Feb 182009

Yesterday was a gray and gloomy day in the desert. Heavy clouds and a chilly wind reminded us that while we may be in Arizona, it is still February.

During the morning we did some banking, mailed out a stack of orders that had come in last week while we were busy with our rally, and ran a few other errands. Then we went back to the bus, and I tried to work on the computer for a couple of hours, but I just couldn’t concentrate. It was a good day for a nap and I was getting droopy, so finally I stretched out on the couch.

While I was being lazy, Miss Terry did some laundry and made up a batch of dough for homemade pizza. We love pizza, and I’ve never found a restaurant that can make pizza like my bride does. I woke up just as she was taking a scrumptious pizza out of the oven for dinner. Yummy!

I wrote a few days ago that we plan to spend some time in the Pacific Northwest this summer, and I logged onto the Thousand Trails website and booked us a total of six consecutive weeks at Thousand Trails and NACO preserves in two week intervals along the Oregon and Washington coasts. We’ll start at the South Jetty preserve in Florence, Oregon; then move on to the Pacific City campground in Cloverdale; and from there we’ll go to the Long Beach preserve in Seaview, Washington.

We love the Pacific coast, and some of our favorite memories of our fulltime RV lifestyle are those from our first summer on the road, when we spent several weeks meandering down Highway 101, exploring the beach towns, lighthouses, and working fishing villages from the tip of the Olympic Peninsula to the California border.

It was here that Miss Terry was first introduced to the banana slug, one of the slimiest and most disgusting creatures you’ll ever encounter. The Pacific banana slug can be over nine inches long, and that’s a lot of ugly!

I still remember the first time I spotted one of these snails without a shell, and decided that it would make great fishing bait. What fish could refuse such a fat offering when I stuck it on my hook and threw it into the water?

Have you ever actually touched a banana slug? If not, take my word for it. Don’t do it! It took me forever to get the sticky goo off my fingers?

We also want to get up to Port Townsend, Washington to spend some time at the Escapee park there. Port Townsend is a picturesque little town, with a lot of history and plenty to see and do.

There are a several other places we want to visit, including the beach town of Seaside, Oregon and historic Astoria, Oregon, at the mouth of the Columbia River; as well as Westport, Washington, with it’s charter boats, commercial fishing fleet, and beautiful lighthouse.

The last time we were in Lincoln City, Oregon we actually saw a couple of gray whales playing in the harbor, and we want to go back and see if we can spot some more!

 Thought For The Day – Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.
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  6 Responses to “More On Our Summer Travel Plans”

  1. We agree, and we would love to spend more time in the NW. My aunt and some cousins live on Lopez Island, one in a group of the San Juan Islands on the Canadian border. Others live in Port Angeles. We have spent some wonderful times in that area and even considered moving there at one time. I especially liked the idea of the deep water around the islands – no getting stuck in the flats there:-)

    Enjoy your trip. We will look forward to the experiences and photos.

  2. We spent the summer in the NW two years ago and are going back this year, so might see you there. We recommend the Maritime Museum in Astoria. Right on the water with many great exhibits. Also the International Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington. If you like Cranberries there is a nice museum in the same area.

    Safe travels and hope to see you later.

  3. Hi Nick & Terry

    You are hitting our territory so We thought of a couple of suggestions to explore while in Seaview, WA. Our daughter has a house in Ocean Park, WA.. Between Long Beach and Ocean Park is Jimella’s Fish Market on the right. Jimella use to own THE ARK restaurant in Nahcotta, WA. It was sold and now closed but she wrote several cookbooks and was very well known for her food. She now has the fish market and a small cafe. She’s fabulous.
    Terry will especially love Jack’s Market in Ocean Park. They carry everything from food to parts for Aladdin Lamps to you name it. It’s a must. Then drive on down to Nahcotta and Oysterville. It’s gorgeous and they have a neat little bakery “BAILEY’S” for breakfast or lunch.

    Have fun,
    Bud & Marilyn Hensley

  4. If you can arrange to be in Seaside, Oregon, for the 4th of July, do it! Go early and attend the wonderful small town parade then dig your bunker on the beach for the fireworks show.

    Linda Sand

  5. Hi Nick & Terry: Since you’re RVers you probably wouldn’t be interested in staying in any bed and breakfasts along your route. Too bad as we have inspected & approved members of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild up and down the Oregon Coast.

    You might want to take a look at the Oregon Tourism Commission’s website, http://www.traveloregon.com for some comprehensive information of things to see and do along the way. This year is Oregon 150th birthday celebration so there are plenty of extra things going on. Travel Oregon can point you towards some of them.

    Enjoy your trip!
    Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast in Joseph, OR (far away from the coast) and
    blogger for the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild

  6. I doubt if anything has changed since we spent some time at that NACO “preserve” in Seaview in 1999. It is simply a crowded parking lot with rigs butt to butt and side by side. I do really like the Chehalis preserve, though. It has easy access to Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Rainier, shopping and even the beach is possible for day trips.

    If you happen to be in the Long Beach area August 17-23 plan on attending the kite festival in Long Beach. Not too crowded until Saturday & Sunday then it’s ‘Katy bar the door’ crowded and parking can be tough. If it isn’t foggy or rainy looking at all those colorful kites is a wonderful experience. I was thinking about going again this year (3rd time) but I had to delay our SW Colorado trip so we won’t be back in time. (www.kitefestival.com)

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