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My friend Jan Chilson had a post in her Wanderings and Side Trips blog yesterday about playing games, from Wahoo to bowling on the Wii, that I found timely because Ron Speidel just introduced us to a new game called Bongo (sometimes called Ladder Golf).

You may have seen this played at RV parks before. Ron made the components of the game, two “ladders” and the balls out of plastic PVC pipe, golf balls, and cord. Basically, the object of the game is to throw two golf balls, linked by a cord, at the ladder, hoping to wrap the cord around one of the three horizontal ladders. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

We played in three husband and wife teams; Ron and Brenda, Ken and Billie Barker, and Miss Terry and myself. Being newbies at this, Terry and I came in last every game, but we sure had fun, and I can see that we’re going to have to get in some serious practice to redeem our reputation! We don’t have time for Ron to build any more sets before our Ohio Rally, but maybe in the future we’ll have some championship playoffs at a Gypsy Gathering rally.

RVers enjoy a lot of games, from cards to cribbage to Pegs and Jokers, to our personal favorite, Mexican Train. We also got a Wii last winter and have enjoyed bowling and playing tennis on it. With the extra room we have in the Winnebago, we plan to get a lot more use out of the Wii in the future.

What are some of your favorite games?

Speaking of the Ohio Rally, we’ll be leaving Elkhart Campground Sunday, headed for the fairgrounds in Celina, to get set up for the rally. Yesterday we stopped at RV Surplus Salvage, where owner Trina Ambris gave us several very nice door prizes for the rally. Every year Trina has faithfully stepped up to the plate and generously donated door prizes to support both the Ohio rally and the Western Gypsy Gathering in Arizona. We sure appreciate you, Trina!

We’re looking forward to getting our Winnebago back today from Phoenix Commercial Paint. Yesterday Michele Henry painted a new stripe on the motorhome to replace the chipped up one that was on it, and kept it overnight to finish the job this morning. We stopped in yesterday evening and the rig was still covered in masking paper, and Michele had a crew hard at work on it. I’ll have pictures in tomorrow’s blog!

I’ve sure had a lot of responses to yesterday’s Bad Nick Blog post! I’m all for give and take, and I certainly support anyone’s right to speak their mind, even when they disagree with me, but I find it interesting that some people can get so bent out of shape when something doesn’t agree with their way of thinking. It’s all about dialogue folks! About a free exchange of opinions. We don’t have to agree 100% of the time. What fun is that?  

Thought For The Day – America is the land of the free, because it is the home of the brave.

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Nick Russell

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  12 Responses to “The Games People Play”

  1. I hadn’t been much for playing games but I was introduced to an electronic one called “Catch Phrase” this past winter. The older version is not as difficult as the new one and more fun. You really should have at least 6 players to make up two teams. It is like charades but you can make all the faces and gestures you want and use any word as a clue with the exception that you cannot use any portion of the word your team is to guess. I think the most fun was watching the different expressions on folks faces as they thought of clues. One of the fellows looked so distant and wistful each time we kept thinking he zoned out. Then another felt if he kept giving the same clue but louder each time, we would surely get it. He managed to keep changing teams as he felt it had to be someone else’s fault he wasn’t getting anywhere. He finally decided it was me. (I think it was the whiskey myself!) The one warning is that no one wants to go home but stay for “just one more game.”

    Another one is a Swedish game called Kube that the same “louder will make you understand” friend introduced me to in Quartzsite. You need to make the components as you throw pieces of broom handles at 2×6 blocks. Anyhow, finese works for women and throwing harder doesn’t for men. Guess who continues to throw harder? He is a hoot and I can’t wait to see what will come up that is new this winter.

    I watched a couple bowling with their Wii in Palm Springs using the TV in their storage bay. Using the outside TV certainly gave them a lot of room. Of course, I will either have to carry my electronics outside or stand on a ladder outside my window with the TV pointed that way. Think I could get more points for that or just a quick trip to the hospital when I fall off the ladder? I do want to learn to play Mexican Train so hope to catch up with you two to learn. As a matter of fact you are becoming bad influences on me as I want to also try kayaking. Hmmmmmmm. Now that you have more room to live in — I can be adopted! Yes, the 4 dogs and 2 cats come with me. We could be such a large and cozy family Nicky!

