Apr 122009

Okay, what’s with all of this winter weather? We had a dusting of snow on Wednesday night, and I did some sniveling in spite of my best intentions to take it like a man.

But yesterday morning we woke up to about three inches of heavy, wet snow covering the campground here at Show Low Lake! It snowed hard off and on all day long.

I think the weather gods are testing me, and I’ll tell you right now, I’m going to fail. I’m about to throw a screaming, foot stomping tantrum, and it’s not going to be a pretty thing to see!

I have wheels under my house so I don’t have to see that nasty, cold stuff. And as much as I love my daughter Tiffany and my two granddaughters, warm weather better get here soon, or those wheels are going to start rolling, and they’ll be waving bye bye to me.

Actually, we have plans to leave Show Low Wednesday and go to Albuquerque to attend The Rally, Affinity’s big annual event. Then we plan to return here for a couple more weeks before we start toward Sedalia, Missouri for the Escapees Club Escapade rally.

Though we have some concerns about getting out of the campground. The roads are all dirt with gravel over them, and it has not been a problem so far. But right now the ground is so wet that when we drove over to Tiffany’s house yesterday afternoon, our Ford van wanted to sink in, and I could feel the rear tires starting to spin. Our bus weighs a lot more than the van, and the forecast is for more precipitation in the form of rain and snow showers between now and Wednesday. If we don’t get a break in the weather so it can dry up, we may be stuck for the duration.

Between now and Wednesday, I’ll be busy getting the new issue of the Gypsy Journal ready to send to the printer. This is our 10 Year Anniversary Issue, and I’m including some articles about our early days and how this dog and pony show of ours came to be.

Looking back, it amazes me that we have been fulltime RVers for an entire decade. It feels like we have just begun, and there is so much yet that we want to see and do. We cannot ever picture hanging up the keys as long as we can still climb behind the steering wheel and see to aim this old bus down the highway. It’s been a wonderful journey, and we’re just getting started!

Thought For The Day – Happiness is good health and a bad memory.

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Nick Russell

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  8 Responses to “Easter Weekend Snowstorm”

  1. Snow? Must be global warming. Just ask Al Gore. We freezing here in the midwest too.

  2. We didn’t freeze yesterday in southern Arizona, but we had one halacious hailstorm!

    I’ll bet you sent Miss Terry out to take those pictures, didn’t you!!

  3. Quit your sniveling! We’re headed for Alaska Wednesday and they’ve had blizzard warnings with MOOSE on the roads for the last three days.

  4. Nick glad to see you will be going to “The Rally” after all…..looking forward to meeting you and Miss Terry. Right now we are in alien country Roswell.

  5. Hi Nick,

    I hope we get a chance to see you and Terry at the Rally. We are in Amarillo now and will be going to Santa Fe tomorrow and The Rally on Friday. Snow is forcast for Santa Fe on Tuesday. Winds were 70 mph in Amarillo and temps only in the 40’s. Burrrrrr. Seems like you can’t get away from the weather no matter where we go.


  6. Nick, we are leaving sunny Murrieta, California to attend our first Rally in Albuquerque. As you said a while back what is a rally without a little rain and mud. I hope we can meet you there, we have been reading your blog and you always entertain us.

    Jerry & Sylvia

  7. Nick and Terry,

    Here we are at the Hollywood Casino in Algodones – San Felipe Puelbo – $10.00 electrical hookups. Walk to the Casino for the buffet. Also able to take a side trip to Los Alamos and tomorrow Santa Fe.

    The weather is terrible!! cold damp windy. Yuck We’ll be going to The Rally also – parking on Wed. Hope to see you there.

    Don’t bring any of that nasty snow with you!!!


  8. Quit complaining you could be here in Tampa,Florida where the sun is hot and 82 degrees. That air conditioner on at night is murder.

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