Apr 192009

At least the weather cleared up here in Albuquerque, and though it wasn’t exactly warm yesterday, it wasn’t snowing either.

We had a busy day helping out in the RV Hall of Fame Museum booth, and managed to pass out a lot of copies of the Gypsy Journal, and to make a sale or two along the way. I think most vendors had a better day yesterday, mainly because the weather was better and more folks were out, and also because after the fiasco Friday with the bus schedules, a lot of people drove their cars to the fairgrounds.

The folks in charge of the rally also brought more buses in yesterday, and we didn’t see the long lines of people waiting for their ride back to the Balloon Fiesta Park.

Some local people who have vintage cars and travel trailers brought them by the fairgrounds to put them on display yesterday, and they drew an admiring crowd. What neat old rigs!

For Terry and I, the opportunity to see so many of our RVing friends makes any rally a special event. I can’t keep track of everybody who came by to visit with us, but there sure were a bunch of folks.

Dick and Gaye La Vigne, who were at our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally are helping out in a friend’s vendor booth, and have stopped by several times, as have Bob and Clara Lee. Now I have to tell you, Bob is a real character. He’s older than dirt, and his jokes were worn out the first time he heard them on the school playground, but he’s such a nice fellow and Clara is such a sweetheart, that we look forward to seeing them over and over again.

Another good friend who stopped by is Michael Chang, whom we first met when he was a student at several Life on Wheels sessions, and who also joined us for our Ohio Gypsy Gathering rally last September.

We also got to visit with Jeff and Barb Franz. I owe Jeff a big thank you, because while we were at Life on Wheels in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania last year, I started seeing an alarming number of floaters in my left eye. When I reported it in the blog, Jeff, who is an optician, immediately contacted me and urged me to get immediate medical care because he said it was very possibly a torn retina. Based upon his warning, we got it taken care of that very morning, before things got out of hand. 

There were a lot of other people who have taken the time to stop by, and I’m sorry that I can’t remember everybody’s name, but even if I could, I don’t think we’d have room here for a roll call. But we sure enjoyed seeing all of you.

I don’t want to be a complete jerk, but I have to address something here. I upset a few readers when I did not post their replies to my blog about the wacko who felt it was his duty to tell me the current administration is rounding up Vietnam vets for transport to a concentration camp.

The point of that post was to demonstrate how far out in left (or right) field people can get. As I closed that post, I asked people not to start sending me all of their political viewpoints, and joked that I have a delete button. This is supposed to be an RV blog, and overall I try to stay focused on the RV lifestyle, though I may exercise my editorial privilege and wander off track a bit now and then.

Still, some readers sent comments that were getting into the realm of a political debate, and I did not post them. In response, one writer accused me of censorship. Yeah, I guess you can call it that, if you want. It’s my blog, and I reserve the right to moderate the posts and comments.

Another reader demanded I allow him his freedom of the press. No way would I step on that basic American right. But you have to understand something. Freedom of the press is not guaranteed to everybody. Freedom of the press is guaranteed to anyone who owns a press. No newspaper has an obligation to print a reader’s letter or comment that they choose not to. Nor does a blog.

I certainly encourage anyone who wants to express their political (or any other) viewpoints to start their own newspaper, or their own blog. Just log onto www.wordpress.com and have at it. It’s even free, and if you send me a link, I’ll read it at least once.

Thought For The Day – We need each other more than we need stuff.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  6 Responses to “Some Call It Censorship”

  1. On one of my blogs, Exit78, I have a comment policy. I need to add it to my other blogs, too. Though, I haven’t had many problems to deal with, it serves the purpose well. It’s short and sweet and I don’t have to censor anything so long as commenters follow the rules.

    Comments are welcome on Exit78. Constructive criticism is welcome. Even if I don’t like it, I probably won’t edit it or delete it.

    I’ve got some simple rules that most people won’t have problem meeting. Comments not meeting the rules will either be edited, if possible, or deleted.

    * No rude, mean or obstructive comments.
    * No obscene or otherwise offensive language
    * No spam
    * Comments should generally be on topic and should seldom be longer than the post being commented on.

    Off topic comments are allowed, unless it gets out of hand.

    A blog isn’t a democracy — but even democracies have rules.

    I agree without about freedom of the press. It’s freedom for the press, not those who want to use your bully pulpit for their messages. Let them get their own bully pulpit!

  2. Glad to here it quit snowing in Albuquerque. That bad weather seems to follow you around Nick. But I’m also glad to know your heading East and not North. Since I’m on my way to Alaska and bad weather seems to follow Bad Nick, I don’t need him bringing it up here. The risk of that this time of year is already too great.

  3. Need my morning fix of Nick’s blog. Thanks. cc

  4. In our How-to-make-a-blog class, I always tell people the Power of the Press belongs to those who own one! And now … everyone can own one. Our Geeks on Tour lessons on how to do it (with Blogger – because it’s easier than WordPress) can be found at http://www.GeeksonTour.com/blogger.cfm.
    As for the ‘censored’ comments – I agree with keeping them off the blog but, how about saving them on a page of their own somewhere else, and just link to that page from somewhere here in your blog. I’ll bet some of us would have fun reading them! Check the number of hits the ‘censored’ page gets 🙂

  5. Nick,
    This is your blog, do with it as you will! I for one will be checking in just about daily because I enjoy your writing style, and am envious of your fulltiming lifestyle. My daily grind and other commitments keep me in one location currently, but I used to be a fulltimer back in the early 90’s.

  6. Nick,
    I got a good chuckle from your post about the guy at the post office and am not surprised that you got many responding who felt it their right to be heard with their comments. That is why I seldom respond on any of the RV forums…..there are too many “know it alls” who have lost their objectivity (maybe they never had any to begin with) and feel that their opinion is the only one that matters. I glean from these sites the info I need and counted on them when we started out as full-timers as there is so much to learn about this lifestyle. Just had to do a lot of sifting …Keep up the good work…Love reading your blog !!

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