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Do you have any idea how early in the morning 7 o’clock comes around? Who the heck came up with that idea?

We’re night owls. I usually don’t start any serious writing until about 9 p.m. and usually get to bed between 1 and 2 a.m. But here at the FMCA rally we have to be in our vendor booth by 8 a.m., which has my body’s internal time clock all messed up. And since I still have to post my blog at midnight local time, by the time I get that done, shower, and get to bed, it makes for a short night’s sleep.

Sales the first day at the rally were mediocre, although that is not uncommon at a rally. Unfortunately we did have something happen that was a first for us, someone came by and shoplifted one of our books right from under our noses while we were talking to other customers. One minute it was there and the next it was gone. It’s not going to change our lifestyle or put us in the poorhouse, but it was darned aggravating. In ten years of fulltime RVing and vending at RV rallies, we have never had a theft before.

I know I’ve said it before, but some of the folks at FMCA events are total snobs. There is a certain elitist attitude that too many of them have that really rubs me the wrong way. One clown came by and wanted to tell us all of the things we are doing wrong and why he would never read a “cheap” publication that wasn’t printed on slick paper with full color photographs. He wouldn’t take a sample copy, didn’t want to buy anything, he just wanted expound on his vast knowledge, while interrupting us as we tried to talk to other customers. A lot of others won’t even say hello or acknowledge you as they pass by. They could sure take a lesson or two from the Escapees when it comes to attitude. I had to jerk hard on Bad Nick’s leash and threaten to put him back in his cage a time or two.

I keep telling Miss Terry that I’m going to start a brand new blog called the Bad Nick Blog where he can climb up on his soapbox and spout off about whatever moves him. What do you think? Should I let him have access to a keyboard?

Several former students of ours from Life on Wheels (LOW) stopped by to say hello, and to tell us how much the things they learned at LOW have made their RVing easier. It’s sad that LOW is gone, but the opportunity to learn is still available at the new RVSEF educational clinic in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania September 13-16. Click the link above to learn more about this great new program. We’ll be teaching there, and I hope we see you there too.

Thought For The Day – Have you ever noticed that the people who tell you to calm down are usually the ones that got you mad in the first place?

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  18 Responses to “Vending At FMCA Rally”

  1. I’m sure that the book was taken by that awful “Richard” guy; that guy that wanted every thing for free and thought you were making too much money. You didn’t see him lurking around, did you? He would be the guy with the sour look on his face and not enjoying life.

    Hope you have a good rally!!

  2. Good Morning Nick, I can’t say that I sympathize with you on getting up so early. My husband wakes up at 5am for his JOB and wakes me up an hour later so I can get ready for my JOB. Our daughter graduates college next year so hopefully the job market improves and she gets her own apartment. She really doesn’t want to join us on our fulltiming adventure but we’re shooting for a Jan 1, 2011 departure date. I wish we were in Ohio to say hi. I for one would love to read a “Bad Nick Blog”. You really should write one. There are so many things you could say and not get in trouble for. Afterall, it’s only an alter ego. Have fun in Ohio.

  3. I think Bad Nick needs his own blog. What fun that would be!

  4. Maybe you should make Fridays Bad Nick’s Blog day, get everything off your chest that has happened for the week and start the week-end fresh.

  5. “snob”, “elitist “…. you are just associating with the wrong crowd. You need to come over to us bottom feeders … those with coaches 10 years and older 🙂 I been thinking about starting a FMCA club by that name (Bottom Feeder), coaches have to be 10 years or older to get in! However, if I had a new coach, 20 year loan and upside down by $40,000 … it would not be attitude but pain you would see in my walk.

    I am a little late reading your blog this morning … it is already 6:49am … I am usually up at 5:30. … and I am retired. But, for me the morning is the best. I do enjoy reading your bog the first thing. Thank you for writing it.

  6. I vote for Bad Nick Blog, WOW I hope I wouldn’t be in it. Thanks for your daily Blog it makes my Day!!!

  7. Cut him loose Nick…please!
    Barry & Joyce Crocker

  8. Bad Nick Blog….the B-N-B…….great idea!!! You’ll wear Miss Terry right out!! 🙂

  9. We agree 100% Let Bad Nick have his own blog, and Friday is the right day! You’ll give us a great start for our own weekend!

    We avoid FMCA whenever we can. Their magazine is all about how great their officers and committees are, plus you really need to buy the most expensive motorhome on the market. They do have a good recipe now and then.

    Go get ’em. Tiger!

  10. A Bad Nick Blog would be a great idea. It doesn’t need to be every day because you are already very busy. But it would be nice for Bad Nick to vent when he surfaces and he is usually very amusing. I don’t always agree with you or Bad Nick but what two people always agree? However, I do enjoy reading about your perspective on issues and Bad Nick’s too.
    Enjoyed seeing you at FMCA. Sorry about the theft. I hope it’s someone who thought it was a freebee and will return and pay you for the booklet when they realize their mistake. I hate to think people are that desperate or stingy that they have to steal.
    I do agree that within FMCA there are some cliches and “snobs.” But I do believe that most FMCAers are nice people. One of your problems is that you are new to them and the first vendor day is overwhelming (busy, lots of people). I almost missed seeing you as I was looking right and just caught you out of the corner of my eye on the left as I passed by. Give FMCA a chance. I think you will meet some wonderful people.
    Good luck on getting out of the bumpy field. It’s spitting this morning but hopefully all will be well. Connie B.

  11. I vote for a Bad Nick Blog along with the others – I can’t wait!

  12. Bad Nick Fridays sounds like a VERY GOOD idea……let him run wild.

  13. Bad Nick Blog? YES YES. Let him out.

  14. The idea of a Bad Nick blog is great! We all need to vent and Bad Nick would probably do it for all of us! Let Bad Nick go go go and it would be a Good Bad Nick thing!

  15. Three cheers for “Bad Nick”. Go get-em!

  16. Nick, I always read your blog hoping that Bad Nick has shown up in some way….all sweetness and light bore me to tears….never could watch Mr Rogers either….

  17. Yep, Bad Nick needs an outlet through blogging, definitely. The only time we see/hear him seems to be at Gypsy Gatherings, and we’re going to miss the one in Ohio – Rats! But will look forward to Yuma.

    Re FMCA snobs, that’s all we encountered at the one rally we attended – in Indio, CA. We even introduced ourselves to the National President, with our First Timer ribbons on our badges, said this was our first FMCA rally — she said “That’s nice” and turned away to talk with important people. If that were an Escapade, we would have been engulfed with hugs all around and everyone making sure we had a good experience. They’re definitely two different organizations. And we will have to have a really good reason to ever attend another FMCA event.

    Sorry this comment is so late. We spent the day getting a Blue OX TruCenter installed and our motorhome serviced. 10 hours in customer lounges with a sometimes hyper Poodle!

  18. Yes, a Bad Nick blog would be great, I set up a PetPeeves section on my blog, as I stay well under the radar and don’t appear in nearly as many places as you do. But I really enjoy the satirical “Bad Nick” which reminds me of my old job as the “cynical cop.” Although what some people consider cynical is satire.

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