Sep 082009

Okay, the Labor Day weekend is over and it’s time for kids to get back to school and for life to get back to normal.

We had a busy weekend. My cousin Berni Frees and her husband Rocky came down from their home in Muskegon, Michigan and spent part of the weekend with us. We had a great time visiting, going out to dinner, sitting outside watching the sunset and swatting mosquitoes, and playing Mexican Train. Any time we get together with Rocky and Berni is guaranteed to be lots of fun.

Several people stopped over to say hello and visit, including Jim Truman, a new blog reader and subscriber who just retired and started his fulltime RV life September 1st. Yesterday, Dave and Linda Sand came by to chat for a while, and Linda took a few paperback books from the pile we are trying to get rid of. There will be a book exchange table at our Gypsy Gathering rally in Celina, Ohio and I hope we get lots of folks there who like to read, because I don’t want to haul those books another mile!

Nancy Haney also came down to tell us how delighted she and husband Terry are with their fifth wheel after my friend Michele Henry at Phoenix Commercial Paint worked her magic on it. Terry and Nancy were seriously considering getting a new rig, but they loved the floor plan of their rig, and decided that by having it refurbished they could keep it, and save thousands of dollars. We checked the job out, and as always, Michele did a wonderful job, for thousands of dollars less than the competition wanted for the same work. Why pay more?

We did have a very small Bad Nick episode yesterday. One of the regulars here at Elkhart Campground was hosting a family reunion, and several young people were playing football, and an errant kick sent the ball into the front end of our motorhome. I really did not appreciate that, but I let it go… until the second time it happened.

Then Bad Nick went out and explained, in a very calm and quiet manner, that he didn’t want to be rude, but bouncing your ball off somebody’s RV is kind of rude too.

Actually, the little imp inside of me was pretty mellow about it. I’m worried about him. Is he getting soft? I don’t know. He just uploaded a new post to the Bad Nick Blog called We Must Protect Our Children. Check it out and leave a comment and let him know what you think.   

Thought For The Day – All reports are in. Life is now officially unfair.

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Nick Russell

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  1. Good Morning Nick, Sounds like you had a fun weekend other then the football playing kids… Our too was wonderful and now we are getting ready to move on up into the Arkansas Boston Mountiains for about 3 weeks… Have a FUNtastic day!

    Travel Safe

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