Jul 172009

Yesterday was one of those days where it didn’t seem to me that we were all that busy, but looking back, I guess we were!

In the morning I printed off several of our booklets to fill orders that came in with our last mail delivery, which was waiting for us when we returned here yesterday, and Terry got them all packaged. Then we ran to the post office to mail them out, and stopped at the bank to make a deposit.

With those chores behind us, we drove ten miles or so to the small town of Bristol, where we stopped at Fluid Fun, a canoe and kayak dealer that stocks the most impressive line of boats we’ve seen anywhere in the country. I want to replace my Ocean Kayak Angler model with a different boat. It’s a great kayak, and I’ve only had it in the water a few times, but it just doesn’t fit me well. I found a couple of models that are better suited to my needs, and will probably stick my boat out in front of the bus today and see if anybody here in the RV park is looking for a good fishing kayak.

While we were in the area, we stopped and checked out a couple of public launch sites on the St. Joseph River for our next paddling outing. One was at a small park right in Bristol, with a good parking area and not one, but two, boat ramps.

When we left Bristol, we stopped at Phoenix Commercial Paint to visit with owner Michelle Henry. She had a Class C motorhome in the shop that she was in the process of stripping down for a new paint job. Michelle gave us a tour of the place, and explained how paint is mixed to create custom colors for the beautiful full body paint jobs she produces.

It is amazing how a custom paint job can transform a dated looking RV into a rolling work of art, and even more amazing that Michelle can turn out such quality work for half of what some places charge.

What’s the secret? Hard work, being willing to do a lot of the work herself instead of hiring expensive help, and a love of what she is doing. You can bet when we find the right coach to replace our bus, we’ll be talking to Michelle about a paint job!

Back at the bus, I actually did some work! A company called Pineapple Publications contacted me a while back and wanted to use some of the material from my Publishing4Profit website for a new book on self-publishing they are bringing out this summer. That led to an interview with the author, Christy Pinheiro, which in turn led to an offer to be listed as co-author of the book.

Christy sent me a copy of the final manuscript and asked me to give it a final proofing before it goes to print. So I spent the rest of the day and most of the evening doing that. The Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Publishing for Profit! will be available in just a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to seeing the book when it is published.

Speaking of books and publishing, several readers have written to ask me what I think of my Amazon Kindle, now that I’ve had it a while. Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. I love the concept of the Kindle. It’s a great product, especially for RVers who have to consider the weight of books if they do a lot of reading. You can store hundreds of books digitally and carry a complete library in your Kindle. And having seen the new model Kindles, I’m glad I have the first generation model. It just feels better to me. But to be honest, I hardly use it.

Part of that is because just about the time I got the Kindle, Terry’s cousin, Carolyn Henley, who is about to become a fulltime RVer, gave us several big boxes of once read books that we have been working our way through in the last few months. With that much reading material, there just wasn’t much reason to buy anything.

Also, as convenient as it is to order a book online and download it to the Kindle, we just love prowling around both new and used bookstores. Terry and I can spend hours in a bookstore. Sometimes we buy a lot of books, and just as many times, we don’t buy a thing. Either way, we still have a good time, and we look forward to finding new bookstores to explore wherever we travel.

Thought For The Day – I wish the buck stopped here. I could use a few.

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Nick Russell

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  5 Responses to “A Busy, But Laid Back Day”

  1. Yes, bookstores are wonderful, not just for the books. You meet locals, get leads to interesting places to eat and visit. And you get to revisit old friends (books) and make new ones. I loved running a bookstore, I love wandering in bookstores on my travels, and I love finding books for friends around the country. Enjoy!

  2. Nick hang on to those books once you read them and then be sure to stop at one of the McKay book stores in your travels, ( http://www.mckaybooks.com ). They give you a great credit for the books you turn in and have hundreds of thousands of used book to chose from, they have stores in Chattanooga, Nashville and Tennessee. Cathy and I have never stopped at one where we didn’t spend at least an hour and a half there, normally longer.
    Check out the webpage (above).
    Just read that any one who bought the cover for the Kindle and it damaged the screen, Amazon is paying for the repairs ($200).
    One last thing,
    That was our Class C that you saw at Michele’s and we can’t wait to see it when she’s done, I’ll email you a picture.
    Jim n Cathy Palm

  3. Hi Nick & Terry, can you do a blog about “on the road banking”?
    You 2 sure do alot when taking it easy ; )
    All the Best, M&C

  4. I received a Kindle for my birthday and I love it!!! I can take it with me anywhere and if I have to wait (I’m not good at waiting) I just take out the kindle and start reading. I do miss the “feel” of a book but enjoy reading the new hardcovers without haveing to pay $25.00 for it. And don’t have to store alot of books.

    For me it works. Enjoy

  5. It is a great product, Jean, and I still think it is perfect for RVers and other people on the go. I have just found that it’s really not as useful to me as I had hoped.

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