Aug 272009

Moving is never fun, but I guess the good thing about moving from one motorhome to another is that there isn’t much furniture to lug from the old rig to the new one.

Since the customer traffic at the Carriage RV rally was so slow Monday and Tuesday, yesterday Miss Terry stayed home to start moving her kitchen items from our bus conversion to the Winnebago, while I drove to the fairgrounds in Goshen to man our vendor booth. By the time I got home in the afternoon, Terry and Brenda had pretty much moved and set up all of her kitchen and the bathroom.

The rally was such a bust that I decided not to go back today for the last day of vending. Every day we have spent more time talking to the other vendors, who were just as bored, than we ever did to any customers. The problem is that every day they are off to some tour or event away from the rally grounds. That’s fun for the attendees, but it makes the rally a complete waste of time for the vendors. I can use the time much better to help in getting the move completed. 

Right now we living in a sort of disorganized limbo, because half of our stuff is in the Winnebago and half is in the bus, so whenever we need something, it always seems to be in the other motorhome. But hopefully we can get moved and settled in within the next few days.

Some good news for the RV industry; Dutchmen RV in Goshen, Indiana announced yesterday that it is hiring 50 new employees to fill new manufacturing positions. Company executives said they’ve recently made “internal structural changes to support additional job growth” within the company. Hopefully this is just a start and we’ll see more RV industry workers going back to work in the near future.

I have had a tremendous response to the new Bad Nick Blog, and it has been interesting to read some of the comments and e-mails that have come in. I just posted a new blog entry titled Bad Nick Gets A Discount that I think every frustrated shopper can relate to. 

A few people have commented on the type of Google ads that have shown up on the blog. As expected, some hard core Republican conservative readers are already objecting to the ads pushing a Democratic liberal agenda, and just as many folks from the other side of the fence are upset when the ads Google serves up are about things they disagree with.

I don’t control the ads, Google’s AdSense program automatically inserts them. I just cash the small commission check I get from them to help pay the bills. But here’s an idea from Bad Nick – if you see something that piques your curiosity or interest, by all means, click the ad link and check it out. And if a particular ad offends you, don’t click on it!

Thought For The Day – When I read about the evils of drinking it scared me, so I gave up reading.

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  7 Responses to “Putting The Moves On”

  1. I totally understand the “living in limbo” situation. It happens to us every spring when we come “home”. Are my clothes still in the fifth wheel, or did I bring them in the house? Where is that particular kitchen tool I always use – in the RV or did I bring it in? I know the only solution is to move EVERYTHING out of the house and full-time, but we just can’t quite manage that yet:-) The other option is to be sure I have two of everything – then full-timing would be even further away financially and I would eventually have to get rid of 1/2 the stuff.

    For now LISTS are the solution. When I take something OUT of the RV, I put it on the list, so I can be sure it gets back in there before we leave again in the fall:-) It’s a pain, but it’s what works right now (unless, of course, I lose my list – YIKES!!)

    Have fun moving. It will give you an opportunity to really clean everything and purge all those unnecessary things we all accumulate.

  2. I can’t seem to connect to your Bad Nick blog. My computer just grinds away and never connects. Any ideas? Thanks.

  3. Hopefully our web hosts have resolved the access problem, Barry. Try typing the address in again and see if that works, or click the link in today’s blog.

  4. I’m in there! Great!

  5. Also having access issues in finding Bad Nick…….. Bad boy for sure….. I will keep trying different ways.

  6. GO, Bad Nick, GO!!! 🙂

  7. So Nick, you’ve always said that you could haul a “ton” of stuff in your bus conversion. In moving to your new home are you running into GVWR issues with the Winnebago?

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