Jun 052009

Several people have been confused by when I post the blog, because now that we are in the Midwest, it appears online before midnight out west, with the next day’s date on it. This has come up before, so hopefully I can explain it.

I try to post the blog as close to midnight as I can local time, wherever we happen to be. That means that when we were in Arizona it went online about midnight Mountain time, or 3 a.m. Eastern time. I do the same thing here in Missouri, which means that it goes online about 9 p.m. in California, but with the next day’s date on it. A couple of readers have complained about that.

What can I say? I’m a night owl and do most of my writing at night. I’m too lazy to get up at the crack of dawn to post the blog in time to please the early birds, so I do it the night before.

This area around Mark Twain Lake has a multitude of geocaches just waiting to be found. Yesterday we hunted up a couple of virtual caches, including the neat old Union Covered Bridge, located a few miles from Paris, Missouri. We love covered bridges, but this old timer, built in 1871 and restored in 1967, is in pretty sad shape. There are holes in the sides and it has been closed to vehicle traffic since an overloaded truck broke a supporting beam in 1970. There are only four covered bridges left in Missouri, so I hope they save this wonderful old structure before it is too late.   

I have good news for wannabe RVers looking for ways to make money as they travel! Workamper News, the magazine devoted to helping RVers find jobs, has launched their new Workamper Dreamers Blog to help you make your dreams come true. The blog is aimed at helping you understand the workamping lifestyle and what to expect when you get out here and start looking for jobs that will fit into your mobile lifestyle. Check out the new blog, I think you’ll be impressed.

This is our last day at Ray Behrens Corps of Engineers Campground, and we will spend it touching base with our friends Smokey and Pam Ridgely and Ron and Brenda Speidel, who are working locally. Then it’s time to fire up our old bus and hit the road once again. We have to be in Goshen, Indiana late next week for the Heartland Owners Rally, and we want to get settled in at Elkhart Campground and have time to unwind before that starts.

Except for the poor Verizon cell phone service and the slow National Access air card signal, we really like it here, and we know this is one place we’ll return to again in our travels.

Thought For The Day – Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Geocaching And Covered Bridges”

  1. “which means that it goes online about 9 p.m. in California, but with the next day’s date on it. A couple of readers have complained about that.”

    Really? Let’s see: they are getting top-notch writing, interesting content, and info on a subject that obviously interests them. They get it every day, FOR FREE! and they are complaining about getting it EARLY?!

    Just can’t please some folks I guess.

  2. We’ve always known that, if you give some people a $1,000 bill, they’ll complain that it’s dirty, or creased, or it wasn’t enclosed in an envelope!

  3. I rarely ever look at the date. What Nick writes is generally not time sensitive. I don’t get all the fuss about dates.

  4. To those who can’t abide a dateline from somewhere else on the planet –

    Please consider that we don’t all have the brilliant good fortune to live in your precise timezone. Possibly you need to go to the source of the problem. Many years ago the Naval Observatory in Arlington VA took over the project of keeping time for our country. I’m sure that they’re making major mistakes in their distribution of time zones since the globe has the temerity to be round instead of flat.

    I’m sure we would all appreciate your efforts to jump into the fray, contact the U.S. Naval Observatory and just straighten them out!!l They’ve been fumbling around with their clocks long enough. Please represent all of us as you shake them up and get them to reform this disgraceful four-time-zone travesty they’ve spawned!!

    We’re counting on you!

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