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I was listening to one of comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s segments on Blue Collar Radio on Sirius yesterday, and he said comedians don’t have to make up jokes, all they have to do is look around them and write down what they see. I agree completely.  

We have seen so much insanity and nonsense just going about our day that it would make great stand up material. And what we don’t see, our readers share with us.

Take, for example, this photo I received yesterday from Gypsy Journal readers Dennis and Donna Miller. They spotted this while vending at the Iowa State Fair. Now, that’s Redneck Engineering if I ever saw it.

Or how about this one, taken in Michigan? How do people come up with stuff like this? Why do people come up with stuff like this? Wouldn’t you like to be parked next to them at your favorite campground?

Compared to those two examples, this homemade VW camper looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

I think the bus conversion crowd, of which we were a part for many years, has some of the finest (or worst) examples of ingenuity I have ever seen. While there are many, many well planned and well built bus conversions out there, we have seen some that left us scratching our heads and saying “huh?”

One such rig that comes to mind was a fellow with an MCI 8 like ours that we ran into at Elkhart Campground. He couldn’t wait to show me his water tank system. Instead of installing his fresh water tank in his rear bay, like 99.9% of bus converters do, he had mounted a group of large diameter PVC pipes, capped on each end, on the roof of his bus. He had them plumbed together and a green garden hose going down the side of his bus and into a hole he had drilled in the side.

He explained that this way, he didn’t have to buy a fresh water tank, he had more bay space available, and it was gravity fed, so he didn’t have to buy a water pump. And because he had painted the tubes black, they absorbed the sun’s heat, and he didn’t need a water heater! Sure, he had to crawl up a ladder with a hose to fill his “tanks,” and sure he was a little top heavy, but think of the money he saved!

We have also gotten some laughs at the way people handle walking their dogs in RV parks. In Crystal River, Florida, we saw a gentleman who had trained his dog not to go potty until he put a paper towel under its rear end. Once he did, the dog squatted, did its business, and the man picked up the towel by the corners and deposited it in the trash.

Another fellow carried a wooden pole with a small shovel looking device on it, and his dog was trained to deposit only onto the shovel blade, making cleanup quick and easy. Well, except for that crappy shovel he had to stick in his RV’s bay.

What dog obedience school did these folks take their pets to? It’s only been in the last year or so that Miss Terry taught me to go inside when nature calls, instead of heading for the nearest tree. I’m glad she did, because we were in the desert at the time, and the nearest tree was 150 miles away!

Thought For The Day – If the shoe fits……buy it in every color.

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  8 Responses to “It’s Everywhere You Look”

  1. Do you really mean “onside”, Nick? ;>)

  2. Onside??? What was Ms. Terry’s motivation?

  3. no wonder you got rid of the bus…………”onside”

  4. Sometimes I do little typos just to be sure you folks are awake and alert in the morning. Congratulations, you passed!

  5. Sorry we missed that one. As you say, jokes occur naturally all around us.

  6. One of the activities we do in campgrounds is watch other RVers. There is no need for comedy shows, watching others is a hoot. I can imagine, at times, we have also been funny to watch. It all goes with the territory.
    It can also be scary. That old class A up that high in the front is an accident waiting to happen. We hate to see that. We, also, don’t want to be parked anywhere near it!!!!!

  7. I swear, one of the things i want to do when i get on the road is find a way to teach ‘public petiquette 101’ seminars at some of the rv gatherings. I’ve got a similar class i teach now to people interested in being partnered with service dogs (Yes, there’s a need, which is sad, but I think it helps people who haven’t thought about the practicaliities beyond ‘the dog can help me’ and forgotten that while it’s legally a piece of medical equipment, the dog will still need to poop, eat, sleep, and get exercise, and even with program trained dogs, there is training to maintain.)

  8. My husband and I have been at Hidden Valley RV Park near San Antonio, TX for about 25 yrs in several capacities from resident, employee and now operators and we have seen it all. Your photos equal some of the RV contraptions we’ve seen and, by the way, did not allow at Hidden Valley. We once had a visitor with a cage full of monkeys in a 20′ motor home. I’m talking, more monkeys than you could count. One traveler had a bird of prey. Keeps our lives interesting.

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