Apr 042009

I sure am glad we made the drive across Interstate 40 on Thursday, instead of waiting until yesterday! The storm that was headed for Arizona hit hard, and for several hours yesterday the interstate was closed between Flagstaff and Winslow due to high winds. The news reports showed long lines of eighteen wheelers, cars, and RVs sitting still on the highway. We are grateful that we are parked and settled in here in Show Low.

Not that it was an entirely pleasant day here, either. Strong winds blew all day, with gusts up to almost 50 miles per hour, and just before dark a mixture of rain and snow began to fall. But we managed to spend the day visiting family and friends, and by nightfall we were back at the bus and tucked away warm and cozy in our home on wheels.

We always enjoy visiting our old hometown, and I think some of our friends really envy our lifestyle. More than one of them has said that we really have it made, being able to earn our living as we travel this great land of ours. We are indeed, very blessed. Terry and I love what we are doing and we would not trade it for the world.

I spent much of my adult life running small town newspapers, writing about traffic accidents, boring town council meetings, chamber of commerce events, and the occasional (or frequent) small town corruption. It provided a decent living, but I spent a lot of time feeling like I was beating my head against a brick wall.

These days my “work” is going to interesting places, having fun all day long, and coming home and writing about it. It’s a pretty darned good gig, and after ten years, I still look forward to every day.

Someone told me years ago that if you get up in the morning and absolutely hate your job and dread going to work, you are underpaid even if you make a million dollars a year. But if you can find a career that you would love doing even if you didn’t make a penny at it, you have found success. I guess that makes me pretty successful.

But we are not unique. We know many RVers who make a living by working on the road. Some have their own business, like we do, while others work for companies doing everything from gas line surveys, to demonstrating products at RV rallies, to selling space on campground maps, to workamping at RV parks. A good source for job opportunities for RVers is Workamper News www.workamper.com.

There are some very good resources available to RVers who want to make money as they travel. I wrote a book on the subject titled Work Your Way Across The USA, and my pal Jaimie Hall wrote what I consider to be the very best book on working RVers, Support Your RV Lifestyle, which is available in our RV Bookstore.

There is a lot of knowledge to be found online, as well. Jaimie and her writing partner, Alice Zyetz, devote a lot of space to working opportunities on their website at www.rvlifestyleexperts.com. Coleen Sykora also has a ton of good information on her website at www.workersonwheels.com

Working on the road is not for everybody, but for us it is the perfect lifestyle.

Thought For The Day – You cannot unsay a cruel word.

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Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “Making A Living On The Road”

  1. We were thinking about you guys yesterday. Glad you made it safe and sound before the bad winds. They blew so hard here at North Ranch that they blew our big Suzuki motorcycle over and there was so much dust and “stuff” blowing, we couldn’t even see the mountains around us. We were thankful we were sitting still. As bad as it was, there were still RV’s pulling into the campground late yesterday afternoon. Not good!!

    Enjoy the precious time with your family and remember to tell them you love them as often as you can.

    Hugs to both of you………..Pat and Mike

  2. It’s blowing here in Carlsbad, NM too. I haven’t felt winds this strong since Hurricane Katrina, when we were in our motorhome in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We’re expecting it to blow itself out before we have to hit the road again on Monday. We like making a living on the road too. Making a Life is the most important!

  3. me and my wife are dieing to find out how can make a liveing while traveling the USA From tallahassee Fla. and we are serching for more out of life than working for someone esle happiness

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