Thick Skin

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Jun 252009

After reading yesterday’s blog, someone wrote that I had better have thick skin, because I might be hearing from a lot of folks with ADD kids. That’s what my problem is, thick skin. I may look chubby to you, but actually I’m so darned skinny I’m almost anorexic. I just have all this darned thick skin I’m carrying around to protect myself from the slings and arrows of the people I tick off all of the time!

Trust me, after a career publishing small town newspapers, I’ve stepped on so many toes in my time that not much gets to me any more. A few nasty e-mails are nothing compared to having my nose broken more than once, death threats, arson threats, and even having the country sheriff promise to pull me over late some night and shoot me.

Actually, the response to yesterday’s blog was 100% positive, at least to this point. It seems that a lot of people do not appreciate having their meals disrupted by undisciplined brats who are allowed to run wild in a restaurant.

It was terribly hot yesterday here in northern Indiana, and we would have loved to spend the day inside under the air conditioner. But our black tank was full and I really needed to dump it, so I fired the bus up, and after I unhooked the water, electric, and TV cable, Miss Terry drove it over to the dump station and I took care of that chore.

After she parked the bus back in our spot and I had things hooked back up, we decided our water filters were past due for changing. It’s always hard to get the twin filter canisters unscrewed, even with the tool that came with them, and that took a while. Finally, with everything back together, we discovered that our water hose was leaking right where it screws into the filter. So the next order of business was to change hoses.

By then we were dripping with sweat, and I told Terry that we still needed to get our bicycles and kayaks out of the van so we could pick up the new issue of the paper today. We figured what the heck, could we possibly get any more dehydrated? So we unloaded them, and then Terry rearranged some stuff in the van to make sure we had plenty of room to load everything in at the printer.

Finally back inside, we cooled down and then had a real treat. Terry loves to cook, as you know, and one of her goals is to create the perfect pizza. She has been experimenting with recipes for years, and just when I think she has achieved the pinnacle of taste, she tops herself all over again.

But I think the pizza she made for dinner last night is the best I have ever had. If it were me, I’d be resting on my laurels. But not my wife! She agreed that it was pretty good, but she still has a thing or two she wants to try. I guess I’ll just have to keep on being her taste tester. It’s hard work, but somebody has to do it.  

Thought For The Day – If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Thick Skin”

  1. Nick, you dog. There are at least three things at the top of the food chain:
    Red wine and
    I know your job as “Official Taster of miss Terry’s Pizza Company” is really hard work.
    Try not to kill youself working that hard.
    Barry & Joyce Crocker
    Now in Trinity Center, CA

  2. We’d be glad to fill in as alternate testers any time! Will Miss Terry publish her ultimate great pizza recipe in the Gypsy Journal? There will be thousands of pizza fans waiting for that one!

  3. Hey Nick, I wish you would quit talking about me in your blogs. I haven’t been too unruly in a restaurant since we ate at the Mexican place in Bushnell. Oh yea you were there too.

    Remember going with your dad to the barber shop and seeing the “razor strap” that the barber sharpened the straight razor with? That is what my dad used on us, hearing the jingle of the hook on the end that they hung them with was a terrible sound, because you knew what was going to follow it.

    Don’t get too hot up there!

  4. Yes, I can appreciate your point. None of us like unruly kids running around or adults who fail to control them. However, ADD is not a made-up condition, it is real, and we have all heard of over-discipline that becomes abusive. So, two sides to every coin, eh?

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