Sep 272009

Okay, we both know that headline is a lie. I’m very overweight. But the good news is that our Winnebago motorhome is not overweight!

My buddy Rick Lang from the Recreational Vehicle Safety Education Foundation (RVSEF) arrived at the fairgrounds here in Celina yesterday, and will be weighing RVs for folks coming in for our rally. Once Rick was in and set up, I had him weigh our new coach to see how we were doing now that we have moved in.

The motorhome has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 32,000 pounds. With a full tank of diesel fuel, about 75 gallons of water onboard, and empty waste tanks, with me in the driver’s seat, we came in exactly 500 pounds under our weight limit. So the good news is we’re okay for weight, and the bad news is, we have to be very careful about bringing anything else onboard. That was never an issue with our bus conversion. If we could find a place to stick it, we could carry it.

Actually, we still have quite a few things to get rid of, including some books, tools, and other heavy items that will probably give us another couple hundred pounds of safety margin once they’re gone. Thanks for weighing us Rick, you gave us some extra piece of mind.

Okay, as for my weight, I have decided that I can spend an hour or two a day walking and exercising to lose weight, or I can just spend an hour or two once a year going to Wal-Mart to buy new clothes in a larger size. As busy as I am, I think that’s the way it will probably go.

I am a big believer in education, especially education that can save your life. There are many excellent safety classes offered at RV rallies that every RVer should take part in. These include the RVSEF classes on RV weight safety and tire safety, Mac McCoy’s excellent fire safety classes, and the RV Driving School’s classroom seminars and their behind the wheel driver safety program.

Modern RVs, with power steering and brakes, and air bag suspensions, are easy to handle. But they are still big, heavy vehicles, and they don’t drive like the family minivan. They take longer to get up to speed, longer to stop, and longer to clear an intersection.

One careless minute and you could find yourself in a situation like this, which took place in Amador, California when an RVer pulled out into the path of a big truck. Get some education before you get behind the wheel.

When you read blogs, do you also read the comments? If so, do you ever go back the next day and read the comments that were left after you originally read the blog? Do it sometime. The comments from Friday’s blog, Who Gets Their Dream, have been very interesting. Longtime reader George Stoltz sent me an e-mail saying that they could be a discussion guide for a graduate-level course on marital relationships. I have to agree. In fact, for the first time ever, Miss Terry even left a comment!

Thought For The Day – Before you give someone a piece of your mind, be sure you have enough to spare.

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Nick Russell

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  8 Responses to “I’m Not Overweight!”

  1. Oh boy Nick She sure was po’d wasn’t she. And to label us all with such childish remarks. I like Miss Terry had to work fulltime to help support my children, lost one at 11 years old, and was back to work in less than a week. Had to for my sanity and the financial need.

    She sounds so bitter and tight arsed. I have to agree that if she was that unhappy why didn’t she go out and get a job. Even better why didn’t she develop pride in the fact that she could stay home.

    I know there is two sides to a coin and what ever comes up you have to make the best of it. Except you can reflip the coin.

    She has no idea of what she is missing in seeing this beautiful country or meeting some really fantastic people. And anyway, if I am an old graying hippie, I am proud of it. We came into our own in a great time, in great country, with wonderful opportunity’s at every corner. She chose to stay at home and she sure missed a lot.

    I still say I feel sorry for her. How lucky she was that it was handed to her, so she had to move, she had to take care of her children, had to cook some dinners. Real tough.
    I do agree with her statement to fact that her husband got out and got to do and go and she had to stay home, so now it is her time to get a chance to do her thing. Who is supposed to pay for all this her time? I suppose it will be the hubby again, he paid for everything before. Somebody pat him on the back.

  2. Nick, It’s interesting that you mention that you will just keep eating and buy larger clothing in the same article where you write: “I am a big believer in education, especially education that can save your life.” Would education on healthier eating to save your life apply here? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Joyce Space

  3. Nick:

    Good news that your new to you motorhome is under its GVWR. Did you have the four corners checked? You might be a little heavy on one end or one corner if you are only 500 pounds under your GVWR. Be sure to keep your tire pressures high enough for this load. Also, does your GCWR allow enough weight for your towed van?

  4. Doug,
    That why I had RVSEF weigh us, they do all corners and give you a complete report. We are within our limits all the way around, and even loaded with newspapers, the van is fine too.

  5. Nick, I hope your readers of Linda’s first comment today realize that the “She” Linda is talking about is NOT Miss Terry but “Cynthia”, the angry wife of your potential bus buyer. I got in on the comments from that blog AFTER Miss Terry commented. My first reaction, and the reaction of others, was WOW! People NEED to go back and read what Cynthia said and realize how much better we feel having a healthy relationship and being able to enjoy the RV lifestyle. I doubt Cynthia ever had one of those “Be Happy” yellow bumper stickers on her car. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Everyone should read your column of 2 days ago and the comments. I am so glad Peter and I have the wonderful marriage we have. Peter is my best friend and I am his. We not only love but like one another. Cynthia and her hubby seem not to be friends or companions. Such a shame. The next time I feel irritated with Peter I will remember Cynthia and say,”Boy, what a stupid thing I am irritated about. Look what a great person Peter is and what a wonderful friend he is.” It is really an eye opening sometimes to see others who have such a terrible marriage. It sure makes me appreciate my marriage and the wonderful man I am married to.

  7. Sorry, I should have been a little clearer on identifying who I was referring too. Yes, it was the wife and not Miss Terry.

    And Connie, like you I am so glad my hubby is who he is. I am lucky cause he loves me for who I am/

  8. Or you could let your weight climb until you get diabetes then spend an hour or two doing dialysis. That appears to have been my plan but I’ve started working on changing it.

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