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May 272009

It has been raining so hard here at the fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri that some RVs are either going to have to be towed out, or else sit in the same spot until it eventually dries out.

We started out vending outside, which is usually our preference, but the rain was making it impossible to do business. Even under our canopy, our books were getting ruined and nobody was going to stop and stand in the rain to visit. To make matters worse, as I was doing my nightly ritual of painting Miss Terry’s toenails as she soaked in a bath of warm milk and eucalyptus oil, I noticed that she was beginning to grow webs between her toes.

Something had to be done, and my good buddies Jack and Doreen Ingle from PoliSeek Insurance (formerly AON) sprang to the rescue. They had reserved two indoor vending spaces, and only needed one, so yesterday morning Jack arranged for us to move inside next to them. Thanks Jack and Doreen, we really appreciate your generosity.

There are a lot of great vendors at Escapade. My friend Orv Hazelton told me that he and Nancy had discovered a crack on the cover to their seven year old Fantastic Vent on the way to the Escapade. Orv mentioned this to Jim Wood, the vendor for Fantastic Fans, here in the Indoor Market, and Jim said that he’d take a look at the unit yesterday. Orv said when he and Nancy got back to their coach after being out wandering around, they discovered that Jim had installed a new vent motor, cover, and fan blade! This clearly wasn’t a warranty issue, just superb customer service from Fantastic Fan and Jim Wood. 

Even though we have four bars of EVDO service on our Verizon cell phones here at the fairgrounds, we are experiencing very slow internet service until late at night. I guess the cell towers are swamped with so many RVers here, until everybody goes to bed.

Speaking of Verizon cell phones, my contract allows me to get a new phone every two years, and I am about due. I really like the looks of the Blackberry Storm, and the idea of getting my e-mail even when I’m away from my computer appeals to me. The other Blackberry models don’t have the touch screen, and my fat little fingers have a problem with the tiny buttons on them. Do any of you readers have a Blackberry Storm? If so, I’d like to hear your feedback on it.

I played with somebody’s iPhone yesterday and really liked it, but they are not available on the Verizon network and won’t be for a year or so, if then.

Okay, I guess the score is Bureaucrats 1, Common Sense 0. A year or so ago I wrote about Ray & Kathleen Robinson, who have built a railroad on their 40 acres in Oregon as a hobby, and how the local bean counters were trying to force them to close it down. According to a blog post titled Last Chance At A Railroad, Dan Chance writes that after a prolonged battle, the Robinson’s have had to concede defeat. Read all about this miscarriage of justice on Dan’s blog. Did I ever mention how much I dislike bureaucrats?

Thought For The Day – You’re getting old when getting lucky means you can find your car in the WalMart parking lot.

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  1. I really liked the idea of the Blackberry Storm also. I looked at one a couple of weeks ago at a Verizon store in Denver, CO. Just a caution for you – none of those “expanded” services work if you are on “extended network”. We pretty much are always on “extended network” – even when we are at home:-) So, for now at least, the extra costs etc. can’t be justified.

    Glad to hear you were able to move inside. That rain is a killer for vendor sales. No one wants to even be out in it. We have been having lots of rain here too, but looks like it will clear up tomorrow and begin to be summer again:-) Good luck to you.

  2. “Thought For The Day – You’re getting old when getting lucky means you can find your car in the WalMart parking lot.”

    Hey, I resemble that remark!!!

    Stay DRY!!


  3. Hey Nick, we are using the Wi-Fi here at the rally quite successfully. It’s completely free in the marketplace – seems like you may be able to get it being just outside like you are. Then again that metal coach of yours is probably pretty good at blocking signal – you may have to hang an antenna out the window.

    In the parking areas it is supposed to be a charge-for Wi-Fi but they apparently are having problems with the login process because we are using it wide open.

  4. I agree with you about the Fantastic Fan Company. They are fantastic with their service. Just a few months ago I had a fan motor that acted like it was gummed up. It would not run at the correct speed and the speed would vary. I called their service department and they sent me a new motor and fan assembly with installation instructions. I was out of warranty but I did’nt have to pay a cent – not even for shipping. I stopped by their booth at Escapade and thanked them and try to tell everyone that I meet about their great service.

  5. Just to second or third that praise for Fantastic Vents — we have had a couple service issues, and they have been the best to deal with. No hassles, they just get it fixed. A plus in my book.

  6. Hi Nick & Terry; Just a comment on the Blackberry. I, too, will probably move to the Blackberry when my 2 years is up. I currently have the Palm 750 and love it… the instant notification of email. web access, memos, photos, cameras, touch screen, etc. But I love the email the most. The Palm Pro will not be available to Verizon for a couple of years. So I’ve researched the Blackberry and it will do the same as the Palm though with a larger screen. It also allows you paperless geocaching. Barb

  7. Hi Nick, I have had the Blackberry Storm since Jan 2009. I really like it. I am not sure how fat your fingers are compared to mine, but I will say that I think I have average sized fingers and I find it a tiny bit frustrating typing on the touch screen keyboard. I spend a bit of time backing up and re-typing again. There are different settings for sensitivity of the touch pad, so you can tweak it a bit, but still, it can be frustrating at times. I always want to have the latest and greatest so I will accept that I might have to do some corrections when I type. You may want to try one for yourself before you make the final decision. I am in Canada and am on the Bell Mobility network, I will be travelling throughout the US this summer for 2 months and will have my Storm with me. I especially like the navagation program TeleNav that I have installed on my Storm.

  8. Time to make lemonade out of all that rain — pull out your kyacks and try rig-to-rig sales! Glad you were able to get inside for the Escapade marketplace. Wish we were there — rain or no rain.

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