Jun 222009

If you don’t like the weather in the Midwest, wait ten minutes and it will probably change. A few days ago I was complaining in the blog that it looked and felt like winter, and yesterday it was so hot and humid, it felt like we were in the Amazon.

Finally, the new issue of the Gypsy Journal is finished and today we’ll drive up to Michigan and drop it off at the printer. It feels good to get that out of the way.

Of course, while my work is out of the way, Terry’s will start once we pick up the finished papers from the printer in a few days. Then she’ll go into high gear getting thousands of envelopes stuffed and ready to mail out. Each envelope has a distinctive bar code, and if even one of them gets out of order, everything comes to a screeching halt when they reach the post office, so Terry has her own method of doing the job and will not allow me or anyone else to help her. Each time she has, it has taken longer to get things sorted out again than if she did it herself.

Her job will be a little bit easier this time, because quite a few readers have switched over to our new digital edition, so she’s got 100 or so less envelopes to deal with. Once the printer approves the job and lets us know it’s good to go, I’ll be uploading the new issue, and sending out an e-mail with a link and password to our digital subscribers. I’m a bit nervous, just because this is the first time we will officially do the digital edition, but I think it will be okay, and I have Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour, my technical wizard, on speed dial.

Today is Miss Terry’s birthday, and once we get the paper to the printer, we plan to drive over to Muskegon and visit with Berni and Rocky Frees. We’ll take Terry out for a nice dinner, and probably go back to Berni and Rocky’s place for a rousing game of Mexican Train. Happy birthday, Terry! You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, baby, and I love you more every day.

Yesterday afternoon, Richard and Patsy King arrived at Elkhart Campground in their beautiful Allegro Bus. Richard has helped us with parking RVs at our Arizona rally the last three years, and Patsy, his long suffering wife, is always a joy to be around.

Richard’s mother, Dorothy King, is with them on this trip. Dorothy will be 91 years young in September, and is an absolutely beautiful lady. She still lives on her own, and while she’s entertaining the kids by playing gypsy right now, she can’t wait to get home to Victoria, Texas because she is missing her weekly bingo game with her cronies. Richard took a picture of Miss Terry and me with Dorothy, and I sure look happy with those two pretty ladies, don’t I? I hope I’m half as spry as Dorothy is when I’m her age. Heck, I wish I was that spry now!

Thought For The Day – Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

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  14 Responses to “Putting The New Issue To Bed”

  1. Hi Nick, You talked about looseing track of time because it stayed light so long were you are. We are at Noth Pole, AK it is 11:00 PM and no sign of it getting dark. Sunset is around 1:30 AM and sunrise is about 1 hour later. We had clouds last night and it was almost dark. Enjoy your blog and paper. Keep up the good work. Glen

  2. Happy BIRTHDAT Terry!!!! Today is MY birthday also. Good and Great people were born on June 22ND!!!! I just wish I was Terry’s age….but at my age, I’m GLAD to be any age!! LOL


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY!!! Two of my favorite people were born on this day!! Have a wonderful day. BIG HUGS………….Pat

  4. Happy Birthday, Terry!! And Happy Birthday, Mike!! May you both celebrate the day in good health and great cheer!
    Sharon & Don

  5. Happy Birthday Terry!! Best wishes for a great celebration!!

  6. Happy Birthday Terry !!! May you have MANY MANY More———–

  7. Happy Birthday, Miss Terry! I hope your special day is wonderful!

  8. We’ll add our congratulations to Miss Terry and to Mike McFall, and add our grandson Jason! Wow, what a day June 22 is! It should be a holiday.

  9. Happy Birthday Terry…and Happy Birthday Mike…hope it’s a terrific day for both of you!

  10. Let us add our congratulations and birthday wishes to Terry!
    Char and Forry

  11. Happy Birthday Terry! Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday everyone! Especially Terry! We’re having a beautiful sunny day in the Cleveland Ohio area. Hope your day is equally beautiful in every way. Blow out all 29 of the candles on your cake in one breath tonight and your wish will come true. 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday Terry.Have a great day!
    We missed you two at the Az.rally as we couldn’t attend,but we are following you on the blog.

  14. Happy Birthday Terry. May you have many many more.

    Deb and Gary

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