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Gee, I miss one day of watching the evening news and I miss everything! The war on terrorism is over, the economy is no longer in the toilet, fuel prices are down, stock prices are up, and all of the illegal aliens have gone back south of the border.  It must be true, because every newscast I have seen for two days now doesn’t talk about anything but the death of Michael Jackson.  

I find it interesting that while there is so much discussion of the singer’s grand career, in which they call him the King of Pop music, we hear very little about the other side of his life; the repeated accusations of child molestation, his bizarre behavior, his prescription drug use, and his financial troubles.

No, let’s just glorify the King. I’m sorry, he wasn’t a king to me, or even an interesting performer. He was just a freak wacko that had been idolized and coddled since he was a little boy, had been allowed to do things that society would not tolerate from the rest of us, and never had to live in the real world. All because he was an “artist.” Let’s get on with life.

I reported in yesterday’s blog that a couple of subscribers to our digital edition of the Gypsy Journal had to download a newer version of Adobe Reader to access the file. We have also discovered that some users of the Firefox web browser cannot access the file, unless they use Internet Explorer to do so.

While Terry was busy stuffing envelopes with the new issue of the Gypsy Journal yesterday, I spent the afternoon working on a new seminar called 100 Miles From Here for our Ohio Gypsy Gathering rally. The seminar will highlight dozens of interesting places to visit within a 100 mile drive of the rally site.

No matter where we go in this country, we find interesting places to explore, from historic sites, to oddball museums, to the homes and graves of notable people. I created this new seminar to illustrate how, wherever you are traveling, there is plenty to see and do.

Miss Terry has been dealing with computer problems for quite a while now, and yesterday evening her Compaq laptop died. When she turns it on, whether on battery power or plugged into an AC outlet, the power light comes on, but that’s it. No fan, no screen, it doesn’t even begin to boot up. We have taken the battery out and put it back in, it’s fully charged, and we’ve tried every fix we could find online.

The laptop is less than two years old, but these days the quality of HP and Compaq products seems to be pretty bad. We’ll give Jim from Geeks on Tour a call today to see if he has any ideas, but I think we should just buy her a Dell and be done with it.

Thought For The Day – Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.

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Nick Russell

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  1. I have worked with computers both professionally and personally for years and agree that Dell is the way to go. You can always have a problem with any brand but I agree with your assessment that HP and Compaq are not as reliable as Dell.

  2. Michael Jackson wasn’t spoiled because he was an artist. He was spoiled because he was rich.

    And the networks aren’t covering his death because they liked him better than Iran. They know their audience.

  3. I’m using Firefox (ver. 3.0.11) and the July/August issue opened up for me with no problems.

  4. I enjoyed yesterday’s photos of the Airstreams. When I graduated in the 1960’s, I desperately wanted an Airstream. However, with a young family and a young mortage to feed, we couldn’t afford such luxury, so we continued to travel with a tent, as we did when in school. I can recall fantisizing over some of the exotic international destinations viited by the Wally Byam Caravans. Eventually, when we could afford an RV, we found that a motorized unit met our needs best. However, I continue to have a certain fascination for the highly efficient, aircraft inspired monocoque Airstream structure, as well as with their classic beauty. Thanks for the pictures.

  5. Michael who?

  6. I had no problem downloading with FireFox either, using my Toshiba Toughbook. It is on its 2nd or 3rd hard drive and some of the keys have lost their letters from wear. Toughbooks just never die. I hate to start with a new computer because it takes me about 2 weeks to reload all the program development tools starting with the old version that I bought and then all the updates, and all those 30 digit keys.

    I keep backup disk drives for our computers that we clone a couple of times a year. This way, when a disk goes bad or gets badly virused, like Jean’s last month, we just swap the disk and make a new clone or replace. We bought a standalone disk copy box called the Disk-Jocky, and a few spare drives. It gives me a chance to help others in the campgrounds to recover data.


  7. AMEN on Michael Jackson. We also just turned everything off yesterday. Just sick of the sycophant media. I really think that all of his child abuse etc. far over shadowed any talent he had.

    We both use Toshiba lap tops and have NEVER had any problems – and they last forever! (Now watch – mine will die today) Most people we know have Dell and really like them. I think it’s a good product – and certainly easier on the pocketbook than a Toshiba:-)

  8. We’ve also used Toshiba laptops for some time now and they have held up well. John Watson talked about his “Toshiba Toughbook” above as a good choice also. I believe that the “Toughbook” is made by Panasonic. We use these at book and they are very tough. I’ve dropped mine a few times and it keeps on working, but they are also pretty expensive relative to other notebook computers.

