Jun 182009

Would somebody please check their calendar and let me know what month it is? My calendar swears that it’s the middle of June, but that can’t be right, because yesterday it was so gray and gloomy that I’m sure it must be sometime in November!

I have been busy working on the new issue of the paper all week, but I did take a couple of hours off last night to go to the Verizon store for their free class on how to use my new Blackberry Storms’ many features. I’m amazed at how much they can cram into such a small package. I’ve only had the smart phone for a few days, but I’m more impressed with it every day.

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? By simply turning on my computer, I can plan a trip, buy a book, do my banking, keep in touch with family and friends all over the country, and participate in online forums on anything and everything under the sun.

I have made friends with RVers from different internet forums, and have had online conversations with them for years. Some I have met eventually in our travels, while others are still out there waiting to cross paths.

My favorite RV forum is the Escapees Discussion Forum, which should be the first place any new RVer logs onto, as well as those with years of experience. Whenever I have a question about anything, whether it is RV related or in things like selecting my new Blackberry, I make a post on the appropriate section of the Escapees forum and usually within minutes the replies start arriving. I try to return the favor by answering other folks’ questions anytime I have input I can share.  According to the Escapees statistics, I have made over 2,200 posts since I joined the forum in 2002.

Another RV forum with a lot of very good information is IRV2. I don’t log on there as much as I do Escapes, because there are only so many hours in a day, and Miss Terry insists I do some work now and then. I particularly like the Owners Forums on IRV2, where you can get input on just about any brand of RV from people who own them.

I seldom go onto the RV.net forum, just because I can’t spend my whole life online, but it is another popular site with a lot of RVers I know.

Every forum seems to have its own personality. The Escapees forum is pretty friendly, but I have known several people who have left the RV.net forum because they got flamed by some self-appointed critic for innocent posts. Unfortunately, this can happen on any forum, and newbies are sometimes especially targeted before they learn the ropes.

When we were building our MCI bus conversion, I spent a lot of time on the bus conversion forums, but I seldom go onto them any more. I learned a lot, but there are too many guys on them with what I call “Mine’s Bigger” syndrome, and they get tiresome. 

What RV forums and websites do you frequent on a regular basis?

Thought For The Day – Don’t take guilt trips. There are much better destinations available.

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  15 Responses to “RV Internet Forums”

  1. I enjoy and find friendly help at the RV-Dreams forum.

  2. What RV forums and websites do you frequent on a regular basis?

    In answer to you question.
    We go to forums on Workamper, Myrvparks, Rv-dreams, Rv.net, Irv2 and occasionally to the Escapees in that order.

  3. RV Forum is the main one I go to on a regular basis. Most of my RV related reading is on RV blogs like this one. I am subscribed to the View/Navion on Yahoo, but generally just skim the post headlines.

  4. It’s “November” here in Vermont today too so you aren’t alone. I like the Boomers Birds of a Feather Yahoo group from the Escapees RV club because we can ask about favorite boondocking spots, post where we’ll be so we can connect with others in the area, ask about crossing the border into Canada, etc. – whatever we want information on and very quickly we get lots of input.

  5. I always go to the CedarCreekRVClub.com forum everyday after I read your
    blog. It is for Cedar Creek owners but anyone can read the forum and I think
    you can join as a guest. Covers all topics of interest to RVers.

  6. It’s “November” here in western Kansas too. Wonder if it’s all caused by “global warming”:-)

    We check the Escapees Forum too, but not as often as we used to. Mostly the “keeping in touch” posts. As you pointed out, there are many opportunities and I check several non-RV forums etc. daily.

    Glad you like your Blackberry Storm. I’m still trying to convince my DH I need one:-)

    Sounds like you are feeling better – good.

  7. I check rv.net, irv2 and occasionally Escapees but I read your post in the AM right after I check my emails. I’m so happy to hear that you like your blackberry. That company is from our city and are a great asset to this area. They have donated 100s of millions of dollars to the University here as well as other good causes.

  8. Womenrv.com and IRV2 (though I haven’t been there for a while). There just aren’t enough hours in the day anymore.

  9. We enjoy the NUWA owners’ forum. Although we are HitchHiker owners, the forum is used not only by HitchHiker owners and wannabes, but also by owners of other RVS. The forum is home to threads on numerous RV topics such as tow vehicles, favorite places to camp, towing, suspensions, and full-timing. We also enjoy the Escapees and RV-Dreams forums.

  10. I read several RVer’s blogs every day, parts of the Escapees Forum most days, and the View/Navion Yahoo Group when I have time. I’d like to check out IRV2 but I’m afraid I’ll get hooked on it; then I’d never get anything else done.

  11. OK Nick,
    imagine having your blackberry for oh, say 6 months… then imagine it going on the fritz and having to go back to a normal cell again. My Palm which I bought used has stopped charging (the connection at the phone is flakey and I’m due to upgrade soon), so I’m waiting until a ‘deal’ comes out to upgrade. I’d like to stay with the Palm OS which means the Centro, but I’m holding off in case one of the newer phones catches my eye.

  12. Hi Nick, good to hear you two are mending. It’s still winter here in West Yellowstone, MT (49 & ugly clouds, tonights low forecast 37) but I’d expect Elkhart to be in summer by now!
    I enjoy the http://www.nuwaowners.org forum. You don’t have to join or have a NuWa RV and “lurkers” are quite welcome. It doesn’t have the negative critics I have found on other forums, the moderators do an excellent job of keeping the forum very friendly and informative, and that seems to be what the users want. I started out seeking RV advise and now also enjoy the social aspects.
    I also enjoy the Escapees forum, it has more topics such as a financial thread, good for research info. Greg

  13. I usually check the escapees and then Montana owners.com. Since we own a montana.. I always read you blog after checking my email. Also read rvdreams journal

  14. Hey Nick,
    You are a kid with a new toy! I love it. I talked about my new Blackberry Curve forever until a friend of mine said, “ENOUGH already!!!” oh okay sorry 🙂 hee hee
    I love my Blackberry and don’t know how I survived this long without it. A regular plain cell phone that rings?? What’s that?? 🙂
    As for RV forums, I’m usually on RVForum.net and the Good Sam Club Forum. They do all have their own unique personality!

  15. RVForum.net is my favorite for good, solid information, though I look a others including most of those you mentioned.

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