Aug 182009

Sometime early Monday morning the sky above us broke open and rain began to pour down on northern Indiana in torrential amounts. One news report said that four inches of rain fell before 6 a.m. and then it was averaging an inch an hour for the rest of the morning. The roads here in Elkhart Campground looked like small lakes, and the ground is just saturated. And we’re supposed to get more rain all week long! Would somebody please turn off the water!

At some point early yesterday afternoon, when we had a short break in the deluge we waded next door to Ron and Brenda Speidel’s motorhome and I suggested to Ron that maybe we should all take our kayaks out and get some paddling in, right here in the campground!

Dennis and Carol Hill, from the RV Driving School, were supposed to leave yesterday for an RV park in Howe, Indiana, but they took one look at the weather and decided to sit tight for another day. And yet, as nasty as it was, yesterday morning we watched a bunch of RVs pulling out and hitting the road, and later in the day, during another nasty storm, more RVs were pulling in.

Why in the world would anyone choose to travel in terrible weather like this? It just doesn’t make sense when you’re safe and sound in a comfortable campground already. We have wheels under our homes so we can pick up and go when we want to, but we also have brains in our heads that should tell us “not today” sometimes.

I had been rushing to get the new issue of the Gypsy Journal ready to take to the printer today, and falling further behind with every knock at the door, when our printer called yesterday and said they had some production problems that put them behind schedule, and could we wait to bring it in until Wednesday afternoon? Whew, a break I very much needed! I told them no problem at all, happy to oblige.

A couple of notes on our upcoming RV rallies in Ohio and Arizona – if you are planning to attend the Geeks on Tour pre-rally computer boot camp before the Ohio Gypsy Gathering rally, you will need to pay the Mercer County Fairgrounds directly for your camping during the boot camp. Also, even though you have arrived early and are already parked, you will probably have to move on Sunday when the registered Earlybirds start arriving. The fairgrounds only has a few full hookup RV sites, and we need to reserve them for handicapped rally attendees. This was a problem for a couple of folks last year, and they got their feelings hurt because they believed it was first come, first serve.

At the Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally in Yuma next March, we will not be able to accommodate Earlybird arrivals. The fairgrounds has another RV rally going on that will end the day ours starts, and they don’t have room for us to arrive before our scheduled starting date.

Gee, it’s raining again! Go figure.

Thought For The Day – People never lie so much as after fishing, during a war, or before an election.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Turn Off The Water!”

  1. Shucks, I don’t like it when you can’t arrive early. For us that’s half the fun of the Rally. Its such chaos waiting until EVERYONE is comming at once, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
    I agree, when the weather is bad we stay put……..we’re not on Vacation, so we usually have a lotof time. In fact if you think about it, TIME is about ALL we have!!! Thank God for that!!!


    PS. It was 36* here in Custer this morning. Time for the electric blanket!!!! In AUGUST?? YEP!!!!!

  2. “another RV rally going on that will end the day ours starts”
    Yikes. I can just imaging the problems with people leaving, and being late to leave, while others are trying to get in. That is an unfortunate scheduling snafu. Too bad there couldn’t have been a day in between the two rallies.

  3. Regarding the rain….you shouldn’t have changed your plans about going to the Pacific Northwest, it needs rain, the weather is so warm, you could have boated everyday, etc. etc. (just rubbing it in, we don’t let people know that it doesn’t rain all the time here 🙂

  4. I pulled into the lake that was Elkhart Campground at 6pm Monday for a quick overnight on my way back home from PA. Wow – lots of ponding! Then even more rain that evening. I guess we had rain back home in Chicago while I was gone. My lawn needed it.


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