May 062009

Quite a few readers have written to tell me that they took their military DD 214 (discharge) to a Verizon company store, as I suggested in a recent blog, and indeed are now receiving 15% off their Verizon bill. Pretty cool! Who can’t appreciate saving a few dollars every month? I think it’s very nice of Verizon to honor our nation’s veterans in this way.

Another blog reader who likes to save money sent me a link to a neat website where she has found some great bargains, I checked it out, and I can tell you that I’m going to be a regular. The website sells one item per day, and once that item is sold out, that’s it. No back orders, no rain checks, buy them when you see them, because there are no more.

Some of the merchandise is weird, and some is really neat. Yesterday’s item was a two pack of digital emergency roadside flares for just $9.99. Some previous deals included refurbished Asus EeePC 900 Netbook computers for $149.99 + $5 shipping; New Pentax 10MP digital cameras, for $79.99 + $5 shipping; and a two-pack of Vector FM and NOAA Weather Alert Radios with built-in flashlights for $19.99 + $5 shipping. These may not be the latest technology, but what a deal! And the folks at Woot seem to be honest; one item offered recently was billed as the “World’s Crappiest Projector.”

We plan to leave Show Low in about a week and head for Escapade in Sedalia, Missouri. The original plan was to stay here at Show Low Lake Campground until we leave, but now it looks like we’ll move over to the Elks lodge today. We like our site here, even though it just has a 30 amp electric hookup, with water bibs scattered around, and a dump station.

Dee and Diane, the new campground hosts are very nice people and we have enjoyed getting to know them, but Recreation Resource Management (RRM), which runs the campground for the city, seems to be staffed by airheads. When I tried to pay for another week yesterday, the new workamper on duty told me I could not pay for the week here at the campground, which we have been doing up until now. Instead I needed to call RRM’s toll free reservation number. When I did, I was told there would be a $9 charge for a reservation, since I was making it over the phone. Huh? Didn’t I just try to pay in person?

I explained that I did not need a reservation, I was already on the site and had been there two weeks. The girl said that was impossible, the computer showed the site as already occupied. Uh, yeah, that would be me occupying the site! That message didn’t seem to transmit, even though I tried to explain it several times. Then she said I could pay for a week, but since I didn’t have a reservation, I might have to move if somebody reserved the site.

Again I say, “huh?” If I’m in the site and have paid for a week, how can it be reserved by someone else after the fact? But apparently, even if I pay for a week, if I don’t pay the $9 reservation fee, I don’t really have the site, I’m just in it, and I can be told to move if somebody else reserves it. Folks, we really need to add some chlorine to the gene pool!

For the same $15 a night this site costs us with my Golden Access discount, we can move three miles to the Elks lodge, which has full hookups. And I won’t get a headache from dealing with space cadets.

Thought For The Day – The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “We Need More Chlorine In The Gene Pool”

  1. Nick,

    Before adding extra chlorine to the gene pool, I think we should “shock” it.


  2. Woot is great for you night owls! I am fast asleep when they post. When I look at 5 am all the good stuff is gone … thank goodness or I would have even more junk.

  3. Nick,

    Dean and I also went to Verizon with his DD214 and were denied the discount because the plan that we are on is “already a discount plan”. We have the “senior” plan. Story of my life. We were told that we could use the military discount if we upped our plan to the 700 min. one (we now have 400 min.). Seems that with the military discount it would end up cost us very close to what we are paying now. Will probably take advantage of it when our billing date comes around.


  4. I’ve met up with this kind of attitude SO MANY times! The idiots aren’t always at the RV resort; sometimes they are in the restaurant; sometimes they are at Walmart; sometimes they are in the casino.

    Just hope that we are in the majority! Love the blog


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