had never been to Lambert’s and Tom said it was a favorite of theirs. So off we went to Lambert’s!

We knew that Lambert’s specializes in country cooking, that the food portions were substantial, and that besides your Lamberts Cafe webmain course, somebody is always coming by offering free “pass-arounds,” which are down home fare like fried potatoes and onions, macaroni and tomatoes, black-eyed peas, fried okra, and hot rolls with sorghum. Many people we know have told us that they usually fill up on the pass-arounds, and end up taking much of their entrée home to finish the next day, giving them two meals for the price of one.

Karen and I ordered fried chicken, Miss Terry had chicken livers, and Throwing rolls webTom opted for the meat loaf. And, of course, a nice young man came by and threw fresh hot rolls at us. Indeed, the portions were beyond generous, and even without the pass-arounds I don’t Dinner at Lamberts webthink any of us would have been able to clean up our plates. This photo was taken after we finished our meals, and there was more left on our plates than you get served in most restaurants.

So what did I think of Lambert’s? Well, you get a lot to eat, but it’s not the cheapest meal in town. My fried chicken was very good, but Miss Terry’s is better, and I don’t think it holds a candle to the broasted chicken at one of our favorite southern restaurants, Golden Girls, in Clinton, Tennessee. If we were having dinner with somebody else and they suggested Lambert’s, I wouldn’t hesitate to go again, but there are quite a few other nearby restaurants that I’d choose first.

Still, I’m glad we went. We had a wonderful time visiting with Tom and Karen, who are a fun couple we look forward to spending more time with. And, I caught a throwed roll, and how many times does a guy get to do that?

Terry and I will be on the road the next couple of days, headed for Elkhart, Indiana to meet the fellow who is buying our bus conversion and complete the sale. The weather forecasts are calling for nighttime temperatures in the 20s in northern Indiana, so you know that we won’t be spending one minute more there than we have to.  

Thought For The Day – You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren’t going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.

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  8 Responses to “Throw Me A Roll”

  1. Folks I’m telling you no matter what fills the plate…..meals go better with Nick and Terry! Sunny day..warm weather ..good friends ..Priceless!! Happy Holidays to all. Tom & Karen

  2. Lambert’s is one of our favorites…I’ve been known to travel an extra 100 miles to have dinner and a “throwed roll”…My problem is that I am usually overserved, and rarely have anything left to take home!

  3. Sorry to say that the weather forecast for Thursday is very cold indeed. We are in Geneva IL, about 35 miles west of Chicago. Elkhart usually gets much the same weather just a little later. They are even saying that we might get some snow.
    Please drive carefully.

  4. The last time we went to Lambert’s I came home with four meals worth of leftovers. That brings the price down a LOT! Besides it’s a fun place to go with a group. There were twelve of us Escapees there for a meal at the one in Foley before Hurricane Ida came through and scattered us.

    I hope the deal on your bus goes through quickly so you can head back south!

  5. Happy to hear about the pending bus sale! It’s 32 degrees here in N.Ohio right now. But we’re cozy in our our RV using Punderson State Park’s electricity and our little electric heater. Had a great long Thanksgiving weekend here at the park and will be heading home to put the “little-house” in storage to keep it warm and comfy through the really cold stuff. Safe travels to you and Terry.


  6. Congratulations on the pending sale of your bus. I have had the opportunity to travel many times in cold weather and you will find the chassis heat will do a reasonable job up to 20 F. But, if you have to you can drive with the propane heat on. We have travelled in -30 F weather and have kept comfortable with the chassis and propane heat on full.


  7. We are heading to Rainbow Plantation after Christmas so we will be sure to experience the “throwed rolls.”
    You all travel safely!! We’ll be thinking about you.

    Mike and Gerri

  8. Well I am glad you got a great meal. I was just down the street literally from Lambert’s. Passed it twice yesterday, once on the way to the condo on the beach to visit hubby’s folks and once on the way back to sister’s house. We just got home to Daleville a little while ago.

    Next time check our Sea and Suds seafood. Awesome. Just go down 59 till it dead ends at the beach. Take a left and about 1/2 mile or less down the road on the right you will find it. Such good seafood and the best fried mullet you could want. Ate there Saturday night.

    Foley is a great place. Lots of shopping. Lots of the most beautiful beach in the world. Lots of great fishing. And, lots of great seafood eating.

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