  9. What about the story lines for Farrah Fawcett or Ed McMahon. I liked them better than Michael.
    I got tired of fighting the quality of IBM/Microsoft computers. Went to a MAC BOOK PRO 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back. It was a little pricey, but it has been very reliable with no issues. Works great with the Verizon USB760 modem.

  10. Aw, Nick, c’mon! Not only the glory was shown, but the insanity. One news program showed Jackson dangling his kid out a window. However, It’s true that ABC Evening News with Charles Gibson yesterday gave over nearly every minute to the so called “King,” and even had a special about him later.

    Now they tell me! I recently replaced my dying Toshiba laptop with an HP Pavilion. So far the HP works OK, but we’ll see. We read a review in a magazine that rated HP at the bottom of the list for reliability and manufacturer support. Why didn’t I visit the laundromat to read that article BEFORE I bought the HP?!?!?!

  11. Meanwhile while is media is Michael all the time, congress passes the largest tax increase in history(Cap & Tax) which will make our ability to travel in our RV’s very difficult if not impossible.

  12. Re: Michael Jackson…you said it well! Yes, the man had talent but along the way he blew it!!! Why the media has spent so much time on this freak when people like Paul Newman who gave so much to so many were given 1/10 of the recognition is a mystery!…unless, of course, you are looking only at what sells… Personally, all this hype is nauseating!!!

  13. This Michael Jackson story is just an example of what’s wrong with the media & news of this country. I contend you can skip the news for a year, come back, change the names & it’s the same stories: murder, mayhem, rape, airplane crash, death of a celebrity, negativism. If you believe the media, this country is a disaster. But as most RVers know this is a wonderful country. When you get out, see the small cities, talk to real people, our country is doing just fine. We don’t watch much TV. We listen to the music channels, check the weather channel & occasionally check the news & stock market. We have too much else to do than listen to the Michael Jackson type drivel. But it is kind of scary that so many people watch this stuff & apparently enjoy it. Just how many people are such couch potatoes that they live their lives through others in TV & movie land (life voyeurism)? This is a sad commentary on their lives!! Existence without what I believe is real enjoyment of life. Bummer for them!!

  14. Right on Nick! Yesterday in the House of Rep the members voted on and passed the American Energy and Security Act bill that could potentially cost millions of jobs and the American people untold dollars in more taxes. No one was covering the vote except Fox News. I will concede that Jacko was an outstanding talent but do we need every network covering his death for every minute of the day? I beleive there are more important things going on in the world that coverage of a rock star’s death.
    OK, I’m off my soapbox. Please pass me a cold one!

    Barry Crocker
    Now in Trinity Center, CA

  15. RE: Michael Jackson

    There’s no doubt in my mind that fame is a curse because it gives every Tom, Dick and Harry leeway to pass judgment, the majority of which is ill-informed.

    I think reducing an artist into what he has become in notoriety is offensive. How can anyone assume to know the three dimensions of a public figure? Most of that person’s life and certainly who they are as private citizens is kept hidden from the masses, yet people fill in those gaps and create a full blown personality which they feel they can immediately tear down.

    Would we have approved of Picasso’s life had we been in the proximity that today’s technology allows? Would we approve of Led Zeppelin’s shenanigans while at the peak of their career? Are we to wipe the Who’s relevance away as an icon of rock because the lead guitarist is a pedophile? These are just a handful of examples off the top of my head but my point is made.

    An artist’s legacy is his art, plain and simple. For better or worse, history reduces the way that person led their lives to mere curiosity but the product of their vision and talent survives. Michael Jackson was and is relevant. He moved mountains in his life and they were good mountains. He also brought joy to millions of people through his music and dance. I can’t even begin to quantify the influence he has had on other artists over the years.

    While his eccentricities were questionable, none of the really serious ones were ever proven and, if I remember correctly, our justice system states that the accused will remain innocent until proven guilty, does it not?

    I think we should celebrate the proven artistry of this man in his death and leave the demonization where it belongs…at the checkout stand.

  16. Are you including eating places in your 100 miles seminar? Have you done the bologna capital of the world, Waldo, OH which is in Marion County south of Marion? We visited the G & R Tavern at 103 N. Marion St. last year after we attended the Gypsy rally in Celina. The place is famous for the fried bologna sandwiches. I could not pass up the opportunity to munch something with so much potential for harm. I loved it, and haven’t seen them on a menu since.

    Segway Mary

  17. I don’t think we’ll have time to include places to eat, but thanks for the tip. We just may have to drive over and check it out.

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