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We spent much of yesterday running around Celina getting things set up for our Ohio Gypsy Gathering rally. There are always a few dozen last minute things to be handled that we can’t do until we get to town.

I checked in at the fairgrounds office and touched base with the manager to see if there were any changes from last year that we didn’t know about. Except for adding over 30 new electric hookups with 30 and 50 amp service, and finishing the inside of the Junior Fair Building, where our vendors will be housed, there were no surprises.

It is so much nicer to work with these folks in Ohio, compared to the jerks at the fairgrounds in Casa Grande, Arizona, where we held our Western Gypsy Gathering rallies the last three years. There we had to fight for everything, even if it was in our contract and set up months ahead of time, and everybody had a bad attitude. Here, they bend over backwards to accommodate us, and could not be friendlier. 

With that chore done, we stopped at the post office to tell them we were back in town, and to expect an influx of General Delivery mail in the next week or so. Most fulltime RVers use a mail forwarding service to handle their mail, and when they land someplace, they usually have it sent to the local post office General Delivery address.

Then we called on the local Domino’s Pizza to give them a heads up that we’ll be ordering about 75 pizzas next week for our pizza party. Small franchises need time to get the dough and other supplies ordered well ahead of time so they don’t run short when a special event creates a huge order like ours. It always amazes me that Domino’s, both here and in Casa Grande, are able to get everything delivered on time and piping hot.

Our next stop was the Wal-Mart bakery, where we pre-ordered dozens of boxes of donuts for morning coffee and donuts at the rally. Folks always line up for their morning dose of caffeine and sugar!

Back at the fairgrounds, Ron Speidel and I gave the parking situation a look, and with the addition of the new electric sites, we can handle everybody coming in for the rally easily.  

Last year after folks heard so many good reports on the Geeks on Tour Computer Boot Camp, they had so many people asking for a repeat that Jim and Chris Guld stayed around after the rally and held a second one. They are not able to do that this year, so if you want to learn more about your computer and how to get the most out of it, sign up now. They still have room left to accommodate you.

There is one final thing I have to cover about the rally. While Terry and I are animal lovers, we also have to place some restrictions on animals at our rallies. While you are welcome to bring your pets, they must be on a leash at all times, and must be accompanied by an owner when outside of your RV. Except for service dogs, no animals can be in the vendor area, or in any fairgrounds building.

Yesterday I made a lady mad because she insisted that her dog was a beloved family member, and she took it with her everywhere. She said if her dog was not welcome at the seminars and evening entertainment, she was not coming. I told her that I was sorry, but it’s non-negotiable.

I wish we did not have to take this hard line, but our insurance company is adamant on the dog policy, and I can understand why, based on some of the things we have seen at rallies in the past.

Thought For The Day – If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  4 Responses to “The Rally Is Coming Together”

  1. Some people are impossible!!!!! Wouldn’t it be something if everyone brought their PET to the Seminars? Geeze Lady give me a break!!!!

    Where do these jerks come from?

    Sorry, after 20 years of law Enforcement I don’t have much patience with them…..
    There just isn’t any reasoning with them.

    Our Pastor says we should just Pray for them. He is probably right although I have to wonder if anything can ever help them…

    There,,,,I got that off my chest!! Now I’m ready to go on with my day…….. Have a GREAT rally and tell all our friends and customers hello!!

    See ya all in YUMA!!!!

    Mike & Pat

  2. Nick,
    The lady wanting to bring her dog along obviously knew what the rules were since she did a “press to test” before the rally. Stick to your rules.

    At the WIT GNR this past summer, a couple brought a small mutt into a seminar I was hosting on Boondocking via stuffing it into a backpack. I had hardly started my presentation when it cut loose with lots of barking. I stopped, changed the tone of my voice and barked out, “Get that dog out of here and don’t come back!”.

    There was another lady at GNR that used a powered wheel chair and she carried a mutt on her lap everywhere she went. I noticed near the end of the rally that she had a wrap for it labeled “Service Dog”. I guess I’d ask “Service for what?”. So until the service dog rules and descriptions are well defined, you can expect some people are going to try to label their mutt as a “Service Dog” and take it everywhere.

    Leadership in a volunteer organization would be a lot more fun if there was a way to scratch the one or two percent that feel that the rules don’t apply to them!

    We’ll be thinking of you as we travel on a caravan into cranberry country in Wisconsin.


  3. Nick, I understand the need to restrict dogs from being everywhere at events like these. However, when campgrounds have explicit rules about not leaving dogs unattended at rigs for a myriad of reasons, how does one reconcile the two? I have a dog and have either had to forego the indoor stuff at rallies or find someone to babysit while I attend a seminar/visit vendors. But as a camper, nothing irritates me more than to be in a campground where the peace and quiet is shattered by the incessant barking of dogs because their owners are off at some social function where their pooches aren’t welcome. Somehow these 2 policies seem to fight against each other. I have no answers, but would love to hear your take on it.

  4. I think the answser to what to do with a pet that will bark when you are gone and you are not allowed to take the pet with you is train the pet to be content when you have to leave it alone. Another words, do not spoil the pet early on.

    The only time our furry children would bark is if there were a noise that aroused them. We pullo the shades down and leave the radio on to their favorite music and they only bark should someone knock on the door.

    Wish we were at the Rally with all the Gypsies!


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