Jun 112009

Life gets in the way while you’re making other plans. We had originally planned on being vendors at the FMCA rally in Albert Lea, Minnesota next week, but decided against that and came over to Indiana to take part in the Heartland Owners Rally at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen today and tomorrow. As it turns out, we’ll miss that event too.

Terry is on her fourth day of antibiotics, but still feeling bad, and Wednesday night it hit me hard too. I woke up feeling like I had been rode hard and put away wet.

I went to see the same nurse practioneer Terry did on Monday, and she said no, it’s not the flu after all, just colds that have turned into really bad sinus, ear, and upper respiratory infections. So now we’re both on a diet of antibiotics and other meds.

I called Jim Beletti, head honcho at the Heartland Rally and expressed our regrets, but told him we are going to skip the rally. We are just not up to vending for eight or nine hours a day and we don’t want to run the risk of making everyone else at the rally sick just to sell some books and subscriptions. We dropped off some door prizes and a few bundles of sample copies of the Gypsy Journal, and hopefully folks will pick them up and read them, which could result in an order or two.

When we stopped at Wally World to get one of my prescriptions filled, we were disappointed to see two RVs, a fifth wheel and a big diesel pusher, with their jacks down on the pavement and the slide room out on the motorhome. We were even more disappointed to see Escapees RV Club stickers on both rigs. It was just after 5 p.m. and the people from the motorhome were crawling into a car to drive away as we saw them.

Folks, this kind of thing does more to hurt us being welcome to park on private business parking lots, and to make us look bad in the eyes of the public, than a lot of RV park owners complaining to city councils that we are taking money out of their pockets. In fact, it gives those same RV park owners more ammunition to use against us. If you are not familiar with the Escapees’ Good Neighbor Policy on overnight parking, check it out at the link provided. It is up to all of us to be good guests so we will be welcomed back again. 

Thought For The Day – Nothing’s impossible for those who don’t have to do it.

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Nick Russell

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  10 Responses to “Life Gets In The Way”

  1. Slide outs deployed and jacks down at Wally World. A few uncaring people can ruin it for us all. Nick: you should have included the make and model of their rigs and their license plate information. After all, it IS news of one sort or another.

  2. Nick,

    Feel better. Both of you. Get some good old fashioned chicken soup. That will surely help.


  3. Hi Nick & Terry…..sorry to hear you are both feeling bad. I hope the Nurse Practioner can get you feeling better soon. If not, I would look for a real doctor. This has been going on too long. Keep us posted. Hugs…………Pat

  4. I continue to marvel at your ability to grind out interesting copy, day after day, 365 days a year, even when you and yours feel like shinola.

    Please get well soon,


  5. We are sooooo soorrrrrry to hear that you are now both down for the count! Just yesterday we were beginning to feel like human beings again. After two weeks we were able to get back on the road! Rest…liquids…and a Big Pot o’ Chicken Soup plus all the meds really helped. Yep, you described the feeling well…rode hard and put away wet! It’s not worth pushing yourself when you feel that way. All our best wishes that you don’t have this malady for much longer…

  6. Nick and Terry — Just stay in bed. When you do get up, bring each other tea and chicken soup. What is it about that chicken soup anyway? It really works!


  7. Hey Nick, and Terry,

    Really sorry to hear the bug has you both. Hope you get well FAST.


  8. We agree with all of the above. Love ya’ both, we’ll say a prayer for you.

  9. Get well you 2, we need you on the front lines. Keep on rollin with the flow. M&C

  10. We were sorry to hear you won’t make it to the rally, I know the papers are disappearing though. Will miss your wit too. Hope you get to feeling better soon, summer sickness sucks!!!!

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