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Come on, be honest, that headline caught your eye, didn’t it? Now get your mind out of the gutter, because Terry and I have a mystery we just can’t figure out.

We have laminate wood flooring in our bus conversion, and we have an area rug in the front between my desk and the sofa on the other side of the bus. Yesterday morning when we got up, there was a large wet spot on the edge of the rug, probably about 24 inches long and up to 8 inches wide at its largest point, and we have no idea where it came from.

My first thought was that we had a leaking water pipe under the sunk, but all is dry there, and there was no track leading to the mystery area. We have not had any rain, and the damp area wasn’t near a window or vent anyway. Neither of us spilled anything, so where did it come from?

Did Miss Terry get me a puppy that’s she’s hiding someplace until my birthday in October? Did my two year old granddaughter Destiny steal her mom’s car keys and pay us a midnight visit, and have an accident in the process? I’ve reached that age where I make a lot of trips to the bathroom at night, but I never sleep that soundly! Or do I? We’re mystified.

I picked up a neat book yesterday, 1,000 Places To See In The USA And Canada Before You Die. I’ve seen it in several bookstores, but never got around to buying a copy. I’m glad I finally did.

I’m surprised at how many of the places listed in the book we’ve already been to, but the good news is that there are still plenty left yet to see. I guess that means I won’t be checking out anytime soon!

It always amazes me how many people travel across the country to see some famous landmark, but have never been to the ones right at home. We know many Arizonians who have never visited the Grand Canyon, for example, or folks in Florida who have never visited the Keys. I guess they figure those places are close to home, so they can get to them anytime, and they never do.

I’m just as guilty. I spent much of my life here in Arizona, and while I have been to the Grand Canyon, I have yet to see the Four Corners area, Monument Valley, or Canyon de Chelly. I need to add them to my personal Bucket List.

Thought For The Day – Life is action, not contemplation.

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Nick Russell

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  12 Responses to “The Mysterious Wet Spot”

  1. Sweat. It was cold there and you had the heat on, check the ceiling.

  2. Nick, we lived in Butte, Montana for 9 years. WE DID see Yellowstone, Teton, and Glacier National Parks. But we DIDN’T ever get to Mt. Rushmore, Banff, Lake Louise, etc. We finally got to Rushmore two years ago … from Arizona!

    We HAVE been to Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley, but that was before we retired and hit the road, so it doesn’t count.

  3. For Westerners Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly are a must! We have been to both of them several times. Now having lived in N.M. for many yrs before hittiing the road we could never see paying to look at the Four Corners area as it seems there is a charge to do so.

  4. Nick,on the wet rug. Is your refrigerator near by? Might check to see if the drip pan is full.


  5. That’s what happens when you stay at the computer too long before getting up to go to the bathroom. Tell Terry she is going to have to potty train you.

    You are right about getting out to see things in the area where you live. Before we hit the road full time, we were surprised at how many people had never been out of the county they lived in. When we were in the military stationed overseas, there were folks who never left the base to see the many sights they would never get to see again. What a shame.

  6. We once took a vacation at home so we could see the local sights. There were too many for the time we had available. We’ve camped all over Minnesota, our home state, yet I’ve never seen the headwaters of the Mississipi River. Reality is you need at least a month in just Minneapolis/St Paul and more than one summer in Minnesota to see it all. Maybe that’s why most people never see everything at home–or anywhere else for that matter.

  7. Nick,
    I just discovered a “wet spot” on my carpet too.(in my RV) ..I also looked under the sink with no signs of leakage–everything was dry. Upon closer inspection I checked the tank of the hot water heater and that is where I found the leak. Maybe that is where it is coming from?

    Enjoy your blog every day – hoping to get to a gypsy gathering someday!!

    Jenny J

  8. With my memory fading fast, even if I have seen something … chances are good that the next visit will be a whole new adventure! 🙂

  9. This is my wife’s blog. I would check for a condensation drip. We had a side table sitting under an exhaust fan and when it is cold water would form and drip down on the side table and I thought for the longest time it was a water ring from a glass until I finally saw the drop forming on the exhaust fan cover. You may have a cold spot where moisture could condense and cause the moisture to drip on the carpet.

  10. We have found wet spots too, but we solved the mystery. We discovered we had dropped ice cubes on the floor while filling up a glass and then kicked them with our feet. Could be your situation. Good Luck. John

  11. Nick, draw an “X” on your driveway and have Terry stand with a hand or a foot in each quadrant and take her picture. You have just visited Four Corners. It is definitely not worth the 30+ mile detour! But as of our visit in 2005, there was no charge. Just a line to take your turn standing on the “X”.

    Now, Monument Valley, on the other hand, that is well worth a visit or two. Especially if you drive up from the south. It is astounding.

  12. Nick, we had something like that happen to us on our way down to Yuma. There would every so often be a puddle near the back of the toilet. It would come and go several different times. After checking the water line to the toilet several times the problem was the hand tight fitting was not securely fastened.

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