Mar 182009

Several blog readers have asked me if I’ve seen the new Kindle 2 from, and if so, what I think of it. I haven’t seen the second generation e-book reader, but I’ve exchanged e-mails with four people who have or had them. Two (one a former Kindle owner) were not happy with it and returned it, and one says she likes it as much, but no better, than her original Kindle, which she gave to her daughter when the Kindle 2 arrived. The fourth person thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Based upon that feedback, I’ll just keep my original Kindle. It works fine and does everything I want it to do, so why change a good thing?

Today Terry and I are going to attend a luncheon of the Escapees Valley of the Sun Chapter 45 today that is being hosted by our good friends Ed and Alice Allard.

We don’t belong to Chapter 45, or any of the other Escapees chapters and Birds of a Feather (BOF) groups, but we joined the Escapees even before we hit the road. And any Escapee is always welcome at any chapter or BOF event. The Escapees RV Club is a huge extended family of RVers, from fulltimers to snowbirds, to weekend campers, and even RVers who no longer travel but want to maintain contact with the RV lifestyle. We always tell people that we belong to FMCA, and we belong to Bus Nuts, but we are Escapees.

Like in all families, we have our little spats from time to time. I sometimes disagree with the way things are done and the decisions made at Escapees headquarters in Livingston, Texas and I’ve stepped on the occasional toe by voicing my displeasure.

But the flip side of that coin is that I believe in the club so much that Terry and I were recognized for bringing more new members into Escapees than anyone else. Overall, I still think the Escapees are one of the very best resources available to any RVer, and we consider our membership in Escapees as one of the best investments we have made in the RV lifestyle.

Another great investment in RVing is the new RV Lifestyle, Education & Safety Clinic that Walter Canon from the Recreational Vehicle Safety Foundation is holding September 13 to 16 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Walter has put together an impressive schedule of classes, and I think anyone who was disappointed to see Life on Wheels closed will be pleased with the lineup. We’re looking forward to being there, and I hope we see you there too!

Thought For The Day – I know of nothing more inspiring than that of making discoveries for oneself.

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Nick Russell

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  2 Responses to “Kindle 2 And Escapees”

  1. Nick,

    The only problem with not wanting to change a good thing on a Kindle 1, is that they don’t make and sell that model anymore. I have a Kindle 2. Since I’ve never seen or used your version I can only report on the one I have. I love it. We also bought it through your website so that you got something from Amazon.

    I am reading more now than I have in a long time. This is a great device for a full-time RVer.

  2. For the time being, at least, we’ll stick to books. Guess we are dinosaurs, but we’re comfortable in the Jurassic Period!

    Couldn’t agree more about Escapees!

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