Feb 042009

We had more visitors yesterday morning. Our friends Earl and Sami Aeverman are staying at the Western Horizons campground in Casa Grande and stopped by for a visit. This couple are wonderful people, whom we met at our very first bus rally over eight years ago, and we have enjoyed meeting up with them all over the country since then. Earl and Sami were our hosts when we spent several weeks on their lot in Aransas Pass, Texas in December, and we really appreciate them. They will be here at the fairgrounds for our Gypsy Gathering rally next week, volunteering to help make things go smoothly. Don’t we have wonderful friends?

Speaking of the rally, they have just begun a road construction project in the median just east of the intersection of Interstate 10 and State Route 287, the main route to the fairgrounds, in front of the Promenade shopping center. When exiting Interstate 10 on the way to the fairgrounds, stay in the right hand lane until you get through the construction zone, which is only a block or so long.

Yesterday we picked up the new rally T-shirts, and they came out great. We only have a limited number of shirts, and it’s first come, first served. So when you arrive at the rally, be sure to pick up your shirts while supplies last.

Many of you are familiar with Bad Nick, that mischievous little imp who lives inside of me, and who emerges to wreak havoc from time to time. I’m proud to tell you that, even though it was hard to do, I stifled Bad Nick yesterday before he got me into trouble.

While Terry and I were out running errands, we stopped at the local Jack in the Box for lunch. I have learned that your average young fast food worker is, shall we say, somewhat lacking in a sense of humor. Or at least one that operates on the same wavelength as mine. I guess that’s because it takes many, many years to get this warped and twisted. I’ve completely stopped asking the kids who work at Taco Bell if I can pet the Chihuahua.  

Anyway, the girl who took our order was probably in her early twenties, and once I had paid her for our meal, she asked “Whose name do I call out?”

Well, you just know that Bad Nick had two or three immediate responses to that question, all of which could have resulted in me getting a hot grease facial at best!

Fortunately, Miss Terry has lived with myself and Bad Nick long enough to know what to expect in situations like this, so before my lips could form words, she kicked my ankle and ordered “Don’t say it!” So I stuffed Bad Nick back down inside, but he and I had ourselves a nice chuckle over it.

Thought For The Day – Keep skunks, bankers and lawyers at a distance.

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Nick Russell

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  7 Responses to “The Return of Bad Nick”

  1. I am so proud of you Nick for not listening to that little devil inside you. Or maybe I should say I’m proud of Miss Terry for fast reflexes. As far as your thought today…my friends have pet skunks and they are the cutest pets, descented of course. It’s really funny to see them sit up and beg for pizza.

  2. We’d love to know whose name you were going to offer that young lady. It would have been very easy to say “Why, mine, of course!” But that’s probably not what Bad Nick had in mind.

  3. C’mon, Nick — puleeesssssseeeeee tell us those names. I might want to use them.

  4. Yeah Nick…what George said!

  5. It might be fun to see what names your crazy followers would suggest. How about a suggestion box at a table at the rally. You could tell the story for those that missed this blog, draw names from the box and let the audience vote.
    – Judy

  6. I’ll take a wild guess, My answer would have been “OH GOD”

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