May 262009

Over the years whenever the subject of an online version of the Gypsy Journal came up, one comment I always made in favor of the printed version was that you can’t take your laptop computer to the bathroom with you.

Well as it turns out, I was wrong! Longtime reader Joyce Space sent me this picture of her reading the paper on her laptop computer while otherwise occupied. At first Joyce said it was not for publication, but then she decided what the heck, life is better when we can make people laugh. Well, you sure accomplished that mission, Joyce!

What would an RV rally be without rain? And this year’s Escapade is no exception. Yesterday it poured, and we finally gave up and closed our booth in the outdoor market area in mid-afternoon because everything was getting wet. And the weather report says the next couple of days will be more of the same. Usually we prefer an outside vendor booth over an inside one, but we always run the risk of bad weather. I guess this time we rolled the dice and lost.

Right now I’m thinking our pals Tim and Crystal Ryerson from Inflatable Boats 4 Less should blow up a couple of their inflatable kayaks and start providing a shuttle service between the vendor area and the RVs parked on the other side of the fairgrounds!

Still, we always enjoy having time to visit with our Escapee extended family. Sunday evening a bunch of us vendors sat around swapping lies and relaxing, and that alone was worth the trip to Missouri. Darryl Lawrence from Lawrence RV Accessories and I got into a bit of a contest to see who could tell the dumbest stories on ourselves, but finally I got a brain flash and decided that even if I won that debate, all I was really doing was proving I had out-dumbed Darryl. So I decided to concede the victory to him. I guess when it comes right down to it, that makes me the winner! Other longtime vendors here we have had the chance to visit with include John and Lexa Comstock from Big Rig Brushes, popular RV authors Mike and Teri Church, and Rick and Joyce Lang from RVSEF.

We’ve also had the opportunity to visit with other old friends and meet some new folks, including Joe and Susan Briggs from Uniquely RV, who sell a neat little portable solar lamppost to use at your campsite, and longtime reader George Foster, who owns the historic Grand Imperial Victorian Hotel in Silverton, Colorado. I need to cozy up to George so maybe he’ll put me up in the Presidential Suite the next time I get to Colorado. Wayne and Marti Aanurude from Monee, Illinois stopped by our booth, as have Hank Landry, George Welliver, traveling clown Dottie Hummel, and Tom Crittenden, to name just a few. There are lots more, but my poor old brain is so waterlogged I can’t remember everybody.

Hopefully the predicted rain will change direction and things will dry out, but as I write this it is pounding on the roof of our old bus and things don’t look too promising.

Thought For The Day – If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Yes, You CAN Take It With You!”

  1. According to the Weather Underground, we had 2.26 inches of rain on Monday. We have also had 0.14 more inches so far today with more falling. There are puddles all over and we are parked on the grass which is just a soggy mess. I hope that it dries out before we have to move the rig.

  2. How fun to see my friend, Joyce, on the pot on your website…I recognized her immediately and laughed out loud….Joyce, you are a gutsy goofball!!!!

  3. Hey Nick,

    I’m thinking that it would be real difficult to read an electronic edition of The Gypsy Journal while romantically involved with one’s spouse :).

  4. George, while I really appreciate your support of the Gypsy Journal, I have to tell you, given the choice of being “romantically involved” or reading the paper, be it online or in print, that darned paper is just going to have to wait!!!!

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