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Aug 132009

Yesterday I planned to chain myself to the computer and get a lot of work finished for the next issue of the Gypsy Journal. But you know the old saying, “if you want to hear God laugh, make plans.”

Early in the day I had a long series of e-mails and phone calls to deal with, and it seems like the minute I had worked my way through all of them, more came in. It was well after noon before I finished with the last of them, and then the flood gates opened and we had a long line of visitors coming by to chat.

I’m afraid I can’t remember everybody’s names, but there was a fellow from a fifth wheel parked down the road from us who wanted to ask some questions about the bus after seeing the For Sale sign in the windshield. Then somebody else came by to say hello and was gone before I got his name.

A few minutes later a nice couple who were at our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally, and who I sponsored to join the Elks, came over. I’m embarrassed that I can’t remember their names, but right this moment I’m drawing a total blank. We had a nice visit, I knew who they were while they were here, but for the life of me I can’t remember now. So if you’re reading this, I hope you’ll forgive my early senility.

As they were leaving, Bill Joyce and Diane Melde arrived, Diane sporting an arm sling because she had fallen and dislocated her elbow a few days ago while in Minnesota. Ouch! We always enjoy spending time with Bill and Diane, and they have always pitched in to help us with parking at our Arizona rallies, working long hours to help get all of the RVs parked at the fairgrounds. We had a very nice visit with them, and they hadn’t been gone two minutes when Dan and Karen Silverwood were knocking on the door.

Dan and Karen are parked next to us in a beautiful Winnebago Vectra motorhome and they wanted us to take a tour of their coach. We were understandably impressed! Winnebago sure makes a good rig, and they are very high on our list of possible coaches to replace our bus with. Dan and Karen wanted us to go to dinner with them, but we had a previous commitment, so we had to beg off.

We also got to visit with Terry and Dale Pace before the day was over. We have known Terry and Dale for what seems like forever, and since they are from this area, we always run into them here at Elkhart Campground sometime during the summer.

That’s one of the great things about the fulltime RV lifestyle; no matter where we go, we run into folks we know and have things in common with. I always tell people it’s like living in a small town where we run into our neighbors in every corner of the country!

Needless to say, I didn’t get one word written yesterday, but we sure had a good time visiting with all of our friends!

Thought For The Day – The world bursts at the seams with people ready to tell you you’re not good enough. Ignore them, they’re all idiots.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Lots Of Visitors”

  1. Dear …Uh Nelson, Niles? Uh. Oh heck.

    You wrote an outstanding blog today. Sure wish I could remember your name. Bad something or other is all I can come up with right now. It’s come to me in a minute.

    Sign me:

    Bad George

    {Geez. I sure hope he knows I am kidding}

  2. I know what your talking about Nick!! On both accounts! I can’t remember names and it seems the bussier I stay the further I get behind…..

    Hang in there…



  3. Here’s a suggestion:

    Go park somewhere else, preferably in a boondock area away from everybody else, and don’t publsh your location for all the world to see. Then take the For Sale sign out of your window, and you won’t be getting nearly as many visitors. Some of your best friends, however, will probably still track you down.

    But then, if you had done that yesterday, you wouldn’t have had anything to write today’s blog about!

  4. Hello Nick, I can’t tell you how special we fell to get a E-mail from the worlds most busiest RVer. We can’t wait to see you 2 at the Yuma, AZ Ralley. The” 24 hours in a day” thing is just a big fat lie! You keep doing what you do. All the Best, M&C

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