Sep 012009

We took a break from moving yesterday to get caught up on other chores.  We had several orders to fill and get mailed out, so that was the first order of business.

Last year we signed up with to be able to print our own postage online, and we have found that the small monthly fee is well worth it to be able to avoid standing in the long lines at the post office. We just weigh the envelopes and packages, enter the customer’s name and address, print out a label, stick it on, and drop the orders in the nearest mailbox.

Then I had to track down a missing book order that was returned to us by the post office. As it turns out, the address that came with the customer’s original order was incorrect. If you are ordering anything online with a credit or debit card, please be sure you specify the correct shipping address if it is different from the billing address on the card. Otherwise it creates delays in getting your items to you, and costs us extra to mail it out a second time if it gets returned to us.

All of that was too much like work, so we decided we needed some fun. Fluid Fun, to be exact. As I mentioned a while back, I wanted to replace my Ocean Kayak Angler model with a different boat that fits me better. Last winter when we were on the Texas Gulf Coast, I paddled a Wilderness Systems Tarpon kayak in Corpus Christi Bay, and really liked the way it handled and the room I had in it.

When we first started kayak shopping, we stopped at Fluid Fun Canoe and Kayak Sales in Bristol, Indiana. Even though we didn’t buy our boats from them, we were very impressed with their selection, prices, and most of all, their customer service. They are located right on the St. Joseph River and let us paddle several boats to get a feel for them, even though we told them we were not in a position to purchase anything at that time. These folks live and breathe canoes and kayaks, and they gave us a lot of valuable information to help us in our shopping and eventual purchase. I told Terry then that if I ever bought another boat, I would be sure to see what they had to offer.

Last week I sold the Ocean Kayak, and after leaving the post office yesterday, we drove out to Fluid Fun, where they had just finished unloading a shipment of over 90 new boats. Owner Matt Streib gave me a great deal on a Tarpon 120 Angler model, which I can’t wait to get into the water.

We have had yet another cold snap in northern Indiana, but hopefully it will warm back up in time to get some paddling in before we have to leave here for our Ohio Gypsy Gathering rally in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in a canoe or kayak, and are anywhere near the Elkhart area, it will be well worth your time to visit Fluid Fun and see what they have to offer. 

Speaking of the Gypsy Gathering, I have updated the seminar schedule, and I think it’s about finished, with maybe two or three last minute additions to come. Check it out at the rally link by scrolling to the bottom of the page. The rally starts in less than a month, so be sure to get your registration in and put us on your travel schedule. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Back at Elkhart Campground, we needed to make a trip to the dump station. It took a few minutes to remember where all of the switches and controls are in the Winnebago to get the slide rooms in and the HWH leveling jacks up, but soon enough we were able to go take care of that chore.

When we pulled back into our site, it was so nice to push a button and let the automatic leveling jacks do their thing, push two more buttons and deploy the slides, and push a couple more and have the rooftop Wineguard TV dish find the satellite and be watching Dish Network in just a couple of minutes. I can see that I’m going to get spoiled real quick in this motorhome!

Thought For The Day – Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  6 Responses to “A Break From Moving”

  1. Holy cow, Nick —

    I just looked at your seminar schedule for the Eastern Rally. Looks better than the Life on Wheels program we attended in Iowa in 2007. Way to go. I truly wish we could be there.

  2. Your just treating yourself TO WELL, your gona get spoiled !!! But, GO AHEAD!

    Nice job!!!

  3. No one deserves it better than you, Nick — except Miss Terry!

  4. I must be busy too. I think I lost a month.


    Ron and Patti

  5. Nick where /how do u carry your kayaks? On the roof, or do u have full basement storage?

  6. Chris,
    We carry the kayaks inside our van.

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