Nov 272009

Okay, we all stuffed ourselves yesterday and defeated a year’s worth of dieting, but don’t beat yourself up over it. The way I see things, God made me this way, and who am I to try to change His creation?

Yeah, I know, that was probably sacrilegious, and truth be told, the Burger King and Ronald McDonald are the ones who helped make me the man I am today. But it’s the holiday season, and I officially don’t care until January 1st. Bring on the pecan pie.

Every year at this time, I make myself a promise not to darken the door of WalMart until at least two days after Christmas. It’s crowded enough the rest of the year, but I just can’t handle dealing with the mobs of Christmas shoppers, who are usually all in such a bad mood.

Fulltime RVers and snowbirds celebrate the holidays in many different ways. We know many fulltimers who return to their old hometowns to spend the holiday season with family members, and a lot of snowbirds delay the start of their winter travels until after the holidays. We spent our first two Thanksgivings and Christmases on the road at Escapees parks, and it really gave us a sense of being with family.

Most RV parks have a potluck dinner, with the park furnishing the turkey and everybody bringing a dish. Miss Terry’s pies are always a big hit at such events. Some people don’t feel comfortable in such large groups, and they have a quiet dinner with just one or two other couples. Since cooking a large meal in an RV can be a challenge, and is a lot of work too, sometimes we have just gone out to a nice buffet dinner. To me, this makes the most sense. Everything is prepared for you, and there is no mess to clean up afterward. I always thought Thanksgiving was really unfair to the ladies, because they spend hours cooking, everybody comes to the table and stuffs themselves, and then the guys go watch TV while the ladies wash dishes.

We have reached the point where we don’t usually give each other Christmas gifts, because we have pretty much everything we want already, and if not, we don’t have to wait for a special day to go get it. We do enjoy spoiling the grandkids a little bit at Christmas. Though we have not been there for Christmas, we have fun shopping for them. Of course, we know that whatever we buy them, they will probably have more fun playing with the boxes than what’s inside anyway.

Thought For The Day – If your heart is not in agreement with your mind, you will be stuck.

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Nick Russell

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  10 Responses to “’Tis The Season”

  1. Do full timers do Black Friday Sales? Fortunately, the big idea I needed was on Amazon yesterday so I can sleep in the morning and the DW is only sending me out the door at 5:00 am.

  2. Yes! RV’ers do Black Friday. Thanksgiving day not only meant a big feast. It also meant that the Black Friday ads were available in the thick local newspaper. After dinner we’d usually sit down and go through all the ads and plan out the places we were going to be in line at. Now it means we still get that newspaper but then, we check to see if the same stores offer those special items available online. No more 2 AM wake-up calls to fight the door-opening crowds.

  3. I went to Black Friday ONCE. That was it for me. TOOOOOOOO many people pushing and shoving for what? I can get brand names clothes still with tags on them at thrift shops, books can be gotten at used book stores and flea markets carry lots of interesting stuff at great prices. Between ebay, and sales we can get stuff we need at very good prices. So today Black Friday we slept in, hugged and kissed when we woke up and started our day off in a relaxed mood rather than a frenzied sleepy rush for STUFF we probably don’t need anyway.
    We had Thanksgiving with Pete’s Mom (age 97) at her congregate/nursing home. Great food and nice to see her again. Her short term memory is shot but she knows us and we get to hug her and reassure her she is OK. Thanksgiving is about loving one another and sharing that love with your family (biological or loved ones).
    Enjoy each day. Live each day to the fullest. Be joyful. Love to The Gypsy Journal Family. Connie B.

  4. Yes, I did black Friday shopping about 10 years ago. But afterwards I swore that never again. But this year, the desire for a $200 HP laptop from Best Buy nearly snared me. Then the word was that I needed to acquire a ticket for it at 3 AM, in order to buy it at 5 AM. I decided that it was all a come-on and I really didn’t need it. I slept in.

    Nick, there is a word in the English language called “Moderation”. Perhaps you need to look at the Wikipedia definition and the Greek definitions quoted.

    I recall a saying of “Pay me now or pay me later”. For those who don’t practice moderation in eating now, they will likely pay a bigger price later. (just a reminder!)

    All of us have much to give thanks for. Gene

  5. We had the SKP Park turkey day yesterday, only this park doesn’t provide the turkey. Suzy did the turkey for our table of 22, another lady did a ham, and everybody else brought scads of good food, including one vegetarian dish. Today we go back for leftovers. Our way here is that the folks who prepare the turkey and ham get paid back by a dollar or two from each of the other participants. Escapees is truly FAMILY!

  6. Gene, there is a word you should look up called rude. You can find it in Wikipedia. This is at least the third or fourth time you have referred to Nick’s eating and weight. Would you point out a blind person’s loss of vision to them too? You may think you are being funny or you may think you are being helpful. But you are being incredibly rude. It embarrasses me to read it, and I know it must embarrass Nick too every time you point out to the world that he is overweight. The man has a mirror, he knows it and is comfortable with himself. How uncomfortable with yourself must you be to repeatedly point out what you perceive as someone else’s shortcomings in public?

  7. You took the words right out of my mouth Sue. I have never replied or left a comment, but I was tempted to the last time this guy spouted off. I’d rather read comments from a chubby funny guy who loves life, his wife, and his place in the world than from somebody who wants to nitpickand put somebody else down. Stop it Gene!

  8. My mother always wrapped every compliment with criticism, because she was “concerned” for us. If I bought a new dress, she would say it was beautiful, but if I’d only lost ten pounds it would look so much better. When my sister had a book of poetry published, Mom told her it was wonderful, but imagine what she could have accomplished if she had written something “worthwhile.” She eventually drove everybody away from her and died a bitter lonely old woman.

  9. Joyce,

    Sadly I have to tell you that your mother has a twin in my step mother. At 88 she is still capable to twisting a dart with concerned/I just want to help them be a better person “compliments”? And she wonders why the adult grandchildren and other family don’t flock around her and hang on her every word…….sigh. Even when through the years I have tried to let her know how hurtful her comments and suggestions have been, that part of her understanding never clicks in…..we are all differently able and interpersonal skills is not her strength….

  10. Nick, I have done black Friday but not at 5:AM. Today I went out about
    11:00 went to Office Depot bought the 3 items on my list and walked
    right up to the cashier and paid. The lady told me that when they got
    there to open up she could hardly find a parking place and the line
    stretched across the front of the store. No problem at 11:00.
    Then I got to Kohl’s about 1:00 found what I came for plus a couple
    other items, walked right up to a waiting cashier.
    No way will I get up at 4AM to get pushed and shoved.
    Yes, today is leftover day, turkey and gravy and sweet potato casserole
    and pumpkin pie again.

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