May 132009

I have to admit that I am very pleasantly surprised at the reaction to our new Digital Edition of the Gypsy Journal. In the first 24 hours after I wrote in yesterday’s blog that subscriptions were available, we received 30 orders. I can see my pal Chris Guld over at Geeks on Tour just simpering and saying “I told you so!” I just hate it when she’s right.

Overall, the feedback we’ve received has been great, but we can’t please everybody. If you read yesterday’s blog comments, you will see that a couple of readers don’t see the value, and that’s just fine. As I’ve said before, nobody has to spend a penny with us to be able to read the blog and our regular website.

But I did find it interesting that one person seems to think that not only what we do is worthless, but that we seem to be rolling in money. This same person has asked for a discounted subscription price several times in the past, because he’s on a fixed income. I wish somebody would fix my income, because the darned thing is broken! It never seems to stretch far enough!

Folks, I know that some of you have heard me say this before, but I’m going to say it again. Yes, we make a profit. No, I don’t apologize for that. We are a business. We do not have a retirement income or investments we live off of. Everything we earn is from the products and services we create and from my speaking gigs. We’re not getting rich, but we’re paying the bills and having a lot of fun in the process.

I write and publish nonfiction information. There are only a certain number of free campgrounds, or dump stations, or whatever in the country. There is going to be duplication in the information that we, or the folks who produce Day’s End, or Don Wright from Cottage Publications sell. Yes, you can find a lot of the same info we produce online, if you put in enough time to research it. Or, you could be out RVing instead!

Okay, enough of that nonsense, let’s move on.

We’re leaving Show Low, Arizona today headed east. We’ll take Interstate 40 across northern Arizona and New Mexico, and we’ll probably stop for the night at one of the casinos near Albuquerque. The Route 66 Casino at mile marker 140 has a pretty good buffet, and is usually our first choice when we’re traveling in that part of New Mexico.  

Goodbyes are always hard, and it’s going to be very hard to say goodbye to my daughter Tiffany, as it always is. I have to admit that I feel guilty when I see the pain in my little girl’s eyes when we leave, and I always have a lump in my throat for the first few hundred miles, and I want to turn this big old bus around and go back for one more long hug.

But Tiffany knows her old man is an unconventional guy with a bad case of hitch itch that needs to be scratched. (She actually suggested that maybe if I put cream or ointment on it, it might get better!) And I thank her for allowing me to fulfill this wanderlust that I was born with, and not putting me on a guilt trip every time we depart.

The good news is that the road runs both ways, and we can (and will) always come back again.  

Thought For The Day – In a lunatic world, the mad are better equipped than the sane.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  11 Responses to “On The Road Again”

  1. All I can say is, “Boy! Am I glad I’m not married to Doug or Richard!”

  2. Hey Nick, Christi and I love what you do. You are an inspiration to many. Keep on keeping on Nick. All the Best, M&C

  3. Hey Nick…You can keep the profit but your gonna have to get rid of the FUN!!…LOL…And about “fixed” income…I’m so tired of hearing how broke these people are when they know how much they get each month and sit at home waiting for it to go blow it!!…Maybe i’m a little pissy that i have NO income and loosing everything i’ve worked to dam hard for and not able to land any type of job!! Boy i need a fixed income and a van down by the river….Permenant laid off automotive engineer. My plant moved to Mexico… Adios Amigo. P.S- House is on the market and i pray that i break even and not owe for the rest of time!!

  4. Nick,

    I like what you do far a living. You do it very well. You bring good information and
    friendship to our lives. You charge me money for it and I gladly pay for it.

    Keep on doing what you do so very well. We look forward to reading the electronic edition. Once we are on the road, it will be even more appreciated.

    All good wishes,

    George & Sandy Stoltz
    aka Fox and Cookie Queen

  5. Nick, I really enjoy reading your blog everyday. I’m also going to enjoy reading the Gypsy Journal on line. Keep up the good work. You always make me smile and laugh at your comment. See you at the Escapade.

  6. Nick ,somehow being self reliant and making your own way in this world (without a handout) has become a dirty word. how dare you make a profit ! you should donate the proceeds to the gov’t , be patriotic ! LOL

  7. Maine, “law makers kill a bill to ban RV parking in commercial lots after a deluge of e-mail protests.” Had to let you know as soon as I heard. Way to go guys.

    Buxton, Maine

  8. Nick, I think the online version will be great. I also think it should save you some postage and work sending out back issues to people that haven’t given you a forwarding address. they can just subscribe to the online version and can have it anywhere they are!

  9. Since when is it wrong to make a profit? I feel sorry for some of the narrow minded people of this world. Yes, I’m on a fixed income,but, I worked all my life so that I could be where I am now. That is what happens when one retires. Damned if I feel sorry for the ones who blast a person who has a product to sell at a reasonable price and people buy it. You don’t like it, don’t buy! Keep doing what normal people do.

  10. Nick

    I guess you could do business like the government. Become an activist/lobbyist and have a bill passed that will force all subscribers and non-subscribers to pay you $50.00 a year thru their taxes and then you can reduce your subscription rate to $15.00 a year. The not so funny parts about this is, 1. It could probably be accomplished and 2. Doug and Richard would really think they are getting a good deal. Keep up the good work. I have only been reading your blog for about a month now and have been enjoying the content, however, I must have missed where you were forcing Doug to subscribe. I am not currently a subscriber to the journal but probably soon will be. I too am not a fan of the electronic versions of papers but I understand why some are and think it is great that you are able to provide both and feel it is very acceptable to charge the same for both. Yes, you may be saving in postage for the electronic version but there is probably a little extra work in providing it electronically. Keep up the entertaining reading!!

  11. I enjoy the blog and subscribe to the paper. When we hit the road full time I might be interested in the electronic version. But right now I think I would rather have the paper. I Think the price is reasonable and I don’t understand where the guys were coming from. Keep up the good work and hope you get rich off what you do.

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