A Major Upgrade

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Sep 102009

Several people have shown us the excellent cabinets, furniture, and RV accessories that Amish craftsman Carlyle Lehman creates at his company, Focal Wood Products LLC, in Nappanee, Indiana. So when we got our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage, we paid a visit to Carlyle and talked to him about building a set of custom desks/workstations for us.

Miss Terry and Ron Speidel put their heads together and came up with a design, we ran it by Carlyle, and he went to work. Yesterday we drove the motorhome out to his place and Carlyle installed everything. All I can say is wow!

Unlike Terry and Ron, I can’t visualize things. I need to see the finished product. I am just amazed what they can sketch out, do some measuring, and come up with! Carlyle built us each oak desks customized to our individual needs.

Mine, in the foreground, has a regular drawer on the left side, and below it a slide out tray where our HP laser printer sits. The center has a pull out keyboard drawer, and the right side has two file drawers.

Between the two units Carlyle installed a matching bookshelf, and then we come to Terry’s unit. Hers has two regular drawers on the left, along with a file drawer. The center has a pull out oak dining table, with leaf, that slides in for travel or space savings. Below the table, two double doors lead to a storage area with shelf.

On the right, there is a pull out tray for her laptop computer, and then a door opening into another storage cabinet with another shelf in it.

Even with the RVs living room slide in, we still have enough room to move about comfortably, and with the slideout extended, the units take up less space than the two recliners and original table that were in the motorhome when we got it. We are very pleased with the results of this upgrade, and after years of working at a tiny desk, I feel like I’m in a regular office now.

Back at Elkhart Campground, Ron and Brenda couldn’t wait to see how everything came together, and were suitable impressed. If you are thinking about upgrading or refurbishing your RV’s interior, I very highly recommend Carlyle and Focal Wood Products.

Unfortunately, now that I have my brand new workstation, it seems like everything I use has stopped working. When I got ready to write the blog, I fired up my Dell desktop computer and we smelled something like hot electrical wires and then the computer went dead. I just bought the thing in March, so I’ll be on the phone to Dell first thing this morning.

Okay, having your desktop workhorse computer die on you sucks, but that’s why I have a backup laptop computer, right? I got my Dell laptop out, fired it up, and it would not connect to the internet thought our Verizon air card and Cradlepoint router. It shows that I have an excellent signal from the router, but every time I tried to go online, it gave me a message saying I had limited or no connectivity. I knew the air card and router were working, because Terry could get online with her laptop.

I tried all of the limited things I knew how to do, and finally gave up and stuck the air card into my laptop and went online just fine using the Verizon VZAccess Manager software. I’m sure this is a simple problem my pal Jim Guld from Geeks on Tour can fix, but it really raises my frustration level when the gremlins get to messing around inside my computers. They are my tools, and I don’t like it when my tools don’t cooperate.

Thought For The Day – The older I get, the better I was.

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  6 Responses to “A Major Upgrade”

  1. Beautiful work on your coach upgrades, Nick. But as a Carlyle Lehman customer from last year, I knew you wouldn’t be disappointed. He does fantastic work and is a great person to work with.

  2. Not only beautiful work, but speedy as well! You haven’t had that Winnebago all that long.

    Have to agree about gremlins that affect your computers. Here in Arizona it’s Kokopelli. We just got Verizon’s new Mifi tool which allows up to five PCs to go on-line with the one connection. We had to install a wifi adapter in the desktop unit to receive the wifi signal from Mifi. Doesn’t work, YET. Can we borrow Jim Guld from you for a short time?

  3. Nick: If you can find the time, we sure would like to see more photos of the inside of your new rig. Bobbie

  4. limited or no connectivity. I get this from time to time and I just turn to router off and back on and its ok. Please let us know what you find out from Jim.
    The workstations look great. Can you take a pic of the whole room showing both sides. We have a sofa in ours and would like to take it out and put in two recliners.
    We do hope to see you at the Yuma rally but we are still not sure if we what to wait that long after Q before going to the Texas gulf coast. We are just know in planing mode.

    Thanks Nick and Miss Terry for the blog

    Don and Barb

  5. Bobbie,
    We need to get everything put away first. Right now we still have things piled up, trying to decide where they will go.

  6. WOW is right, Nick! Those desks are beautiful. I won’t loose his name for work when we want some done. May you use them in good health.


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