Jun 262009

It is still incredibly hot here in northern Indiana, and it looks like the heat wave will hang on for several more days, at least.

I love the classic looks of Airstream travel trailers, and even though one would not work for our lifestyle, I can’t pass one without giving it a second look. We enjoyed touring the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio last year after our Eastern Gypsy Gathering rally with our friends Ron and Brenda Speidel, and we were impressed with the way they build them.

Ron is also a big fan of those shiny round topped trailers, and Miss Terry and Brenda kept a careful eye on us all the while we were there to be sure we didn’t sign any purchase contracts.

So when RV Hall of Fame Museum historian Al Hesselbart called yesterday to tell me that a vintage Airstream club had caravanned from the company headquarters in Jackson Center to the museum here in Elkhart, and suggested it might be a good photo opportunity for the Gypsy Journal, I jumped all over it.

The club had originally planned to dry camp overnight in the museum’s parking lot after their tour. But Airstreams do not come with generators to run their air conditioners, and with temperatures in the 90s again they changed their plans and came over to Elkhart Campground to have hookups. So I got to take some pictures of them at the museum and again at the campground.

We drove back up to Michigan to pick up the new issue of the Gypsy Journal yesterday, and the next few days we will be busy getting it stuffed into envelopes and mailed out.

Back at the bus, I kicked off my shoes and took a quick nap. Soon after I woke up, Frank and Debbie Likert from Searcy, Arkansas stopped in to say hello. Debbie is a dedicated blog reader, and it was nice to get to know them and visit for a while.

After our guests left, I sent out the link to the new digital edition of the Gypsy Journal to the folks who subscribed to it, and a couple of e-mails bounced back, so if you subscribed and did not get the link, please contact me. I did get several e-mails from digital subscribers, and they all were very pleased with the new issue. If you have not seen a sample of our digital edition, click this link and check it out https://gypsyjournalrv.com/digital-edition/.

A couple of readers reported that they could not open the file, and we are working to resolve those issues. In one case it was because he was using an old version of Adobe Reader, and after downloading an updated version from www.adobe.com he had no further problems.

Thought For The Day – When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

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  1. Congratulation on your new digital version of the Gypsy Journal. My copy opened right up on the first try, was very easy to read and I enjoyed it very much. I’m delighted I subscribed to the digital version and look forward to receiving future issues. I must admit that normally I am a newspaper person. I like the feel of a newspaper in my hand as I read. But we are trying to cut down on newspapers in our household, and that is the reason I subscribed to the digital edition of your journal. I actually found the digital version easier to read than constantly shuffling and turning newspaper pages. I never thought I would say that! Anyway, good job!

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