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Arizona is an amazingly diverse state. Those unfamiliar with the Grand Canyon state might think that is it all cactus and sand, and there is certainly no shortage of desert here, but there are also towering mountains that are covered with dense forests, and snow capped much of the year. This explains Arizona’s climate, where you can build a snowman in the morning in the high country, then drive a few hours and have a cookout wearing shorts and T-shirts in the desert that afternoon.

We had temperatures in the 80s in Apache Junction just a couple of days ago, here in Kingman I dug our Olympian catalytic heater out of one of the bus bays to keep us warm last night, and our daughter called yesterday to report snow at her home in Show Low. I told her that had better end soon, because we want to get over there and spoil those grandkids, and Grandpa doesn’t approve of being in the snow.

A while back I listed some of my favorite RV blogs and websites, and readers keep asking me for more. There are so darned many that I could spend hours a day just trying keep up with them all, but for your reading enjoyment, here are a few more that I check in on often:

White Truck Blog – Bob and Jan have converted a vintage 1965 White semi truck and a moving trailer into a beautiful home on wheels, and share the stories of their travel adventures.

Hitch Itch – A great collection of RV blogs and information can be found on this site. Give yourself plenty of time to explore it, because it has a lot of good information and links.

Backroad Chronicles – Our friends Joy and Phil have been faithful Gypsy Journal supporters for years, and their blog is always fun to read.

Traveling USA – Bob and Donna have wandered America from coast to coast, and I enjoy seeing the country through their eyes.

Moon River And We – Bob and Molly are wonderful people, and I always enjoy checking in with their blog to see what they are up to.

So what are we up to? Terry and I are going to take a day trip up to Nevada today to touch base with Aunt Bee’s Mail, the mail service that handles our business mail, and to check out an RV that we are interested in. I always enjoy the trip up to Lake Mead and across Hoover Dam. It has some of the most dramatic scenery in this part of the West. One of these days we want to camp at Lake Mead and do some kayaking on its awesome blue water.

We have a terrible internet connection here in Kingman. It’s one of the few places we have been where our Verizon air card is darned near useless. About half the time we get knocked offline when we try to open a website or even an e-mail, and it’s incredibly slow all of the time. So I’m going to close this post and try to get it online before we lose our connection yet again.

Thought For The Day – The successful person will learn from their mistakes and try again in a different way.

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  3 Responses to “Five RV Blogs You Should Read”

  1. Hi Nick, I really enjoy reading your blog each day!! We have a Verizon Air Card, I think it is the 150, I bought a external antenna to hook up to mine, the type that truckers would use on their trucks, it has a magnet bottom is about 1 ft tall and I set it on top of a can of veggies at my RV table when i need to use it. In places that have a real weak signal I also made a Aluminum foil attachment to go over it. You take a paper plate and cover it with foil then poke holes on the top and bottom and put it over your external antenna and it really brings in a weak signal. You have to aim it at your signal but it works!! You can buy the antennas at most truck stops and get the correct connecting cable for you aircard there also.
    Hope this helps. Thanks

  2. Nick. I’ve also been following the Our Odyssey blog by Louise & Sean Horner
    [ ]. Thanks for the suggestions on others to consider.

  3. We are having the same problems with Verizon in Why AZ. It happened to us in Santee CA as well. Are you getting similar reports?

    Wonder if Verizon is having a problem.

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