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Before we were even dressed yesterday morning, somebody was knocking on our door, and it seemed like the line of people stopping by never ended until well after dark. It was not a good day to get much accomplished.

I spent over an hour on the telephone with Jim Guld from Geeks on Tour as we tried to figure out why my laptop computer will not communicate with my Cradlepoint wireless router. I can pick up the WiFi signal for the campground, as well as from another RVer parked near us, but not my own. Try as he might, even the resourceful Jim could not resolve the problem, and he finally had to admit defeat and suggested that I call the techs at the 3G Store and see if they could help. I never got to them, because more people were coming by to say hello, to see our new desks, and to see the Winnebago.

After I got off the phone with Jim, I called Dell to tell them that my desktop computer had died, and while I was talking to their tech folks, a half dozen or more people came knocking on the door. Miss Terry was out running some errands, so I tried to juggle two conversations at once with each new visitor.

Most quickly realized that I was busy and excused themselves, but one couple just parked themselves on the couch and started talking, even though I had to ask them to wait several times as I tried to follow tech support’s instructions to revive the computer. At one point, the husband said “It looks like we caught you at a bad time,” and I agreed and said that there probably could not have been a worse time. But they never took the hint, and continued to ask me questions about the new motorhome even as I continued talking to Dell’s tech support. Arrgh!

We really do enjoy visiting with our readers, but sometimes I wish we were just a little more anonymous. Or that folks were a little more courteous when they drop in and see that we’re in over our heads.

The good news is that Dell was very responsive to my call, and because I signed up for their small business extended warranty when I bought the desktop computer, they are sending out a repairman today or tomorrow, whenever the needed parts arrive. If he can’t get me up and running, they will either repair or replace the computer within five business days. That’s pretty good service.

Today is the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our country. I hope each of you will take a moment or two to remember those who were lost, and to remember how we all felt on that day. We may have buried the victims of the attacks, but let’s not bury the memories, or our determination to punish those responsible.

Bad Nick has some thoughts about 9/11 that may not be politically correct, but then again, when is he ever politically correct? Read his thoughts at They Were Not Heroes

Thought For The Day – My train of thought jumped the tracks.

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  10 Responses to “A Long Line Of Visitors”

  1. Hint I too am getting older and sometime’s need a little down time. I have a little homemade sign that say’s Do not knock Do not disturb … It is for when I need that little nap or whatever. Maybe you should get one. Just a thought.

  2. I actually found a small pre-made sign that says “quiet please” on one side and “Do Not Disturb” on the other. It has really worked and hasn’t hurt anyone’s feelings or at least I haven’t heard anything. Get a sign Nick. Most will understand and those that don’t can get over it or not!

  3. Nick, Nick, Nick! Do we need “Bad Nick” to kick you in the butt? Just don’t answer the door when you are otherwise occupied, they will go away. And may I remind you, this is what you get from being “the Nick Russell”. I still remember that story you told at the IA Life on Wheels when you went to a Indiana restaurant and they thought you were “the Nick Russell”.

    You crack me up (in a good way).

    Safe travels and I hope you have a great OH Rally.

  4. FLY YOUR FLAG,,,,,,,,,TODAY,,,,,,,,,,9-11. America is UNITED. !!!!!!!

  5. Why not try a sign that is something like ” No Visitors Please – Working to meet deadline” Most of your visitors are probably also readers of your blog and Journal and know that you have deadlines to meet, etc. Kind of like the old days when we still worked 🙂 Door open, stop in … door shut, do not not disturb working on a deadline.

  6. The real problem is … or at least one is … you love to advertise exactly where you are at all times. If I were Nick and couldn’t get essenrtial work done because of visitors, I’d find another RV park or COE park somewhere and not tell everyone where I was. Now you have the Winnebago, it’s not going to be instantly recognized, and you can have some peace.

  7. RV etiquette is that when the door is closed and the shades are down, it’s a Do Not Disturb sign. But some people just don’t get it. I suspect that as others have suggested that a sign such as “BUSY, Can’t Talk Now, Please Come Back Later” is what you need. Put in on the outside of the door and peace and quiet should reign.
    Your and Terry are just famous! “Fans” are part of being “famous.” But you do deserve your privacy. So let’s hope a sign will help!!! Connie B.

  8. We have been wanting to stop in and just talk a little ever since the day we did stop and you were so busy with just getting the Winnebago. But you have been going non-stop ever since so maybe someday we will meet you on the road. But I agree with most of the above comments, maybe you should have a sign saying busy today. Most people would understand. Linda

  9. Nick,

    Take control of your life; force others to meet your schedule. Post a note at the door telling the world when you’ll have open house. (each day). You could take on the Escapee time and host who ever wants to come at 4 PM, each day. At least until all have seen the new acquisition. (Some people just want to check out Terry’s housekeeping.)

    Of course when you’re really famous, you’ll have to hire guards to keep the paparittz (?) out of your hair! Oh the pains of being famous!!!! gene

  10. I thought of you when I recently came across this blog about waking up early —

    I felt it gave some very compelling reasons for developing this habit.

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