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We all knew it was coming. I warned you. Well, the day has finally come. Bad Nick has his own blog! It went live Tuesday at and I officially disavow anything the little munchkin does from here on out. Miss Terry was worried that I might offend somebody, but I reminded her that it’s not me at the wheel of this new blog, it’s Bad Nick. And we all know how he can be.

I reminded her of the days when I published small town newspapers, when if I didn’t get a half dozen or more calls from irate readers when the new issue hit the streets, I didn’t feel like I had done my job well.

This new blog has absolutely nothing to do with the RV lifestyle. It’s just a soapbox for sounding off about topics that don’t fit in the RV blog. Some political commentary, some common sense, some observations on life in general, and a touch of nonsense now and then. Check it out and leave a comment and let Bad Nick know what you think. 

Okay, on to other things; Monday night we moved our Select Comfort airbed over to the new rig and spent our first night in our new to us Winnebago Ultimate Advantage motorhome. That sure was nice!

Because we have an open bedroom/bathroom floor plan, except for the water closet, the bedroom really feels roomy. A couple of issues came up – we noticed right away the difference in sound levels between our bus conversion and the Winnebago. We put so much insulation into the bus that it is very quiet inside. Elkhart Campground is less than a mile, as the crow flies, from the Indiana Toll Road, and in the Winnebago we noticed a lot more traffic noise.

The other thing is that the bed in the new rig is in the slide, and Terry’s side of the bed is to the rear, and is accessed by two carpeted steps that lead up to the cedar lined closet. In the middle of the night she got up to go to the bathroom, and coming back to bed she forgot about the steps and stubbed her toes when she walked into them. I don’t think she’ll do that too many times before she remembers!

As it turns out, the Carriage rally has been a total bust in terms of sales. Every day they load folks up in busses or form car pools and go off to tour something, leaving us vendors twiddling our thumbs and staring at each other across the vacant aisles. In my Highway History and Back Road Mastery seminar yesterday afternoon, I had a total of three people in the audience. That’s a long way from the 250 or more people I have presented it to at other venues!

There is no use in both of us sitting there being bored when so much needs done here, so Miss Terry is going to stay at the campground today and start moving some stuff over to the Winnebago and getting it arranged the way she wants it. I’m not sure which one of us comes out better on that deal.

Thought For The Day – You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.

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  7 Responses to “The Day Has Finally Come”

  1. Well-insulated and quiet – another selling point for your bus.

    Had you known the new rig would not be as quiet as the bus, would that have affected your buying decision?


  2. Nick, maybe you could ask Ron Spiedel to wire in a nightlight to help out Miss Terry’s bedroom path. We have the Itasca Horizon 40TD with the same step-up for my side of the bed and it came with a recessed nightlight on the bench seat across from the bed. If you don’t have power on that side, it could be placed at the foot of the bed and use the same power source as the Sleep Comfort bed. When we boondock I just use a small flashlight to keep from falling off the loft or stubbing toes on those evening strolls.
    – Judy

  3. I feel sorry for Miss Terry stubbing her toe. I’ve done that and man-o-man that hurts….
    Maybe you and Miss Terry should switch sides in that bed..

  4. So far the ‘world’ is safe… I’ve tried several times to see badnick’s hangout and haven’t had it respond yet. Both on my cable connection at home (meep meep), and in the van at work (that one doesn’t surprise me, sometimes it can’t find google). Looking forward to seeing his antics though!

    I wondered how the factory built RV would stack up with your coach for livability. You just added another factor of certainty that I’ll convert vs buy a factory unit, no matter how nice they are. (As an ex trucker though, highway sounds don’t bother me much)

  5. Nick, you’ll soon get used to the highway sounds, but the nearby trains can still get through. And yes, Miss Terry will learn that step is there! At least she can move around both sides of the bed; it’s not up against a wall like in many smaller units.

    Don’t switch sides – after all these years, (1) you won’t sleep at all, and (2) you’ll roll over to cuddle and fall out of bed.

  6. Highway noises and other noises are easy to combat. Just buy a small fan from WalMart and run it at night in the bedroom. It makes wonderful white noise and you can’t hear a thing. We once slept through an ambulance coming to the coach next door and taking someone to the hospital. Works great.
    Looking forward to reading Bad Nick’s comments. Connie B.

  7. “I don’t control the ads, Google’s AdSense program automatically inserts them. I just cash the small commission check I get from them to help pay the bills. But here’s an idea from Bad Nick – if you see something that piques your curiosity or interest, by all means, click the ad link and check it out. And if a particular ad offends you, don’t click on it!”
    The above comment comes from Nick not Bad Nick. Bad Nick would have said “if a particular ad offends you, click on it!” That way you get a dime out’a the suckas anyway! he he he! All seriousness aside, thanks for the blog, I check it out every day and have been lurking for a few years. I am a frustrated bus converter still looking for the bus of my dreams. Keep up the good work and keep on keeping on!

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