Chow Down!

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Jun 022009

We have been enjoying our time here at Ray Behrens Campground on Mark Twain Lake near Hannibal, Missouri. The one drawback over the weekend was the many smoky campfires we had to put up with from weekend campers. At one point we had to turn off our roof vent fans because we were drawing so much smoke inside that our eyes were burning. But by Sunday afternoon most of them had gone back to their homes and jobs and the campground had really thinned out.

Our friends Ron and Brenda Speidel arrived Sunday for their month long camp hosting commitment at Mark Twain Lake State Park, across the lake from us. Once they were settled in the four of us, along with Bob and Molly Pinner, and Smokey and Pam Ridgely, drove a few miles to a restaurant near the little town of Perry called The Junction.

Ron had told us that the restaurant serves huge pork tenderloin sandwiches, so several of us tried them. As you can see from this photo, Smokey looked like he had literally bitten off more than he could chew!

Molly took a picture of Ron, myself and Smokey posing with our big sandwiches, and you can almost hear our arteries hardening when you look at it.





 Unfortunately, even when you live the carefree life of fulltime RVers, mundane things like chores and illness catch up with you. Terry spent the first two days we were here doing laundry and cleaning the inside of our bus conversion. With that out of our way, she has come down with a bug.

I had a cold at Escapade that kicked my butt for a couple of days, and now Terry is feeling bad, with a headache, cough, and overall aches and pains. She’s taking medication, and hopefully it will run its course and she’ll feel better in a day or two like I did.

Our friends Ron and Jerrie Lea Hopf arrived at the campground yesterday afternoon, and once they were set up, Jerrie Lea came over to say hello. Not too much longer after that Ron and Brenda arrived, followed a few minutes later by Smokey and Pam, for a cookout hosted by Bob and Molly. Terry was feeling a bit better, so we walked across the road and joined in the fun.

If you’re not following the common thread in all of this, RVers love to eat, whether it’s dining out or just a group of good friends gathered around a picnic table enjoying good food. I don’t think any of us ever go hungry!

Thought For The Day – Forget health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.

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  6 Responses to “Chow Down!”

  1. Get well quick Miss Terry.

  2. Back in the days of labor, we lived 9 years in Butte, Montana. One of the specialties was was called a Pork Chop Sandwich, but it was really pork tenderlon like you guys had. Sadly, it was smaller than the one Smokey is chompin’ on, but my oh my was it delicious! Any time we go to, through, or by Butte, we have to stop and get a Pork Chop Sandwich from Pork Chop John’s. Oh – and a supply of pasties from Joe’s Pasty Shop. They do know how to eat in Butte!

    Nick, take good care of Terry – she’s your number one asset, and a very good friend for everyone!

  3. Hi Nick,

    Great posts!

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    Talk soon,


  4. I enjoy your blog. But your remarks about the campfires seemed a little rude. This may be you fulltime lifestyle, but parks of all kinds were originally created for the weekend and summer family campers. Most go camping to experience a different lifestyle. That means they want to sleep on the ground, bathe in the lake, and cook over an open fire. The southwest, gulf coast and Florida seem to cater to fulltimers, but the rest are about the average population. Please remember the rest of the U.S. are those of us who still go to an outside job everyday and have to schedule our fun on weekends and vacations. I mostly admire you and Ms Terry. Every now and then you have some narrow minded comments. I tend to overlook most. But your smoke from the campfires remark struck a cord with me for some reason (I can’t explain) considering your lifestyle. I would think most campgrounds make their bucks from the weekenders and family vacations. Prove me wrong. Do some research. If I’m wrong about the fulltimers vs vacationers revenue I’ll apologise for giving you a hard time for the campfire smoke complaint.
    Thanks for letting me voice an opinion. Take care.

  5. Dee,
    I’m quite sure you are right that weekend campers make up a huge part of the revenue for campgrounds, both public and private. Much more so than fultimers. And I have no problem with weekend campers who are good neighbors, just as I do not object to good neighbors in a sticks and bricks home.

    I don’t even mind campfires! My objection was to smokey campfires. It seems that very few people know how to build a campfire that doesn’t turn into a giant smudge pot smoldering away. I don’t understand that. I know I wasn’t the only Boy Scout in the world! 🙂

    I hope we’re camped near you someday and can get acquainted. You bring the hot dogs and I’ll build the fire!

  6. Baby, not only will I bring the hotdogs, we’ll splurge and have potato chips with onion dip. My apologies, I didn’t snap to campfires versus smoky campfires. You’re right but I have to still give the weekenders a little leeway. At least they are trying. When you look at all these people who never leave their a/c and can’t survive without cable and cell phones, I have to admire those that are trying to show their families that simple things are good. Hurricane Ike was my most recent adventure in the basics. I watched my son freak without his cell phone. I watched co workers my age struggle to get thru each day. I love our modern technology and gadgets yet I fear my peers don’t appreciate what they have or know how to survive without it. Thanks for listening. Take care. As my DH says when you get the itch, put the B____ in the wind.

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