Sep 122009

I have to tell you that I am very impressed with Dell Computers’ customer service for small businesses. As I reported in yesterday’s blog, when I called Dell on Thursday afternoon to report that my desktop unit had died, they promised to have a service tech come to us within 24 hours.

Sure enough, yesterday a very nice young man named Matt Nemeth arrived and replaced the computer’s power supply and motherboard, and I was back up and running. Matt also checked out the rest of my system, gave me some pointers on future upgrades I might consider. All at no cost to me!

I’m afraid I may have come across in yesterday’s blog sounding like we don’t appreciate our readers when they stop over to visit, and I apologize for that. We appreciate our readers, and we do indeed enjoying getting to know the faces that go with the names on or mailing lists; it’s just that sometimes the timing can be wrong.

Several blog readers suggested that we get a sign that says do not disturb, and hang it on our door. But we love fresh air, and we have the door open whenever the weather will allow it, which is kind of an invitation to come by. And again, we really do enjoy having visitors 95% of the time. Thursday was just a bad day.  

Now our friends Butch and Fonda Williams know how to be the perfect guests! They came by yesterday, and brought housewarming gifts; a big batch of Butch’s delicious homemade toffee candy for Miss Terry, and two magazines full of ammunition for one of my “personal protection devices” for me. I don’t know what’s with Miss Terry though; I offered to let her play with my toys, but she slapped my knuckles with a ruler when I reached for her candy! I don’t live on a two way street.

Every day more and more registrations are coming in for our Ohio Gypsy Gathering rally, which is fast approaching. Terry and I, along with Ron and Brenda Speidel, will be leaving Elkhart Campground on the 20th to go over to Celina and start working on the final details for the rally. But we won’t be there alone. A bunch of folks from the Escapees Classes of 2005 and 2007 will be arriving early for a pre-rally class reunion, and Jim and Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour will be coming in to get set up for their Computer Boot Camp.

We were hoping to have our bus sold before we left for the rally, but while we have a couple of people who are talking to us about it, so far no money has changed hands, and we are getting concerned about where and how we will store it if it doesn’t sell. If you know anybody looking for a great deal on a bus conversion, send them our way. We are motivated sellers.

Thought For The Day – Sometimes two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different.

Register Now For Our Ohio Gypsy Gathering Rally

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  4 Responses to “Dell To The Rescue”

  1. I’ll have to keep your experience with Dell in mind. We have two HP laptops that are now three years old and the wireless went out on Karen’s when we were traveling in May. We have tried using two different wireless USB devices, but there have been times when I was easily able to get online and she wasn’t. We very seldom get extended warranties, but perhaps, when we get our next computers, we will. I will certainly pay a bit more for a little more peace around the camper when we’re on the road.

  2. Nick/Miss Terry==I think the ” busy at this time try again later” sign would be ok to hang on your door=after all you do still work and most people would not come to your place of employment and sit and talk for any length of time=I enjoy reading all you write, my husband and I do not travel anymore but this keeps us connected. Take care and Miss Terry==it’s ok not to share your candy!!! I have my stash also and I am almost 80.

  3. Hey Nick, My service is so slow out here in the woods I had to read several of your post to get caught up… I could see how it was annoying for you when you were trying to work out your computer problems to have people keep popping in… Glad you finally got it all worked out. Also your new work area in the coach is beautiful… What was in that area before? It sure looks good now… Have a great weekend!

    Travel Safe

  4. Nick–have you commented on Verizon’s recent withdrawal of SMTP service? What alternatives have you considered? I spent several hours of study before I decided to set up a GMAIL account linked to my beloved Outlook Express. It works well with both my incoming and outgoing servers set to See their website for instructions.

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