  2. In response to your “…..I find it interesting that some people can get so bent out of shape when something doesn’t agree with their way of thinking.” Human-kind sure carries a sad history of that!

    Seems like folks are willing to paint each others’ walls, shoot through each others’ windows, bomb busses, crash planes — all over ideas.

    That’s a level of arrogance that we constantly see, but I never quite comprehend. I pray you and I never get to the point where we feel like our thoughts are more important than another’s life and limb.

    Could it be that these folks resort to emotions when they are totally impotent at defending their viewpoints? I wonder what happened to hi-school courses like Public Speaking, English, Debate and Logic? ‘Seems like times were a bit gentler…

    But — I ramble don’t I?

    Thanks for being willing to stick that ol’ neck out for a cause now and then!

  3. Another game that is fun to play and takes up the space of a roll of quarters is the “Left Center Right” Dice Game. You basically throw 3 Die that have a “L” , “C” , “R” or a “Dot” on. It is a gambling game, if you get a Dot you keep your penny (or whatever you are playing for). R give the person on the right a coin, L give the person on the left a coin or C or center for “the pot” which goes to the final winner. You will need 3 or more players to play. Simple game, but lots of fun. And the game does come with “chips” if you don’t want to gamble.

    Safe travels.

  4. Hey Nick…around the Dayton, Ohio area your bongo game is called Hillbilly Golf. Been playing it for years along with corn hole. Must be the southern influence in the area. Tell Bad Nick, that took guts to say but it needed to be said. John

  5. About the comments to yesterday’s Bad Nick…

    In business we always said, “If two managers always agree, one of them is dispensible.”
    I love different opinions. Sometimes they can even help me adjust MY thinking. Good work Bad Nick!


  6. We love Mexican Train, too. Hmmm …. I see an inpromtu evening tournament at the Celina rally next week, and I bet there will be others with sets of Ladder Golf there, too. Maybe I can talk my dear hubby into making one – it’d be a good use for a few of the thousands of golf balls in our basement ;).

  7. One game we have loved for years is Scrabble. Can’t find a lot of folks who enjoy it, though – it takes a some brain stretching and word power. Sandi’s whiskey might get in the way with this game, but I’ll give it a try next time!

  8. We love Ladder Golf too. We have quite an on-going contest with the Beavers Bend Gang, but so far Dianna is the champ:-) We are practicing in anticipation of the next game:-) Also love Mexican Train. A friend shared a small travel set of dominoes that takes up a lot less room in an RV, but is just as easy to play with. Yes, we got one of our own:-) That heavy box of dominoes was high on Wes’ list of things to dispense with when we get too close to our weight limit:-) My all time favorite game is Rummy Cube, but not many people play that these days.

    Come to think of it, I like just about any game. It’s a great part of RVing and retirement – time to play games:-)

  9. Nick/others: Developers, home owners, etc….are always installing, ripping out sprinkler systems in our neighborhood/town and I get dozens of feet of free pvc “pipe” each year. Golf balls ar Quartzsite are 12 for a $1 or sometimes 12 for $2’s; so I can build the Ladder Golf/Bongo/Texas-Aggie/Polack Golf (not PC, of course–but what half of my Q-RVers on BLM W-Laposal land, behind big-tent call it) cheap enough to give the “sets away”. [i.e. I’m out $2-$3 at most]. Enjoy your RV time w/friends.

    Keep the heat to our feet.

  10. I was introduced to the card game Quiddler a year or so ago and love playing it. Now my friends and family have also purchased the game and have introduced it to others. It is a word game that is fun and easy to play.

  11. I love my new Wii that I got for my birthday earlier this month. Also got the Balance Board and it makes working out FUN! It doesn’t take up much room, either.

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