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Apr 242009

We picked up the new issue of the Gypsy Journal Wednesday, and Miss Terry has been busy stuffing envelopes to get everything ready to go in the mail.

We’re excited because this is our 10th Anniversary Issue. Where did the time go? And we’re just getting started, there is still so much we want to see and do. We won’t be hanging up the keys anytime soon.

One thing we do hope to do soon, though, is to replace our bus with a different rig. The bus has been a great home on wheels for us for eight years, but we’re to the point where we’d like something a bit newer, and with a slide or two. As our granddaughters get older, it’s getting pretty cramped in here when they come to visit us.

The bus would make a great coach for someone who doesn’t put on the miles we do every year, or who spends most of their time east of the Rocky Mountains. In fairly flat country it runs fine, but out here in the mountains, it slows way down on some of the steep grades. If you’re interested in a nice older bus, check out the ad link for it under this Bus For Sale link.

We’ve looked at several replacement coaches, and we have a couple of options we’re considering. One coach we have not actually seen yet is an American Dream diesel pusher. I really don’t like anything to do with Fleetwood products, but my pal Mac McCoy from Fire and Life Safety has an American Tradition, and he tells me that the American Coach line is a completely different animal than other Fleetwood models. Who else out here has an American Coach? I’d like to hear your feedback.

Whatever coach we eventually end up with, we know that we’ll have to do some customizing to accommodate operating our business on the road. One place we’ll be checking out is a company in Decatur, Indiana called From Trees to These, which makes custom cabinetry and desk units for RVs. Mac McCoy has had them do some upgrades to his coach, and I’m really impressed with the quality of their work.

Something that comes up frequently when talking to wannabe fulltimers is what to do with everything they can’t take with them. Someone on the Escapees forum was commenting that he can’t get nearly what he paid for some of this stuff, and is wondering how best to sell it.

When we were selling our stuff off years ago to go fulltime, we took the position that yes, we paid $400 for something, and all we can get for it is $150. But we had the fun of using it, and that counts for something. Whatever else we lost was the price of buying our freedom to hit the road.

I talked to Walter Cannon from the Recreational Vehicle Safety Education Foundation (RVSEF), and he says things are coming together very well for their new  RV Lifestyle, Education, & Safety Clinic, which is scheduled for September 13-16 in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. If you regret never making it to a Life on Wheels conference, make your plans now to be in Harrisburg for this new educational opportunity

Thought For The Day – Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.

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  1. Nick … I don’t have extensive experience with motorhomes/buses but two I consistently hear mentioned in positive ways are Monaco (Oregon) and Allegro (Alabama). I’ve actually owned Allegros’ before and the company, Tiffin Motorhomes, is incredible when/if you need to take them back to the factory. They provide free campsites and a loaner car for local sightseeing while they work on your rig. The new Allegro Bus is a cut-above the 33′ rig I owned, but they are exceedingly nice. I’m with you, Fleetwood is cookie-cutter. If you’re still shopping, I urge you to look at both Monaco and Allegro.

  2. Nick, don’t overlook a Tiffin product. I know you’ve heard all about the Tiffins. So give them some consideration. Call Bob Tiffin if you want to go directly to the top. We love our ’06 Phaeton and Tiffin has been very cooperative about any warranty work (which has been minor). Visit them in Red Bay, AL. Go through the factory. I’m sure a well cared for used diesel would fit your needs just fine. And in today’s market you could probably find one at a good price.

    Just had to add my two cents ;-}


  3. Nick if you are looking for desks or other upgrades check with Davis Cabinets in Junction City, OR 541-998-8778. They did very good work for us and will build to fit your specs. Ron

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