A Lazy Day

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Nov 072009

After two long days of driving from Indiana to North Carolina, then two busy days playing tourist around Mount Airy, followed by the drive to Kinston, Miss Terry and I needed a day to just relax and recharge our batteries. So yesterday we slept in, and then spent most of the morning just cuddling in bed and talking. I cherish these quiet times with the love of my life, and I believe they are one of the reasons why, after being together twelve years, we still feel like we’re on our first date. 

When we finally got up and in gear, we didn’t go very far for most of the day. Instead, we stayed inside catching up on e-mail, cruising the internet, and catching up on some of the RV blogs we read on a regular basis.

I see on our friends Jan and Greg White’s Our RV Adventures blog that they are hanging out in southern Indiana visiting family, though I secretly suspect that Greg is just hiding out in case I need anything else fixed. Jim and Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour have been kayaking and diving in Florida, and are getting ready to visit Google’s headquarters in California.

According to their Gypsy and the Mariner’s RV Adventures, our pals Don and Sharon Del Rosario are back on their lot in Benson, Arizona; and also in Benson, Jerry and Suzi LeRoy report in their Our Life On Wheels blog that they are having computer woes.

In Texas, Mike McFall wrote in his Mike and Pat’s Travels blog that his lovely wife Pat had a surprise birthday this week. I love reading blogs, because they help us keep up with our RVing friends.

If you’re not a fulltimer, you can get a good insight into the lifestyle by reading some of these and the many other RV blogs out there. As you can see, sometimes we have days filled with adventure, and other days are pretty routine, just like folks living in sticks and bricks homes.

Winnie at Neuseway Park webEventually I wandered outside, where I took a few pictures of the campground at Neuseway Nature Park. Our RV site backs up to some trees, and I wasn’t sure our rooftop automatic television dish would be able to pick up a signal, but after a couple of false starts, it managed to lock onto a weak signal. If we were parked across the road, facing our present site, we’d have had no problem, but since those sites back up to the Neuseway River, they are in demand and were all taken when we arrived.

One thing that mystified me was why the campground electrical Neuseway Park electrical hookup webhookups were mounted on tall poles that my stubby little legs barely allowed me to reach. When our friend Patti Ivey came by to visit, I mentioned the strange electrical hookups, and she explained that they are that way to keep them above the high water level when the river floods. I made a mental note to myself not to be anywhere near here if the water starts rising!

We spent the evening with Patti and her two sons, having a fun dinner at Pizza Hut, and then going back to her townhouse to visit for a couple of hours before we returned to the campground.

Not a very busy or exciting day, but one that will give us pleasant memories of a quiet day in the life we enjoy so much.

Thought For The Day – A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out


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  2 Responses to “A Lazy Day”

  1. Thanks, Nick, for the mention today! Our computer woes are solved, mostly, at least for today. Who knows!?

    We have been in only one park with tall electrical boxes like that — when we found out the reason, we were about ready to leave! But it was summer in Lime Springs, Iowa. We were parked right by the river and had a grand time.

  2. Good Morning Nick… Always great reading your post… You have such a nack for writing and I enjoy yours alot. It is great reading the adventures of fellow RV’ers and even though we haven’t met many I follow I still love reading them… Have a Safe day!

    Have FUN!!!

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