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As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, there is a rally of old GM motorhomes going on here at Elkhart Campground. I love these neat old coaches, and yesterday I poked my nose out into the cold to take a couple of photos of some of them.

GM RV Club Elkhart Campground web

Our friends Dan and Terri Greg travel in a neat old GM motorhome, and are here for the rally. We first met them in Arizona a year or two ago, and I have been following their Travel Blog ever since. We haven’t had time to get down and say hello yet, but Dan said they’d try to catch up with us today.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I just don’t understand it. My driver’s license says I’m 57 now, so how come I still feel like a 20 year old kid? Okay, a 20 year old kid with a lot of creaks and groans in the morning, but still a kid.

My dad used to say that it was a shame that youth is wasted on the young, and I never understood that. I do now. I’d love to have the energy and optimism I did when I was 20, but only with if I could keep what little wisdom I may have picked up along the way.

Still, I wouldn’t want to go back and re-live all of the drama of youth. I’m at a very comfortable time in my life, I’ve never been more content in my work or my personal life, and I look forward to getting out of bed every morning. Life is good.

Miss Terry is having a hard time finding any cookbooks that will give her some ideas of how to use the microwave/convection oven in our Winnebago motorhome. Terry is a great cook, but she’s a traditionalist, and has always been very happy with her gas oven in our bus conversion. She sure has created a lot of delicious meals and treats with it.

The Winnebago has just a gas cooktop and a GE Profile microwave/convection. The few cookbooks she has found have recipes, but not much in the way of techniques or instructions on how to transition from a gas oven to a convection model.

Yesterday she made me a birthday cake in the convection oven, her first attempt to use it. I thought it was delicious, but she wasn’t satisfied. Just to reassure her, I went back for a second big piece of cake, and I may have another for breakfast. Oh, the things I do for that woman!

Thanks to everyone who sent me Happy Birthday e-mails or posted greetings on Facebook. You all make me feel very special. 

Thought For The Day – Dieting is a way of starving to death so you can live longer.

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Nick Russell

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  13 Responses to “Old GMs, Old Nick, And Yummy Cake”

  1. For Miss Terry, invite Janet Sadlack to teach her Microwave-Convection Cooking class at your next GJ Rally. I’ve attended her rally-based classes at Escapades and at FMCA rallies and she uses the Sharp Micro-Convection oven for her teaching demos and her sample meals come with take home step-by-step recipes. Her website is: http://www.microwaveconnect.com
    – Judy

  2. I’ll second Judy’s comment. Janet has published 2 cookbooks as well and I have them both. But really, there is little transition. . . a convection oven is a regular oven with a fan to circulate air. Using the convection only, I use the same temp as suggested, but lower cooking time. If it says 8-10 minutes for cookies, I do 8. They turn out perfect. Using the combo micro/convection feature does require some adjustment, but Janet’s cookbooks give you all the necessary tips. I have attended Janet’s sessions at every rally I’ve attended. And Nick. . . she cooks a full meal and then everybody gets to taste. Your kind of seminar!


  3. Nick – Suzy made an easy transition to our Sharp microwave/convection oven seven years ago, but she was seven years younger then. Now she’s working her way back to a regular gas oven in our park trailer, and she finds it tedious! Especially waiting for the oven to heat up, then finding the oven temp is 25 degrees lower than the dial!

    As Dale says, all you really have to do is cut down the cooking time. But now Suzy wants to buy Janet’s cookbooks!

    We forrgot to say Happy Birthday yesterday — can you use a late one?

  4. Vicki Kieva’s cookbook has a great section on the microwave/convection oven. I have yet to attempt my incredible pound cake in it, but everything else I have done in the convection oven has come out great. It does take a significant amount of time to heat up however.

  5. “Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Nick! Happy Birthday to you.” Probably sounds much better on your end but you got it anyway.

    Try this link for cookbooks: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks%3Arelevance-above&field-keywords=convestion+oven+cooking&x=20&y=23

    Barry & Joyce Crocker
    Valley of the Rouge State Park

  6. My daughter once threatened to buy me a t-shirt that said, “I may get older but I refuse to grow up.” Maybe you need that one for the twenty year old inside you?

  7. Here is other Happy Birthday to you and many more to come SAL & BONNIE

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Nick! Tell Miss Terry that the best thing about the convection/microwave combo oven is that you can defrost anything without any hot spots or even partially cooked areas ever again!! I haven’t mastered mine yet either, but now I have cookbooks to find, thanks to your readers. I hope we can attend the Western GJ Rally in March, and if you can get the seminar on using the convection oven set up, that will make my resolve even stronger to attend!

  9. Happy “belated” Birthday!!!! Hope it was a great one!! Enjoy that birthday cake.

    Mike and Gerri

  10. Happy birthday Nanook!!

  11. Hi Nick,

    If you can live without whatever’s under the cooktop you can scrap it all and install a 20 inch wide apartment size stove including oven and 4 burner cook top. I’ve lusted after one since the 2nd month we lived in the RV and may actually buy one this winter after 5 years 🙂

  12. Happy Belated Birthday. You don’t have to grow up.

  13. Happy Birthday Nick. May you have many more. Safe Travels and Hugs.

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